Mass participation in processes of any matter and life. 3.a. Lever of any changes.

energy / structural lever to emphasize the re-creation of new processes/structures in the historical, evolutionary, economic, ecological (more efficient processing of natural resources) development of life/matter.

We reach key positions in the mechanism, a directive, the paradigms of co-participation in shaping, accelerating manipulation of increasingly deeper structures and processes of matter and life.

Further notes.

Redirecting dispersed, used in various structures of competitive … external (asymmetrical for “our current laws”- of our current level of perceptions and efficiency) systems to our current energy/process system, the re-creation of transformation, displacement, rebuilding structures of life/matter according to our interesting goals, according to our sparks of innovation (supernatural) ) for/of life.

Our level of knowledge, perception, and technology defines the framework of our freedom/potential of existence and development, i.e. how much we are … enslaved by stronger/other systems of biological/material evolution of the micro/macro cosmos.

We will always be at some level of lower development, a specific level of slavery, submission to use in relation to stronger phenomena that have not been recognized so far, but so far we have been slowly leaving, we are emerging from this jungle of addiction. Slave submission of wear to these higher-level systems, because these foreign systems are currently a stronger initiative on a given level. But we have equal rights to take over the initiative, to win, to co-create processes at their necessary level, and the ever-higher level of specific independence and development.

There is no inviolable case of phenomena, processes in space and life. From our activity, innovation, willingness depends on what level and where we will be located sooner or later.

Asymmetry of phenomena at given levels of perception made by leverage system for overweight by means of additional artificially restructured deeper “external” energy/matter structures in relation to the current system of equilibrium and cooperation at a given level of phenomena and laws of … evolution of life/matter.

For a less developed monkey/citizen of the cosmos … evolution of such a stick, this lever can be completely unnecessary.

The bigger the stick, the greater the leverage … the more efficient the tool, the extended, the production park for … the transformation of nature, environment …for breaking out of this symmetry the fate of the evolution of external systems, internal natures,
the bigger, the larger the industry for further supernatural structures changes,
the more opportunities to operate this lever/stick for the progress of/for our life/matter.

The lever of Aristotle. Give me a point of support and I will move the Earth.

The same applies to any …unnatural structures for overcoming any natural obstacles and barriers eg by any mechanism, tool eg the(AI)industry, this leverage for further restructuring of matter/life with our active evolutionary participation that means the decision about life and matter properties included breading barriers of speed and life processes.
This is what we are to decide how this lever, this point of support, this gear will be useful, will be used, will be properly directed. Where our potential is for our ideas, and the technology/production park developed on this basis, which is this lever and support point, which is infinite, unrecognized, not fully utilized at given levels, natural, material, structural, and life potential.

We must be aware of this mechanism and the chance of our existence and development, this point of support for leveraging such ambitious (seems impossible) goals, just at the level of the earth’s leverage …

Achieving ambitious goals for deeper advantages, energy/structural preferences, deeper interventions in structural processes = energy/process.
Asymmetric development of these processes (further breaking down, working out, atoms / quantums / genes, further restructuring of an increasingly deeper and deeper potential) from the point of working out this support, this our lever…against the gear of natural/symmetric processes.

So, if this (level of)nature cannot do it, its own E-energy production – more than a primitive, very arrogant, ignorant and deceptive- more than for our current (infinite) potential – model of the sack of mass-energy balls=mc2.- more about it next time.

We need such new levers as the air for life – literally – and development.
Mass launched hidden, such an energy/mass bubble, generated from natural resources … not just mass in the further interference of quantum engineering, released for further energy deposits, or mass decks … for the mass (matter) discovered, processed, artificially created/generated, reconstructed.
Infinite energy potential that is manipulative. For this is the energy of sublimation thrifty for gigantic transformations on a quantum cosmic scale .. above the supersonic light, the biological barriers of the evolutionary infinite formations of the formation of the engineering of life .. for saving and improving.

This lever of transformation, shifting, reconstruction, regeneration, a new generation of old and new structures is also a constructive, productive science not only justifying evolution, the current state of nature but transformational changes, new-productive foundations of its development or … even complete replacement.

Improving the scientific and technological changes and vice versa to create such an accelerator accelerating this process … As a result of the enchanted wand – innovation – the effect of an ever-stronger effect of very deep, massive physical and biological structural transformations.
But economics -efficiency, need-action is a paradigm, a precursor to any process of progress of its absolute acceleration.

