The neo creation law. 4. (selective economics)war of worlds.

New bricks that we shall work out systematically and massively can bring new perspectives of existence and development- not so primitive such like level of balancing between life and death in constantly evolutionary pushing of forces from inside and outside on different overlapping levels for getting chances and threat of the natural Lego processing of nature, but by more active taking part from people side more systematically and aware technology and strategy for changing properties of nature on wished level permanently work out level of very massive technology accelerator autonomous self-developing by the bricks of whole life and universe processes and structures (resources) exploitations and reconstructions .

Every human work has been, and always will be, a sacrifice, a contribution to shaping nature … our efforts in these more or less intentional efforts so that it is not in vain, spoiled, that it is best translated, respected, or influenced by processes and structures of life and the whole environment.

Every initiative, every action is active (unfortunately very often passive -on own wish- in the process of self-degradation, self-annihilation, putting self in the role of a passive pawn, fertilizer in further processes of life and space transformation/evolutions of overlapping systems) participation in maneuvering all evolutionary processes of space systems.
It is an incentive for changes in our and further environment, the issue is to catch, learn, construct, develop mechanical, lever, structures, processes, effects to capture this full-scale process according to our more conscious – and not fatalistic – intentions of decisions, actions, from slight improvement to multi-nitrile leap in value reaching, in fact, surpassing us interesting targets at the lowest possible costs, energy risks, mass(enorm of quantity factors of any irritations- physical, biological, technological etc) and other factors of these processes/structures.
This so-called lever of this overweighting of structural processes is its systematic tool automation aimed at improving this process bypassing unnecessary and vain fatalistic processes and decisions.

We are in a process of continuous world war, systems war in which the economics of war need to be applied.
It is the application of the selective economics technique in redesigning the resistance limits of property, the value of existence and development, and there is an offensive war … defensive
the arms race behind technologies significantly improving our chances of survival and development in the infinity of enormous competition, system dependencies, and their aspirations.
Compatible in the evolutionary race of life and matter
Just copying, or the so-called adaptation, will not do anything, it must be a technological advantage in order not to give in, not to give yourself through external nature, maintaining the right conditions in establishing your position and chances of survival and development at the levels of human hyper homo sapiens, no longer dead (means passive in life and matter properties) homo sapiens.

We’re talking about constructions that refute current levels
or in parallel, structures for managing material processes of matter … the deeper aspects of DNA of engineering of all the deeper properties of structures/processes of life and matter.

Infinite, unreachable space structures at the micro and macro scale – but we can on our hyper massively autonomously raised! level significantly modify even these properties known – but never absolute! which we often stubbornly consider unreachable, i.e. absolute at our technological, mental and economic level.
Own construction directing reconstructive factors of any kind affecting more or less … And more and more on the DNA (properties) of life and space.
This is the purpose of the (selective) economics strategy of the cosmos, the evolution of reconstruction, management, focused on these processes directly, on processes that pursue the so-called new attitudes, a new face of life and other processes on Earth and space, precisely as the basis of the program selective economics (micro) macro) environmental cosmic focused on co-responsible process engineering of the whole environment.
Selective economics is also economics are / but determinants of involuntary intentions, indicates the role of this selective economics as an indicator of conscious process management in more direct manipulation of the foundations of our existence, aspiration, and addicted development.
This selective economics is a very expansive intense economy with total expansion directly aimed at intentional interventions in natural processes, which is to simply duplicate, outweigh or parallel its nature, its foundations for evolution and creation, neo-creation.
Total permanent investments to build further, increasingly mass neo creation components, parallel to the ordinary economy.
These are no longer research institutes, investment incubators, but total massive investments in the construction of the skeleton of the structure that allows to take over processes on the run, or to transfer these processes/structures like a rocket to a bird.

to be continued with the total economics of wars of worlds of life and matter neo creation law.


Developing law of neo creation. 3. Hyper homo sapiens of life and universe.

Of course, the next book that explores the mechanisms of processes controlling structures, processes of nature like any seriously treating scientist is not the final answer, but the next step, the next gear, an additional lever in raising the bar for the contribution of our participation in shaping all, I repeat all processes, the future of our processes, the future our space, matter in an infinite natural environment, potentials and threats.
Of course, there will always be threats in tendencies, attempts to express your ego, attempts to personalize/perceive phenomena, their dogmatizing, peculiar centralization, e.g. in geocentrism, etc., interpretation, primitizing of descriptions, construction, and neo-construction of natural process phenomena.
But let’s try to get out of these centric habits and just go deeper into the process, construction and … mechanisms. Reconstructive according to our maybe personal and deeper insights and actions of decisions.
I am speaking simply about immense massiveness, systematic technologies, economic systems of this more than distributed primitive consumer, but in a very intensely mass and systematic direct takeover of all processes of structures within and outside us.

The further deliberate organization, construction, taking over mechanisms, laws that have been treated so far beyond our reach. Creating not only the gene but directly the creation of own bricks/hands(micro/nano drones personally and globally systems) at exploitation and massive, deeper processing of raw materials, entirely new structures/processes taking over, breaking all existing principles, laws and all DNAs.

It is about increasing own input, ingenuity into deeper interferences in processes, structures known and processed so far, thus adding own coefficients, but their hyper DNA, hyper micro / macro constructions, factors changing the face of nature and the attainments of which are achieved in a more specific direction and aspirations … of course, nature and its structures / is infinite, but our aspirations are also just equal or higher determination of the conditions of cooperation game sometimes competition for death and life, intentions to master our areas of macro and micro cosmos matter and life at a pace exceeding all imaginations.

Generally, we know the essence of this mechanism, but is that all? No! Just as simplified, for a given temporary shorter use of sufficient laws and patterns checked and created according to the current possibilities of potential, perception, production … but we can impose a specific mechanism of the generator, deeper drivers of newer mechanisms, increasingly intense, very deep restructuring, and continue to implement contemporary and forward-looking approaches and achievements of science and technology mind as well as aspirations and homo sapiences of the present/future.

The mechanisms of further evolution of DNA and direct structures of life and matter with our autonomous micro/macro bricks/hands for further manipulation of their internal development and transformation will be further developed and created.
The right economic systems (the selective economics) are those active systems that mobilize further deeper restructuring changes in all economic, scientific and social relations and processes, of course, generally determined by a non-static, non-passive, passive approach to nature.

Among other things, the system of these autonomous toys, but always as someone was more or less guided by our controllers of this in this case drone DNA and its reconstruction as well as the direct deeper and deeper reconstruction of the matter-drone which will be the precursors of building new autonomous models, structures supporting matter and life structures according to further aspirations at the end of the thinking man, homo sapiens, the man with the tools and thoughts of hyper homo Erectus, the man aspiring to be more than just homo or hyper Erectus but hyper homo sapiens.

So it is a very general description of material engineering, which will determine our bricks/hands for further engineering of the consumable matter, life, all structures in us and outside in this climate, planets, stars, quasars, black holes and so on literally fast and autonomously driven by the speed of engineering, economic and scientific reconstruction transformations according to it more and more – as it has been until now – own generic structures of limit determinants … and here there is economy of economy with space in the micro and macro scale of its effectiveness for our lives directly as well as in further processes of generating of our own generic transformations of all process structures that may threaten but help us in our further existence and development as already homo sapiens of the entire universe not limited to the Erath and primitive form of cave consumerism fatalistic economy life, but more conscious and responsible selective economy of universe of homo sapiens.


to be continued with the not fatalistic – but selective (economics) engineering of our life and future.

The neo creation law. Part 2.


The law of neo-creation, i.e. a signpost for developing mechanisms for manipulating, control, repairing, correcting, developing all processes and structures of life and matter.

Nature in its tendency digests devours itself, and there is nothing to adjust to it by force. We can also take an active part in natural processes by giving our direction – not getting eaten, which does not mean being unaware of a certain symbiosis, cooperation, because you cannot go through these processes effectively alone without properly balancing our responsibility with our vanity in relation to the processes and structures that surround us from inside and outside.

Law, self-creation mechanism of self-healing bricks/hands as a strategic step breakthrough in neo-creational anti-inert management of the potential of using constructional (kinetic) energy.
The increasing time of inertial resonance (wave) formation of human participation, which has so far determined and at the same time spoils, distracts, inhibits, disintegrates strategies, the direction of neo creation instead of using the proposed mechanism of technology to more effectively influence the more harmonious symbiosis of this kind of vanity and the effectiveness of action throughout of life and the entire cosmos at a pace already exceeding any previously known physical, economic, social, psychological and psychological perception and reception of all processes and structures.

An important factor in the initiated neo creation law is the relation of irritating, vain, inertia of the system as so-called massive energy, processes to the purposeful control process, reviving this system by activating structures, processes according to directions, the pace of planned further creation, and the creation of any processes and structures, any screening, i.e. assuming partial or full conscious responsibility over these processes

It is this kind of selective natural economics that determines the pace of neo-creative growth potential.
Here, in this process of making conscious, responsible decisions, you are subject to the mechanisms of the economics of selective control, initiating the reconstruction and emergence of new processes, asymmetrical structures for systems in the so-called modern science of nature.

Moving the pace of the neo-creation process depends on the ratio of vainness and responsibility in a neo-creative attitude, the will to change directly translates into a break of the so-called inviolable, conformist systems of type e = mc2, i.e. the design of energy efficiency / quasi-efficiency, efficiency for a given mass and until now known structures, processes, properties of the object,
that is, an unconditional change in the properties of each object.
It is an absolute neo-constructive relativism of mass, energy, time and all other processes and structures, breaking at any given level any existing physics, biology, etc. principles, based just on this neo-creative law and its further interpretations and consequences.

After all, this vainness apparently not participating directly in the hyper evolutionary race of space and life is also an important and determining factor in shaping, directing neo creation processes, exploitation of re-creation of existing structures/processes of any energy/mass, changing completely their relations according to our aspirations, not at all must be subject to the processes of direct sharing or to the evolutionary struggle of all structures known and unknown to the life of the cosmos.
These sort of asymmetrical approaches to evolutionary, structural, process energy / mass relations are the final development factor, but nevertheless one needs to take into account (operational) factors needed to implement these asymmetrical actions – more or less directly natural exploitation factors and neo-creative reconstruction.
It is about creating a mechanism in most autonomous but so-called one-percent shaped processes of decision-making man’s aspirations, his own and not external cosmic evolutionary goals, structures, processes, and laws.
Automaticity, as it was in the history of the development of civilization, made us more and more independent of direct whims of natural, evolutionary micro/macro cosmos processes.