But economics -efficiency, need-action- is a paradigm, a precursor to any process of progress of its absolute acceleration.

Economical energy, processing, material … selective economics mega production, mega processing.

This economics (means … evolution on our condition and for our condition) energy, technological is to be the motor = reworked more modified lever of changes in creation and evolution.

And here you do not need super intelligence, but above all, will, faith.
But the will, initiative, direction and action of any effective massive in this direction is this thought for the leverage mechanism.
They are colleges, research institutes, business incubators … but we are illiterate in the philosophy of mass automation, which in reality keeps us in the same place.
We must finally pass the organizational virtual potential for real mega production, further leveraging the transformation of changes … “lifting” our Earth, … our life … our cosmos.

Further intense improvement in the process of leveraging processes gives us a chance to reach, more effectively seem to be almost unachievable micro-macro cosmos structures.
The question that the cosmos would not speed over the light … so one has to change this space … better planes … bubbles … rockets for over-mass transfer – eg the mass “frozen”, over the energy … from unfreezing masses ( on given level) according to deeper structural manipulations, generation modifications.

So no fatalistic thoughts about the inability to improve our life progression. There will be no totally acquiescence to the fate of accidence, to inscribe yourself on this evolution, evolutionary ritual suicide … for other systems, no more evolutionary russian roulette.

to be continued with…freezing/thawing, shaping deeper energy/mass structures, ie matter, in biological aspects … by microdrones revolution…too.


Mass participation in processes of space and life. 2d. Breeding and upbringing (AI) mechanic horses/environment.

Just total automation is the right answer to the eco/logic-nomics of existence and development, not the primitive hand-made alchemical manufacture of nature, unless these old extensive methods (stubborn interfering with the technology … of stone age) in a straight line leads to stagnation that is, in a very short period for self-pacification of each individual and our civilization and our closest environment…but for surely not the rest of the cosmos, or other systems, which pull us out of this stagnation … but to hell.

A new civilization, a new cosmos, a new life – literally too – means a new science. Science-based on mass scale on AI-automatic mass transformations, perceptions, environmental studies, creation of new own competitive environments for others or even opposite systems of nature, in this gigantic evolutionary game in which we want or not, we take part anyway – and it depends on us if it will be passive or active participation.
Creating structures for a further new generation of utility level.
So not only learning or creating here and now based largely on primitive, hand-wiping technique of manipulation, but learning from these / on higher created environments, parks, tooling structures manipulated … massively imposed automatically by new automatic accelerators of self-replicating base tools industrial parks.
The idea is to grow such parks-robots … such AI mechanical horses … … upbringing them,  subjugation them, and after/according to this subjugate(by the horses) systems that we interested in.
It will not be the ordinary scholastic school-the acceptance of the current status of the level of nature systems.
This is not about further proposals for closed structures of restructuring mechanisms of active evolution, but an open framework for creating … and deciding on the shape of future processes of natural structures… no longer axiomatic.
As in the more modern teaching process, a more creative than copy methods will be used to overcome the tasks of further existence and development – it will have a more effective impact on students and today’s/future employees – for a higher level of structural reconstruction, modeling, creation.
Such healthy children’s reflexes, learning processes, renewing processes, thresholds of ever higher civilizations .. consciously co-creating the life of space according to own more effective direction at a higher level of decision-making, acting.
Fun, learning structures, restructuring nature. By the way, we get to know nature and we can take part in this evolutionary nature from our more active side.
Yes, a school of life .. of a new level … of survival.
The more hardworking out/intensely massive we will set these new blocks/bricks of life and space(matter), the faster we mature to the higher stages of responsible more effective co-creation at a given level.
Then, to enter the next level, we are again in the position of the child of the school of survival and so on with this process of developmental expansion at ever higher/deeper structural levels.

Expanding the industrial park of new materials, to construct ever deeper/newer structures/structures that allow for the coordination or surpassing of nature on selected targeted, emphasized (AI) development programs.

And what will further affect the efficiency of manipulation of newer materials = structures = constructions – feedback effect
in improving materiality, and behind this restructuring and in each other.

And here I am in this process of re/structuring for finding, working out tools, mechanisms, accelerating this process of exchanging construction materials to increasingly deeper structural levels.