It is about making this process-aware and introducing the production utilization of an increasing structural and tool advantage in deciding on the course of all processes, and what will further strengthen the advantage in establishing, reconstructing, improving the so-called hyper gene bricks / hands of the potential of natural process constructional energetic mass spaces and life , more and more according to our aspirations and not only external factors.
The construction of increasingly strong structural foundations for reconstruction, neo creational bricks is the basis for the development of the civilizational breakthrough of leaving the breeding pig position of evolutionary systems to the host co-host, initiator, decision-maker of all processes and structures, breaking all so-called unchanging and yet temporary, classic, primitive and symmetrical flat dogmas , systems of possibilities and impossibilities.

to be continued with the further, (positive)abyss consequences of the neo creational cosmic big bang human (r)evolution search and suggestions.

The neo creation law. Part 1.

The law of neo-creation, i.e. a signpost for developing mechanisms for manipulating control, repairing, correcting, developing all processes and structures of life and matter.

The change in the object’s properties is the relativism of mass, energy and another so-called permanent physical, chemical, biological, economic relations, etc. breaking completely existing rules at a given level, laws also as for example E = mc2, time process, and this change in properties is based on the law of neo-creation, i.e. the more precise and mass introduction of constructional, process and creation-subjective possibilities, the greater the potential for changing the properties of all processes natural and artificial construction subject to this entity’s activities.

The ratio of direction, the pace of purposefulness of neo-creation and “vanity” inertial energy/any action of (mass of any phenomena) – that is, construction processes not subject to this intentional neo creation … mass determines the chances and potential of influencing the general course of creative processes, the evolution of nature in relation to our intentions and actions.

Role of neo creative selective economics and any deals with nature is
not only in the directions of biological, physical creations, their pace of direction but also earlier a kind of separation between vain actions and strictly directional actions in the evolution race of neo creation of neo DNA of all activities, i.e. balancing how the Fed balances in establishing interest rates, or the issue of the barrier of export, import, i.e. neo-creation of consumption versus late consumption
It is about the organizational, technological and economic development of this process of co-evolution of life and space
Creating possibly more efficient autonomous systems for building bricks/tools of this micro-ingress into the structure of the properties of life and the whole micro/macro cosmos, programed self-improvement of mechanism/accelerator tool to achieve a wished/well-deserved level of existence and development. More efficient translation of plans into actions.
Awareness of the intention to translate this vain attitude towards phenomena into a neo-creative, for example, microdrones production accelerator, economic/evolutionary, civilization development strategies.
This is the accelerator as a mechanism of dispersion rate and purposefulness in the hyper evolutionary race for work out.

And this is the deal that quite quality deals above vanity wars of development and against a stubborn holding of primitive vanity consumerism in favor of evolutionary consumerism race on our working out condition.

to be continued with further the consequences of the new law of neo creation.

Neo anthropologic/neo technologic, neo economic visions of DNA of life/matter of neo evolution/neo creation.

Race of primitive vanity of consumerism or race of consumerism of neo creation, as the main determinant, paradigms of our and our universe development trends.

Perspectives and proposals in the increasing participation in process control, which until now has been recognized beyond the reach of modern science.

The prospect of neo creating, neo evolution your own future, time and space, i.e. deeper manipulation of all processes/structures and their laws through the use of ever deeper and more effective technology of mass control, co-hosting, co-responsibility for your own living environment, micro and macro cosmos structures/processes.
It is putting in deeper and further structures using the self-replication accelerator for increasingly by precision and speed building, co-building of structures and processes.

I generally focus on the mechanism of putting more precise and more numerous bricks/hands for more effective, less passive cooperation in the process of evolution, creation of life and matter.

It’s more about engineering than discovering phenomena, but it obviously has a mutually propelling effect. Although I feel more impressed that contemporaries are trying to adapt to the environment rather than co-creating the environment.

It is impossible to completely separate your own activity/production and separately adapt to maintaining or improving your position in constantly mutual, changing biological and physical processes but it should act more as one organism or co-competitions of different organisms, systems ( apparently invisible).
It is about becoming better aware of the tools of this mechanism of co-competition in the shaping of processes/structures, as it has always been in history, but it is about increasing awareness of the influence of control over the deeper decks of these processes/structures, which science is trying to cope with and deal with surrounding phenomena.
The purpose is to draw attention to this mechanism of creation, adding additional bricks, remarks to further develop our co-creation, collaborate, discover and … create further and deeper decks(and further=deeper laws) of life and matter, in increasingly effective/mass development of processes/structures of life and matter, their mechanisms and laws … for the further creation process, neo creation of life and matter.

Now it is a question of whether or not, but how to put this mechanism more and more effectively deeper and more comprehensive creation, re-creation, neo creation, co-creation of life and the environment inside and outside us.

Showing, discovering, developing a deeper and deeper mechanism in which human, his potential for re-creation, neo creation of deeper layers of life and matter, is his equally active factor, as science has so far worked out natural phenomena with the addition of their practical development, transformation according to our more or less conscious aspirations in neo-evolutionary, creative initiatives, and enterprises.

The proposed vision, the proposal is of neo anthropological and neo technological nature, i.e. the approach of processes of all processes and phenomena with the active participation of man and developed by him technological/perceptual process/structural economy – neo economics/selective economics – very mass transformation processes, control of micro macro structures cosmos/matter, influencing its evolution.

More and more anthropological/humanistic and less physical approach to transformations, environmental observations in us and beyond supported by hyper evolutions or mega productions, neo technology, neo economics.
The previous economic, social, physical, biological and ecological approaches will lose their significance in favor of a very dynamic approach to phenomena and their laws.

The use of knowledge about this mechanism of neo-creation, in the production of goods, the exploitation of creations, work with resources and tools/mechanisms, the self-replicating systems of production of multi-functional smartphone microdrones/autonomous and programmed robots bluetooth satellite system of  thousands per person as the first primitive micro-bricks/hands of this anthropologic neo-creation.

We make developing neo-creation strategies, establishing, developing deeper processes/structures previously (today also) unattainable with greater mass, mass as a paradigm of more responsible participation in all processes and structures of life and the existence/functioning of the cosmos.

Neither time nor black hole, nor any bricks of life, will no longer be determined by simplified energy and matter factors if we continue to enter more effectively deeper into the creation of these and other structures that are today considered intact.

The issue is dealing with monopolistic dogmatics, a methodology of scientific and economic / consumer achievements and activities.

Biological, physical experimental achievements imposed a monopolistic determination of the final limits of phenomena and laws, e.g. time. At first glance, it’s ok according to its currently known energy/mass level. Deterministic approaches to processes/structures, phenomena. But if what you can’t see, according to modern perception, can’t do anything about it, even though it affects our lives?
It is about entering further decks of perception and influencing, neo branching the phenomena of structures/processes, e.g. today the time is forced to be defined according to the traditional energy/mass structure-process, current constructions achievements.
The presented concepts and thesis presented is also an attempt to finally deal with generalization, simplified relativism, Newtonian and other dogmatic -biological, economic – patterns of reality.
Non-passive, flexible, constructive, not in a game of closed patterns/laws to look at further discovered, producing, efficient decks of DNA of the deeper bottom of structures/processes of life and space.
It’s like a further general look, general prediction of processes not yet measured, not yet perceptual, but potentially more constructional constructive.
The goal of this concept is perhaps more, not a refutation, but an extension of relativism of any processes indefinitely – without limiting it to simple calculations, experiments, production so far – to all known and unknown processes, including activities and enterprises.

Maybe it is not about refuting the current achievements in the study, using the dependencies of micro-cosmic processes/structures at the current level of knowledge and technological potential, but further extension, reconstruction, determination in this case of multi relativism in infinity – without limiting it to the simplified so far achievable calculations, experiments, production, on all known and unknown processes, including actions and enterprises, new realism, new laws already more determined by intentional evolutionary consumerism focused on raising levels of existence and activating our civilization less addicted than the vain blind, sometimes relaxing, resonating processes development. It is a matter of balancing these factors of intentional protection, process management as well as a bit of consent for the free, seemingly vanity, pointless improvisation of behaviors, trends, and resonances of development.

to be continued with the futuristic/present suggestions.

From homo Erectus to homo sapiens…to hyper homo Erectus til hyper homo sapiens. 10. Neo creation of life and universe.

Finally draft of neo creation/mega-production – a human (r)evolution thesis.
From homo erectus to homo sapiens and environment come to hyper homo Erectus, to hyper homo sapiens but together with entirely environment inclusion/neo creation. This means we have to work out to go out from an evolutionary/mind trap of our limited knowledge and low aspiration as human, as homo sapiens of today.
We need a further platform for our civilization existence and development.
We need a new tool, a new hand, a new straighten up man, and so a new hyper homo sapiens for spark our life for a higher stage of existence this time artificially supported by really massive (self-replicating) automation=artificiallly evolution of the whole environment literally in us and beyond with feedback effect.
For our today’s technology and mind and aspiration standards,  our environment is too weak. We have to strengthen our civilizations background for more efficient cope with the environment of our life, our but further and deeper space/matter.
Achieved physically, biologically patterns – for example definition(but very limited – my footnote) of mass/=energy – (some times countably very practical indeed) can useful for/by temporary achievement, but for really further steps of/for our life and universe just only primitive misleading games but of course it could eventually use for further development like helio/geocentrism on very, very limited use in the future.
We are talking about a really very mass automatic application of programming, self-improvement of systems for creating new structures in the direction of maximization, miniaturization, precision according to the respective tasks of the purpose of the tools … future tools and tasks of reconstruction, construction of matter / physical mass, biological, life itself and the environment on earth, in micro and macro space – the hand’s manufactory methods of more or fewer line production technologies are not sufficient for us and our environment literally and figuratively.
The automatic self-replication system should be further explained and expanded for evolutionary acceleration, in the establishment of increasingly better, more and more efficient laws and constructions of the cosmos of physics and biology.
Going deeper, further into the structures, creation processes, neo creation / generation of new structures and processes in our development and aspirations – not completely accusing the achievements of the existing in finally the calculated, useful at last at a some level of reconstruction but partly (and only partly or without effects) further neo-creation of structures – into the structures of life and matter than previously known DNA or mc2 … not primitive clinging to previous achievements, but already at a given level of existence aspiration and development, further exploration, construction of hyper evolution platforms, neo creation.
Generating own sources of creation of next generations … own big bang, own evolution, own new foundations of the cosmos and life as if parallel competing.
Which, in total, as we unwittingly do somehow, but let’s just do it more methodically.