We need new materials for “replacing a bird with a rocket,” that sticking into ever deeper structures of matter/energy that allow us to construct new, more precise tools for the production of reconstruction, re-creation, reaction … of/for nature.
Just as one did not have to and to get to know the end of the bird’s flying ability when building a rocket faster than this bird, we do not have to know to the end the structure of quantum, genes to generate their own gene structures, quantum, etc, which would be faster, more efficient than this quantum, photon on the levels of activity of interest to us.
Thanks to the new mass reconstruction/material engineering we will be able to copy, improve modeling based on what we see, scanned … and we will see (perception) more due to getting better material engineering … for microscopes, scanners, 3D copiers, etc.

This massiveness of actions will influence the specific modeling resonance, the greater the possibility of modeling, copying, transforming, transporting information, materials, structures of actions and materials, energy/structures.
The basis of this resonance is, therefore, the industrial and structural park for further manipulation of nature, … just creating your own (artificial) nature for your own needs … dreams.

This materialization, this mass automatic production miniaturization of structures is the key to generate in the structures of nature but also vice versa to mastering microtic and cosmic evolutionary models.

It is necessary to reach the level of no longer chemistry, limited mechanics (past/current level of perception and technology) of mathematical models of physics, but engineering of molecular modeling, quantum modeling, etc.
Interaction of this mass surgery on mass models, quasi-newly material based on self-replicating robot/drone systems of restructurations, etc.

It is also about breeding building blocks or models that mutually support the process of mass (production) restructuring of nature, building a new nature for life and space (all matter).

For these operations of copying, repairing, but also making better foundations for a better (longer) life, you need just a new (modified) building material and tools … a better version of cells, genes (artificially extended), or something replacing them like a rocket has replaced bird.

It is about the maximum taking over of the environment of billions of times by exceeding artificially own functional values ​​at the current level to take over, generate the properties of a gigantic abyss of structures/processes of matter/energy seems unimaginable to master such as the speed of light, life span.

Achieving these deflected structures for better development, coordination, protection, development, creation, co-creation of one’s own environment, own home, life …

This deeper view of the mechanisms at a given level seems to be sufficient E = mc2 but furthermore … ehfgi structural /material/process factors … may apply
also in biological medical experiments to learn about mechanisms, but to construct one’s own with additional tools, tool parks for supporting or replacing biological and physical activities.

We are talking, among other things, about the super artificial / living human model.
One has to build in a very precise way possible … give birth, create.

Building self-replicating systems are also like trying and the chance of the closest replica of a replicating man, which will allow his modifications
-but a replicating man is not always and necessarily according to nature … which will kill us.

This earlier described- more about it in other articles- the concept of a cloud of autonomous multifunctional micro drones (per person) on mobile applications can be a substitute, a precursor, a new skeleton, a model and its parts in development at the disposal of biological and not only human support…
other living matter of the structure of organisms, also those less natural, more artificial … that can co-conquer, create, co-create our evolution and environment according to our expectations, programs … dreams.

So, we can set up, brake (old) laws- our civilization, our structures, processes can affect the genetic and direct management of deeper physics processes, etc but also other systems (…of civilizations really different sizes!) Can affect the deeper, not yet known decks of systems, processes, laws of the nature of life and space(=matter) can generate barrier phenomena for us not to be imagined, incomprehensible at closer further stages of development, but further gradually … subjugated.
We can bridle the space is known so far, we can manage it more (so far we are doing a little bit of it … but with big self-restraint and far to efficient automation park …) but … reverse its processes.


to be continued with…energy / structural lever to emphasize the re-creation of new structure processes in the historical, evolutionary, economic, ecological and developmental backgrounds.



Mass participation in processes of space and life. 2.c. Any massive physical, biological processes can be massively manipulated.


Further reconstructions potential sketches/searches of life and space mechanisms development.

E=mc2 … ehfgi (extra discovery and…creation of deeper structural and process factors) … applications
among others in physical, biological, medical endeavors to learn mechanisms, but also to massive construct their own with additional automatic tools, tool parks to support or replace biological, physical activities, etc …more on our conditions.