A more methodical, purposeful, strategic approach to the course of natural processes, their manipulation, which we have made since homoerectus, will protect us against fatal errors in our coexistence with nature and will accelerate and raise our active level quantitatively- process/structures flow programming, engineering (time relativism processing/manipulating) in/by our qualitative and structural existence development .

And even if we do not want to stand out above nature on the path of progress, nature will force us to run forward, not backward – if we do not want to perish making the same mistakes and defects in merciless competitions of systems in our evolutionary micro/macro cosmos environment. Therefore, we need proper organizational, neo-technological preparation, new generation technology, a new, higher, multiple dimension to match the systems of nature in its joint creation, neo-creation. Such a transition from the current two-dimensional level of efficiency/productivity/mobility to the three-dimensional level of neo creation.
From manual counted manipulated line production to programed (always initiated by the strategy of people) self-replicating, self-improving physically, economically, technologically, structurally, processable mega-production/own creation -neo creation of life and universe.
Own reconstructive assistant / slave / robotic (more and more independent in its competence) system -new- biological and material / quantum bottom.
A neo-creative operating system, re-creation/neo creation parallel assistant for our inside and outside environment.
The proposition of smartphone application market of microdrones can be the first step in building hyper multifunctional, multiplication bricks-hands literally and figuratively transferring the level of civilization to another dimension – hyper homo sapiens – multiplication platform launcher, trampoline strengthening trillion times effects of the impact on the possibilities of human mind and ingenuity.
A multiplied chance for life for us and our nature in existential, civilizational development at a level that needs to be constantly worked and deserved.

On the Moon – for just a few robots to start this processing process, neo creation – could be a great training ground, starter of building this microdronic civilization of parallel assistant … a new robotic child-serving
Self-replicating, programmable, partially (but ever bigger part) self-programming autonomous infrastructure at appropriate levels on the moon from sources of moon materials, solar energy, which would be an assistant in our hyper buildings, neo creation, inventions, their multi effectiveness, and multi-support also by means of “terrestrial” satellite telecommunications systems … smartphone, in which everyone could contribute their brick literally and figuratively in the construction, neo creation of matter and life for themselves and others.

We are constantly talking about the transition, transformation from the two-dimensional level of technological perception, (line)production, to the three-dimensional level of perception and construction, neo-creation, mega system (self-replicating)production and systems by our direction, aspiration of the level of participation in the three-dimensional competition environment, but also the potential for cooperation between biological systems and physical.

I can agree on how efficient our micro-macro cosmos is as far as we observe it and influence it.

I can agree on how efficient our micro macro cosmos is as far as we observe it and influence it, but is this the end of our quest to overcome the plastic natural abilities of the environment … raw materials, can we not make our own contribution? – but we bring (now just in two dimensions) – into generating new changes, creations of competitive, mutating systems … we can and we must, who does not go forward, goes back in the endless, very active pushing competition of more or less lively systems. Nothing can stay in the status quo even if he wants to. This can be done but it will be a decrease in relation to the neighbors down into the abyss, you can stop some status quo on some sections but for this, you also constantly need intensive and very effective active work, cooperation with surrounding systems to make this status quo at the expected level and place maintained.

Assistant- extra hand – a guard Engel – a micro drone system to support hyper homo Erectus processes.
You don’t need and don’t have to get sick, die or not exceed the speed of light, for each biological or physical cycle/process – we can be responsible, precursor, and determinate for each cycle/process. Taking really more and more generating, neo creative part in external and internal processes.

A new look at creations … evolution
Neo creations have a direct impact on the functioning of all relevant modern human institutions, not only science such as physics, biology, medicine, technology, cosmonautics, but also of course economics, politics, religion in multiply dimensions and power.

This is the end of holiday talks about hyper homo Erectus.
Time to draw the right explanations, conclusions, and actions for a multidimensional scope…that You can draw private and public conclusions as well.

To be continued

Creation of hyper homo erectus. 9. Massive self automation system for neo creation/neo economics of resources.

So further we go with the very loose non(classic)-binding summer divagations of brainstorm unconditional proposals (not passive/but more pro-human) visions of life and space.
It takes to start this hyper homo erectus of the extra mechanical programmed self-shaping hand, constructively, efficiently self-assembled teams of robots … i.e. mass and other simplification of processes/structures(i.e.relativisation of processes and structures) “removal”(“unmassiveness of processes”), mass/energy – i.e. mass/structures teleportation -disenchantment, i.e. accelerator of neo creation of processes recognized so far as unchanging or unknown, so-far not worked out (not for discovering but for literally working/=reconstructing out!), i.e. raising to an ever-higher level of penetration/reconstruction, perception (and vice versa) of nature, breaking on the way (tomorrow, or maybe today) primitive – but in some areas technologically sufficient today – models of nature, exploitation of nature, contributing nature, replacing nature, this new active model of nature, the neo creation of the nature of its physical, biological processes, etc. is to support homo sapiens, homo erectus, homo economicus … just human life and dignity, in offered here the insane evolutionary, cosmic Olympic race in vegetative and/but  first at all humanist (social), individual, economic, scientific, religious, etc. meaning.

We are talking here about the importance of direct mechanical (supported by alchemy in a broad sense and widely used today … genetics, chemistry, etc.) processing can be said operational, programmatic towards micro and macro processing of materials/=constructions … energetic .. biological, astrophysical on the far and further deflections of the micro and macro barriers of the cosmos of life and space/matter/mass… this time not so easily simplified, dogmatized …, mysticized, determined by coarse juggling patterns, stigmatized.

So it is going to work out strategy of the essence of substructures, the foundation of our (not so only)evolutionary, but working active out part of the existence of life and space/matter/mass to cope selective economic above science and religions and by them to support the dealing with the essence…going on higher and higher stages of existence and development foundations of man and mankind.
So it is about not excluding but proper positioning science, religions, economic because of the essence in which direction we have to go and we building, constructing all-time through our history and future.

Determined directions, place in existence and development are pre-determined, but we can change these determinants and further define one or other patterns, directions of perception and … neo creation in development ie on the basis of current mental technologically, mental and technological but also (hyper) consumer really cosmic and really lively aspirations for our existence and …dignity.

Just as geocentrism, heliocentrism, the definition of Newtonian time, the contemporary definition of mass/energy, contemporary and the further development of these definitions, etc. were sufficient, so we can develop the design of perception but also the reconstruction of nature … and further definition of processes …
freedom of relations, the definition of mass, energy, any processes/structures according to the perception of utility.
But here we are talking about general design, not refuting the previous ones, which were enough or can be enough today, but about the foundations for the creation of vision generation, applications as well as specific retrofitting of already existing discoveries and patterns, their determination, as they were determined in accordance with temporary perception and vision in a more and more massive consumption, more and more massive description of processes, micro-macro structures of the biological, cosmic, climate, physical, … economic cosmos on the right track/according actually tools/needs strategy.
The proposal of this microdronic…”pills”…”blood cells”, mass connectors with organic, terrestrial, urbanistic, climatic, space re/constructions, like experimental lego smartphone (on the Bluetooth coordination system) in self-replicating and self-evolutionary teams is to be the primitive beginning of determining, constructing more precise directions, self-orienting, controlling, (mass/irritation)miniaturization, programming more and more consciously according to our programs by determining the tools for development directions
– not the old tooling perception backwardly determined development, determining “determined” the status quo already according to the (old)existing technological economic civilizational development.
New tools, their expanded awareness of use and reconstruction directly affect mega production technologies on economic, scientific and social systems.
So it is like a new workshop of the world, not made in china but made by giant smart microdrones robotic systems…just at the start, just for fun…

to be continued with the summer issue of neo creation.

Creation of hyper homo erectus. 8. Structural liberation of life and space/processes.

After my recent – provocative – quite marginalizing comments about science or religion, i.e. processes of learning, entrusting to processes/structures perceived by us, I have to explain a few aspects about my intentions, which are in fact very scientific and very religious. It is about their more effective location in the process of our existence and development.
Science, religion is also needed to further efficiently carry out the hyper mechanical acceleration of processes of interest to us, inter alia, violating absolutely and unconditionally all adverse classic evolutionary, physical assumptions and trends, etc. This construction of artificial acceleration construction is a conscious, aspiring, precursor, a paradigm of any effective scientific or religious intentional development and guarantee of this growth for any individual and collective existential position in the micro-macro cosmos.

These articles are not catchy songs or rhymes, but systematic pursuit, maintenance of the status quo … systematic irritation/resonation … for an ever-higher level of their development and existence on a global, timeless, cosmic, above evolutionary, above … natural existing(current economy as well) power systems
Working out more efficient foundations … hard-working and responsibility .. with the help of additional multi accelerating super hands trillions of times more effective- practically …finally/eventually infinitely for maneuvering of all processes of life and space/matter/energy.

It is a total race to reach structures, processes seem unimaginable, unattainable … literally tangibly-robotic and massively.
In reality, it is a hyper-consumption hyper race, hyper existential race, up to pain, economic development system that determines all other areas of economic, scientific … religious, social, individual, total, space activities, intended to detriment all possible micro and macro processes and structures. of life and every matter.
There is no just marketing fun with no score or discovery for discovery. Marketing, scientific, religious, etc. factors are auxiliary helpers, even possibly waste sometimes, in relation to the mainstream of this activity … selective economics … evolutionary, structural liberation.

Above existential/vegetative attitude … above scientific and religious – not translating an existing status quo, but to get out of the cocoon – this selective economy determining the directions of thinking and acting.
Yes, science, religion, but in experimental derivative phases
And this is to preserve this safe sentimental continuity.

Definition of science/religion. It is not about abandoning science, religion, which will be and are needed in developing tools, as well as behaviors to the directions of development, existence at higher levels.

This Olympics and adventure is a game for a better, more dignified position in life and space
rather than self-degradation and submission to competition processes, it is a trick of strategy hyper homo erectus, i.e. forcing the use of mass self-development – hyper evolutionary-controlled … bred-automated technologies.