Mass, energy, physical and biological massive processes can be massively manipulated by means of further deeper (AI) automated parks / technological and production environments, including, among others, massive automatic medical, surgical, material engineering, etc, reaching increasingly deeper plains of physical matter structures , biological, chemical, that is, it will be possible to “reduce” mass, increase energy using additional physical, material, process/energy factors, while using so-called external and internal reconstructive factors of a given physical level … temporal – one processes can overtake asymmetrically processes in the old description, structural patterns – a peculiar paradox of classical approaches to physics … E (classical) may be greater than mc2 because of additional internal/external improvements of this “energy bag of stones” (from the point of view of today’s level of physics) matter/mass.

There is no mass, absolute energy of a given space, matter.
It’s about engineering more and more levels, depths of restructuring of a given area of ​​matter, and at the same time their properties, that is energy/mass properties, and at the same time using additional structures, energy or other properties from another area, the level of interference … construction, manipulation. ..which are unimaginable – with today’s primitive, manufactory, pseudo-automatic level of production/technology.

As it happened in the civilizational evolution, the massive of environmental reconstruction, this further massive automation of transformations must be continued, this production, industrial and technological revolutions at ever higher, deeper structural levels at a geometric rate, if we do not want to stop at 100 years of dogmas of inability of intensive, active (not passive) cellular or quantum engineering.

We have to artificially improve life and our living space – the generic automatic acceleration of generating conditions of natural and natural properties because nature – as already mentioned – we are not the only center that only wants us best. For the sake of wider general very different natural processes in the macro space and microcosm systems, we are unfortunately less than a worm to eat. We have to work on our positions, fight in the game of infinity of system interests in the broad-understood life, in the infinity jungle of space.

The common alchemy is a step towards our restructuring of the evolution of the cosmos in us and beyond, but mass engineering of the automation of environmental restructuring, give more opportunities for tunning this/our cosmos, more according to our intentions, as it has always been in the history of civilization development in the nature that anyway is a huge machine that is naturally “automatic” and not manufactory.

We have reached next a certain technological and natural barrier, a barrier of structural abyss of e.g. energy of the classical mass, physical matter, biological – as it was always considered impossible to navigate, but the production theory of industrial/technological parks of this “de/re/materialization” of the environment is these barriers are to be eliminated in the mass production issue engineering of relations between, among others, energy masses, biological and physical processes control, etc.

The progress of civilization was based on the production – mass – reduction of the consumption of own energy in achieving such or other reconstructive, re/creational purposes in our existence and development, or the life of homo sapiens.
To redesign or move in space and life .. to consume any matter/energy of another (as always historically) reworked for the transition to a higher level of existence and development, and then in the next stage further consumption even more at a higher level of effective quality … energy/matter (already less of this “bag of this E = mc2 mass”) .. to move, reconstruct ourselves into further and higher levels of civilization, our position in space.

Primitive technology entrusting –
– fear of further automation, … because we have to be closer to nature, it’s suicide, it’s a recession of yourself and … nature also, because this nature is a mostly automatic mechanism, massive progressive/regressive… depending on what systems/=civilizations fight for its engineering automatic power position, but not primitive manually manufactory positions in this very brutal game of cosmic systems, nature (eg cancer … mortality).
Nature is very brutal, and our defended primitive technological status quo … is like a tank in a meadow full of deers, etc.
Only an automatic massive technological chase gives us (our civilization) a chance to not be torn apart by nature, to not destroy at the same time more and more deeply structurally specific balance with nature according to multilevel aspects previously marked – additional yet to come.


to be continued… for breeding own building blocks, bricks for modeling new structures/processes of life and space.

Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 2.b.Artificial acceleration of generating conditions for natural and over natural properties.

Further sketches, notes, suggestions on potentials and mechanisms on the path of more effective co-creation of nature in us and beyond.

To want to change themselves and their environment, only the activity itself, even (dispersed and deprived of faith) intellectual activity may not help in breaking down barriers, achieving goals, winning in this infinite environment of competition of natural systems.
We must have improved tools and organizations to get out of the position of the laboratory, alchemic, and fatalistic manufactory.
And enter the mass multi-level market of natural systems in the form of a market, mass, hyper-mega production, hyper application competition … not to so repeatedly saying that maybe in any generation or never achieve something… in any way whatsoever over leading the nature or at least partnership co-work with nature evolution – but a bird… rocket effectiveness “competition”.

Each action changes the environment its direction, speed, properties, depth, but the degree of this directionality, depth, speed, change property depends on the quality, constructiveness, massiveness of the given action, which is to contribute to the more efficient re-creation of the potential for transparency (energy / constructive) of our intentions, plans for a really strong strengthening of actions in a given direction of us interesting transformations on a scale more than laboratory, unitary, point, or linear but geometric process of …production… environment of geometric progression model of changes/barriers/opportunities in nature.