… Not scientific, but productive (neo creative), conscientious shaping of work, responsibility, developing tools for environmental reconstruction

and here we come to the redefinition (neo relativism) of time, and more processes, structures of matter … life including mass relativism … but nevertheless (neo)relativism in favor of general phenomena for attributing to normal processes = physical, artificial or natural structures a transformation of their values, positions or their … (new)laws … working out to detect the level of perception/manipulation to further work out these laws. – more about the new (not passive) vision of issues of the neo relativism(astro)physics, biology, etc means direct (“neo relativistic”)manipulations of the (seems constant,inviolably by today’s laws/dogmas) processes (by mega production/=manipulation) – time means process/structures deep processing/neo creating, matter/mass/structures deep processing/neo creating=” neo relativistic freezing/defrosting time …neo relativistic defrosting/freezing matter/mass/energy….breaking the Emc2 pattern”, next possible time…in directions of …”soul” of matter/mass/process …of biological life, human too.

We need such first bold step of mind to start the avalanche/leap process of the neo creation of whole mankind and really whole universe, of life and space.

A proposal to prepare a powerful system of self-replicating micro drone production that would become the next small steps – among others in the production of themselves as multifunctional blood cells, climatic molecules, acquiring, rebuilding natural structures and those … broken by humans.

to be continued about the micro drone and neo creation revolution of life and space by economic, physics and other factors.

Creation of hyper homo erectus. 7. Neo creation…neo relativism.

Let us not justify/limit our evolutionary, creative position, existential and developmental fate, higher or higher scientific / = religious barriers/laws, so-called (but always temporary made)natural border laws … despite everything perceptually, technologically temporary due to the current level/faith of development/for development.
At the same time, we do not expect, do not (just) wait for a miracle of mercy or some tricks, ideas, but first at all let us take up systematic expansion, cooperation of our own(together with the rest of nature) evolutionary/ = economic (economization) biological and physical systems towards further macro and microcosmic co-control of processes / mechanisms … laws of life/biology and matter/space.

Conversity in this hyper homoerectus is simply putting the next steps for/but by hyper evolutionary development, triggering/improving… (hyper)manually=automaically …
to increasingly automatically limit productivity, – less naturally evolutionary but rather on our own initiative – further systematic filling of evolutionary/production “manual” deficiencies for further / for further stages of/for development/aspirations.

It is no just longer about the improvisations of the so-called faith, praying, fate, accident, the so-called discoveries of nature and tricks but systematic production, automatic – self-replicating and re/build-up higher and higher superstructures, mechanical, geometric, mathematical, mass taking over control of all known natural and non-natural processes. Layering restructuring processes at an ever-higher level of precision and massiveness of the processes.

It is about coming out of terms of further restrictions on the crust/cradle of physical or biological existential and development barriers.
That is, forcing the emergence/further development from the cradle of the eggshell using the technology of this new degree of micro/macrocosmic speed hyper evolutionary, hyper-creative homo evolutionary hand …. technology of the magic wand … schools/factory of enchanting …of
more environmental responsibility and( after that) power.
This new technological power can strengthen or kill our civilizations immediately because of specific civilization autism – a kind of megalomania, that is, by us established laws of nature, that makes it impossible mentally, strategically more efficient for the development of technology recreation/creation in nature with nature.

We are further mentally and technologically dumped in nature.
There is a need to develop a strategy of technology/economy of advantage, taking over a new dimension initiative on physical/= energetic, biological processes and structures – for chasing as quickly as possible new barriers, further micro/macro structures of life and space by a strategy of really mass technology.
Currently, we seem to be – or maybe we want – for now at the level of fun and developmental vegetation
We must work further – if we want – higher positions in nature than the position of a cow on the homestead.

It is about the strategy of introducing this ( already also because of the ecological effects) explosive/mass system/process of the mechanism of the development of hyper evolutionary civilization, hyper global/cosmic hyperphysical, hyper biological, hyper chemic, hyper-economic.

The diligent shaping of mass structures provides the foundations for further systematic progress … the realization of dreams … discoveries, science are a derivative of this hard work platform of mega-production(boosting evolution on our condition) but vice versa.
On our part, we are to create, just continue to build the hyper homo Erectus system for self-development, self-specification according to programmed directions of setting this constructional mega productive geometric domino process.
Our task is to master, subjugate it in this evolution / ecological hyper race, creative and neo creative.

Until now, this hyper neo creation accelerator has not been moved, which is why the whole socio-economic framework of this new production process, the new generation of hyperproduction, hyper(r)evolution is so important.
At present, the current hyper info telecommunications capacity lacks hyper manual/really mass production feedback … for further mutual driven the potentials.

It’s about dealing with this growing technology in the micro-macro dimension.
Dealing with this hyper-production potential and yield with this accumulation of processes artificially, avalanche-driven processes of material restructuring as well as energy consumption.
In energy consumption, systematic mass processing of materials, tele(portation)communication …
It is an artificial acceleration to create in itself such a global accelerator for an empty start based on the mass production mechanism such as for neo mass creation micro/macro cosmos.

The first proposed small step, and at the same time a mega breakthrough in this accelerated revolution/evolution of the mega-production, would be the smuggled concept of smartphone applicated microdrones “guardian angels” multifunctional satellites that maneuvering around human or selected areas for (at first at all) medical, ecological purposes – but also by/for cosmic, economic issues.
to be continued with sketches for acquiring productively and responsible for/of further/new areas of life and space/matter/energy potential…relativity…economically.