The proposed/forced new industrial, real bold hyper (AI)automation/self-replicating revolution give our chance to achieve some goals quicker than in billion years or never.

Acceleration of evolutionary processes, which are vital for our side, that is, directing the construction of processes, their energy on completed processes (for now) of remote control, programmed, AI automation.

The deeper structural calculations, structural changes of a given process matter, structures, the higher the probability of a better result of calculations and the result of changes in the same … matter – previously known/calculated – the effectiveness of observation, reconstruction, improvement of natural and non-natural processes.

Any change …, the proposition, the point of view is not accidental and not final, only we do not know the deeper, further infinite factors influenced by the innumerable structures of the energy-processes of infinitive natural systems.

So here I speak about higher, deeper levels of descriptions, perceptions, (re)constructions of any known process structure- “apparently untouchable”-, if we want to speak about any (bypass) changes about the processes.

Similar restructuring processes concern, among others, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, etc.
Restructuring is done from “above”, i.e. from previously prepared structures with a higher, artificial level of structuring brought about by very massive automatic “crystallization” of the 3d environment using automatic models on new structures and for new materials, more precise to achieve more direct goals (like eg rocket to the bird or like that’s how “new it” could(replace) be to the photon, etc…), more direct very speedy and massively processing and replacement of the systems of biological processes, as it would be with a higher level of service, perception, more mass-structured approach to energy/structure Emc2 … with never final equality, due to the time non-compliance of discovering the reconstruction of infinite processes of mass and energy and their structure in different times, levels of operation and use.

As you will be in harmony with nature … more precisely co-ordinated
you will survive in its norm but not entirely because only at a given level of evolution, including wider levels and structures of the entire infinite environment/competitive environments of nature.

There are two tendencies here that cross … are contradictory
For our part, the reconstruction of nature for our being and our tendency, for a better existence, can be helpful or distractful but not because of rejection it or not, but more because we will do not coordinate properly with the maximum number of levels, tendencies, factors directing the processes in the environment closer and closer to our needs – effect of connected vessels.

This is the realization of the new philosophy of production, that is, achieving its goals from the higher level of restructuring of automation, mass transformations for a more gentle and at the same time effective merging for the environment in which we live at a given level.
So the production can always at an even higher level than our current technological production level of functioning of being but on healthy ecological/economic, logical, safer, better and potentially better conditions.

So this is not the rejection of…eg  E = mc2, but it is a deeper active dynamic multi-level interpretation of the energy and material structures of Emc2, like any other evolutionary natural processes, our production and civilization also.
Not that if you can not see something or that it is not reachable at a given moment, it is unachievable – In general there are no rigid structures (energy) / processes, unimaginable barriers … This is the rejection of specific descriptions of energy processes taken literally, manually, linearly, pointwise in observation or interaction processes.
Rejection of a shallow interpretation of the mass of a given matter, process structures … anything in nature in an energetic or different way.

It’s about the mechanism reaching for the deeper and deeper reconstruction of the processes of natural material structures – cell, gene, molecule, atom, quantum, a photon, etc.
Not treating processes of natural structures as final but material for further processing, causing reconstruction of closer internal and distant environment, avoiding barriers, exacerbating the course, not dispersing the energy direction for a given process, natural material … that is, the car…against horse in a deeper interpretation and relationships by natural, physical, biological processes …

The process of (hyper) industrial revolution is the possibility of mass restructuring of materials, that is also the possibility of more precise control of natural processes, or more above/beside natural processes to achieve own goals according to the local material and process construction purpose.

Massiveness – and greater automation in the tendency – over natural processes give greater potential for the controllability of natural processes at a given level, that would unattainable for not sufficient massive today’s civilizational/productional restructuring processes.
Automation has to be not only capable, self-replicate, but create a new construction automatically for the construction of next automatic constructions according to geometric progress according to (AI)program orders on a big scale, and this is the next generation automation that allows to reach transformation, skip over barriers, natural structures current limitations

Further multi-level automatic repeatedly geometrical progression, very deep artificial structuring, natural restructuring, perception of energy structures/processes of matter/mass allowing for moving boundaries, that generate speed barriers and other physical, chemical, biological properties, etc.
So maybe the given energy is different from the given “improved” mass -and vice versa -(that is a mass/matter is not just the bag of electronic stones)- with the additional structural factors of E=m…c2…efgh. Just as the atom is further divided, so also the quantum structures,…biologically structures and their energy-structural/process properties as well.

So we can reach the transformations we expect, using our own generations of creation, and more precisely automatic, many times evolving generations of structures that are to reach or overcome on a given level of structures, natural processes that would not be achievable today from the level of technology production in the most manual of today.

to be continued with the drafts for life and space…re/creation.

Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 2.a.THE GREATER MULTIPLIED ACTIVITY ON ANY FIELD OF RECONSTRUCTION, THE LARGER OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE OVER THIS FIELD.

Tuning the direction of the restructuring any physical, biological…political, economic processes
Like each vote in any elections is decisive for taking directions of public/politic development, any action is like tuning/reconstructing re/creating the direction of development. Each vote/action affects the precision of this process. But sometimes the tools of this tuning are not quite perfect, but it does not mean we should avoid because of each further our vote /action – according to our desire- changes/improves the system and also tools of the tunning.

It’s about realizing this process.
Not a passive but activating evolution on our part which will allow us to become more involved in this process, not be in a stagnant/receding position or just a fertilizer of globally / cosmic evolution and this will further allow our intended human aspirations, actions in the field medicine or cosmonautics, etc.

Massiveness, automation is an extension of the organization/restructuring of the work plan of this process, so important for the multiplication of goals/effects of our activities in all areas of interest to us in the surrounding massive evolutionary processes.

It is also and above all about the deepest possible incorporation into the environment structure in us and beyond so that the structures/processes can be more efficiently influenced by the tendencies than other competing systems … natural ones that devour each other.
And in order not to be so evolutionary kill (civilizational and literally also), you need to create as if your own environment, platform, track to better find yourself in surrounding environments/structures, which would give safer, more effective conditions for our further existence, functioning, and action.

Above all, it is about mass conversion continuously tuned as fast as possible in competition with other systems (mostly quite powerful and more or less invisible..cancer, radiation, etc unknown as well) of evolution.

This restructuring, the creation of new structures is a kind of quantum mechanics going maybe not so much to learn about, but more to create the deepest (at start models of) processes and energy structures … a cold fusion.
It is about action, activity. The greater the activity, the greater the chance of knowing, learning and taking over the mechanisms unknown so far, not possible at a given further deep level of structurization, the directions of observation, restructuring perception, restructuring.



And so it means creating such accelerators, industrial parks for producing more and more efficient ones
structures of specific Lego blocks to an increasingly more structural, more precise, more effective deeper, more constructive intervention in the garden of our living and development space.

Particularly affecting the “serial”, structural (for us) defects
biological and other mass process phenomena/tendencies/ evolutions that we would like to improve, which can not be solved with the help of contemporary manufactory and production alchemy, more or less bandwidth / automatic

We can do these …cold structural fusions all over the earth, but because of the enormous pace of acceleration better… beyond, on other objects to overcome these mass mega restructuring processes.

But how to start this process of mass restructuring or at least modeling?
But first, at all take it easy.
One can start with models, or … toys, gadgets as it was and is with drones.
In this case, at the beginning of this fun just flying (AI … autonomous) blocks of lego robots drones, not only filming, transporting, but also all other robotic functions of the operation of laying down new structures, repairing, also programmed building own bases for construction, repair these drones, bricks of new structures, but more according to our intentions. A new generation of drones that would remind flying 3D printers in conjunction with robotics aiming at … reducing towards the size … cells, atoms … for greater, deeper controlled interference in structures and properties that interest us.

These numerous personal (and other) satellites drones/guardian angels  of mobile phones are supposed to be such first toys/models/bricks to start this very complicated – but automatic – process work of programmed deep restructuration/re-creation. free market digest this suggestion of gadgets/structures transformation… but also in the perspective, it is about climatic, biological, cosmic, physical and molecular engineering with the help of these reducing itself micro bricks, Lego flying blocks toys and models, etc.

They will be the successor of 3d printers for direct, single or group creation from themselves or other materials and structures, new structures, in the express domino process, and these new structures for the construction of next-generation structures. Because of it, it is no longer primitive manufacture, but absolute automation of all processes outside of us, our planet, as well as in us, on ever deeper levels of biological, physical particles/energy (elementary) processes/structures.

to be continued with drafts of … the reconstructive theory of everything


Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.c.Multifunctional application manipulation by mobile telephones-drones for dynamic modeling natural structures/processes.