Creation of hyper homo erectus.6. The diligence of efficiency, a responsibility to actions can move us respectively forward in life and matter/space.

For this hyper homo Erectus mechanism, we need not only these micro hands, micro bricks in a mutual process, which we have done historically and now. This is about achieving distant micro and macro giant structures, so it takes a gigantic massiveness of this own participation in these gigantic processes to let these natural evolutionary processes of competing systems of nature match or outdo on our expected level, structure according to the most important determinant these changes, which are …first at all are our dreams (and not any other factors!) in the shape of life and matter (space) literally and figuratively.
So it is going about giant massive micro-macro chirurgie technology as historic and futuristic key for automatic repetitively, developing (as well) and programed more(remote control plus AI with working out balance between them) ) controlled structures gain influenced factor, position for achieving wished level processes and structures manipulation, recreation, creation, hyper evolution… Not just alchemy and hand made production.
The system of geometric self-replication, the artificial self-evolution of programming the transformation of reaching increasingly deeper generating areas (new), artificially resonating physical and biological processes that we can( but we want!=our minimalistic/vegetational attitude) shape today only according to (ecological) symptoms or have not any impact because of today’s still very primitive application/strategy of technological, organizational and economic potential caused by our slavery, passive, non-subjective but objective recognition of their position in these processes in us and beyond.

And this is about initiatives for the implementation of the thinking/action = life strategy rather than failure/default = death. Attitude to the processes of natural systems based on dreams, thinking, acting because the only maturity to life and its development provides the basis for establishing the right level and implementing strategies in systematically raising their level of status, their dignity in multi-level systems of life and matter (micro / macro cosmos) … further than the monkey … further than homo Erectus … more than homo economics, in this all-ordinary living process and not passively submitting to other systems, cooperating, competing with the internal and external micro-space macro environment.

The need for bold decisions initiated and through the mass process of self-replicating, self-improvement of…self-improvement, self-replicating to new challenges, tasks, a new changing, discovery environment in us and beyond, whose processes will change our environmental, material, economic, physical, biological, global face, climatic, cosmic from day to day, from hour to hour, minutes to minutes, from second to second, accelerating(rescuing/progressing) civilization processes, evolutionary at a pace that surpasses the entire process of our civilization … in an hour, at a rate … not only of speed of “light,” not ending, embracing, mastering, taking over, creating so far no known more distant and closer micro and macrostructures of the cosmos/matter (in biological/life dimension especially) from second to second.
This will encompass completely different spaces of logic, thinking, existence, the meaning of existence, (jointly) hosting of infinite biological and physical areas on … a snap.

It is necessary to achieve a multi-trillion level- if we want to match or overcome natural processes- of degree of restructuring, transformation, engineering – in the pair of building, creating building/component bricks – and their folding of artificial (micro) hands/multi microdrones … and so interchangeably in the artificially invigorated progress .. geometry automatic self-replicating, and not only copying but embracing new, subtle tasks and needs according aspirations, philosophies of a hyper-active approach to evolutionary processes, generally captivating nature.
Miniaturization in relation to the currently observed structured/materialization (material=/micro bricks engineering), in order to achieve comprehensive visible effects of manipulation/transformation operations seems to be impossible or very remote nowadays as it would be compared rocket technology and the age of stone or bronze.

A comprehensive approach to evolutionary and recreational systems as well as the active participation of generation of development directions, creation, co-creation, competing in the creation of joint own systems in the general process … and manipulated to some extent the evolution of life and space/matter.-eg direct manipulated photosynthesis=micro multifunctional massive microdrone(megaproduction) laparoscopy of… climatic processes etc…climate engineering…planetary engineering…botany/biology/life engineering, etc.

I am not referring to the force of nature replacements, but to the effective, flexible maintenance, development of positive elements of our existence and aspirations.

The essence is the maintenance of positive elements of life with the possibility of restructuring the development of a more efficient environment in the process of active participation in the evolution of the creation of global cosmic, biological, economic.
Catching mechanisms, specific genes, creating own mechanisms of genes for recreation of life and matter/space, as it happens- where we still take to small part-, this is about improving further developing the mechanism of construction in a massive way that the massiveness of phenomena can be matched in the competing process/structures of systems of nature.

From our diligence, the efficiency we develop in the application of mass technologies in the mass processes of nature, from our responsibility to actions, depends on our position in nature in … moving back, staying in the same place or moving forward.

The proposed selective economics is a strategy of active liberation from the instantaneous submission to the “outer” forces of nature, to bursting the relations of the stagnant, destructive natural and artificial relations.

It is possible to divide the attitudinal activation system into three levels
– natural hyper-passive attitude pseudo-ecological – pseudo status quo, that is, passive conducting of the development, economy to nature, which everything dictates itself …
– Reactive active attitude, passively setting the programs of the providers to the systems of nature
– an attitude of an asset or hyperactive manipulated mass-coexistence of natural and artificial processes – outlined in my articles proposed here
This division in developmental/global strategies and attitudes can be applied, of course, also in the adoption of ordinary developmental and economic activities.


to be continued with (slowly will be more and more about it) the microdrones satellite/bricks mega-production step for a new mankind-micro/macrocosmic leap… as well.