Any change affects reevaluation, reconstruction of any systems in nature – it is about more effective, real automation of eg exploration, the conquest of cosmos.
What is done until today is like sending someone on an inflatable mattress to the other side of the sea and combining it somehow.
Embarrassment in arrogant treatment, processing, training in the development of production potential, and at the same time the risk of people on these mattresses rockets.
It is also a loss of potential as if consuming, overeating the potential for development, losing resources for these consumer circuses of the primitive space manufacture, instead of investing in automation of …automation in space as well, which would be the basis for more effective investment and cosmic and other development. Ok, Ok. Of course, the circus also is sometimes ok. Maybe I offer/prepare even more spectacular circus.

I think of different evolutionary soups of evolutionary restructuring, engineering of nature (energy) structures in this case, largely from autonomous teams of three-dimensional spatial drones, gravitational robots  systems supported on the mobile phone giant system application – in this application with very advanced self-replicating AI systems …but this time not so terrestrial flat structures of two-dimensional models.
Previously, computer models can be very useful for designing, defining frameworks and directions of the development … for the production of various kinds of evolutionary soups= that means restructured resources, i.e. background, a transformed natural environment to increase the level of co-creation of life and space with greater progress and our greater participation in the processes of evolution, creation of this micro/macro space garden, taking more into account the aspirations of our life, our environment.

Multifunctional application manipulation with/by mobile telephones-drones systems for massive, dynamic modeling mapping, but also rebuilding natural structures/processes.

Increasingly smaller drones/robots and not just movement functions, but also evolution as robots, self-replicating, flying, repairing, reducing, creating their own factories improving their functions also within us, tracking, perceiving, analyzing, observing. Such flying drones – more or less autonomous robots, regenerating, merging like Lego bricks into a larger robotic system, which will also form this system of robots miniature system, on an automatic scale, minimizing and that aim at material engineering at the level of particles becoming more and more microscopic, allowing for more remote material engineering at the biological, molecular, cellular, chemical level … That is the possibility of mobile cellular engineering, building a parallel service technician to fight cancer, improve health, protect it, repair it …immediately after a shot, or break, heart attack…or avoid it.

Telephone mobile systems of individual and mass robots drones = guardian angels = … operations, applications … for hammering into our body-laparoscopy, repairing, improving by mass application … not only repair, warn, suggest … but above all, it does … with opportunities literally operating, intervening … eg airbags, but also … radioactive, unnoticeable, generating radiation that is of interest to us or protecting us against undesirable radiation, creating specific neutralizing shields,
The same with process energy structures that affect us, but we can similarly generate new radiation, structures (energy) to defend against negative ones, but also new ones, including radiation that can positively stimulate, affect our existence and our directions development, and this with the help of these multi-purpose giant systems of mobile drone drones, which would reflect if you want to rebuild, improve the structure of the natural environment in us and beyond.

This innovation, ideas, information system, application system that is this oil, the processing of infinite resources of energy systems/structures (because this is the way to treat any transformation – the property of structures), is
like oil, energy, and more specifically sailing in the infinite ocean of energy potential of process structures (sometimes contradictory), and further reaching values ​​at a given level according to this sailing information/ideas, that is, directing energy structures of natural processes in us and beyond … their acceleration, directionality, or the specific quality of this sailing … autonomous and remote controlled tele robot teams of the multifunctional robot-drones.

The level of effectiveness of knowledge of perception, exploitation of resources, potential for development, will never be finished. The need to further develop massive, automated, accelerated, attempts and efforts to improve the restructuring, that is, use, exploitation of sources, systems, processes of nature and the improvement of current human technologies.
The mobile drones applications system will another dimension/vision step forward for real our evolution/creation.

It is like in a monopoly or chess game, where the super autonomous automatic computer system itself will determine in some measure the operation strategy, restructuring the chosen environment, it will win by itself the data of potential natural production of goals in this hyper-natural transformation economy and hypernatural investments (a specific cold structural/atomic fusion of structures from the inside), with the help of new hands, which will be these mutating robot drone systems.


This technological, mega-production pursuit will be continued with the whole impetus also due to the abuses of the so-called free market and the continuing very primitive level of the modern economy. Although I will use the market competition for telephone applications.

These drones of mobile phone satellites, mobile application systems are like the third, fourth, and third … millionth hand, which can also be working on far distances … cosmic … rented in probes on the planets, .. for example, take some sand from Mars.
So visible/invisible hand of the new free market of hyper-services

These personal satellite drones can be hundreds … millions
for one person, to support life functions and other structural, acceleration functions. Functioning as the immune system, informational synapses support to the deepest possible levels, structures of life and matter/energy.

So, your future is in your phone’s range – Space and life potential development by your infinite mobile potential.

Application competition gives a proper quick, forced start of this direction of acceleration of this whole undertaking of restructuring, re-creation of interesting environments in us (our bodies, cells, atoms, etc.) and beyond.
This huge amount of these personal satellite drones in the process of miniaturization will resemble a substitute atom … electron clouds around the atomic nucleus, automatic souls, almost invisible servicing system, supporting our biological and other needs.

Such guard angel satellites will also be introduced at the level of planets, stars, city system, that is also their administrative authorities, production companies and other, scientific stations – not only individual application), as well as cars, every human, … animal and other elements of the matter we are interested in, production plants, cosmic statics, each human organ separately … gene also …

These drones will have the main application and parts bases, with the initiative from/to bases according to demand, experience with these drones/robotics workers.

These mobile drones revolution will have a positive impact in the entire economy and science, including cosmonautics, medicine and the creation of hyper models of precursors of new life and matter/energy.

This competition, this market of application programs, is a kind of marketization of automation of mobile engineering restructuring in us and outside.

to be continued with the draft proposals of/for the future/present.


Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.b. Mobile telephones with their multi-functional drones satellites of the size of a fly.

Our own work out contribution (innovation) to the outside and the inside of us, natural trends, evolutionary, creative, influences how much we will have a well-deserved benefit in the form of eg a longer healthier life, less vulnerable to negative factors of life, our more subjective ( less objective) position in macro and micro space.

Throughout the whole undertaking in the struggle for our vital opportunities and positions in the (micro/macro) cosmos, it is all about this massive
very accelerated production, or practically evolutionary transformations of micro/macro structures, this mega production is the key to mass transformations, our contribution, export into nature, i.e. a better balance with nature, and hence significant benefits in our development … achieves these abyss far structures that they seem to be unmanageable today.

This production for production is investment or the engine of the economy.
Here total (practically autonomous economically and automatically)automation is supported for the production of the next self-replicating components … self-applying.
So practically 100 percent of these automatic investments are for the next generation of production automation, from which practically the next 100 percent of these investments go to the next higher levels of automation for better performance transformations, and so on until they reach the levels of structures we are interested in transforming into us and outside.

Of course, the so-called ordinary market of economic consumption may use the current achievements of these investments to make any immediate initial improvements to the restructuring of life, which may be useful despite further refinements of this mega production for production to achieve more and more effective, sometimes even greater impact on the structure of life and space that has not been sufficiently implemented.

This new mega-industrial production hyper-industrial revolution of new generation and dimension is to open the door of potential for a new world of dimensions, new ones not even attainable in the imaginations of levels of space and life.

It is about developing tools … realizing this mechanism of catching up and transforming the systems of nature, so needed for our further existence and development.
Hyper revolution of mega industrial autonomous automatic industrial parks to catch up with “distant” structures of trends, structures of evolution processes, their targeting, management, joint / decision-making, better consideration of their processes and properties to achieve value through these dominant natural trends, which are independent so far from us, of course, at a given level in the abyss of infinity level of process/energy structures.

Only hyperproductive technologies are the only effective way to partner with nature. With contemporary manufactory technology and production, we can just continue to develop theories of unimaginable barriers.

It is about peculiar pursuit, chasing the barriers of light(energy/process structures), barriers to life, as it was from the sound barrier, where even the most capable innovative level of wooden and iron manufactures could not suffice for these effects, but the entire group of massive achievements of the industrial revolution, , and here we have new industrial revolution for next-generation productive civilizational leap, this time more than speed of light performance, which with modern production, perception and thinking technology have no chance, and then we do not actually go beyond the barrier of, for example, energy Emc2, a specific hypercosmic speed.

Three factors influence the actions of this hyper-industrial revolution.
– Speed of introduction of this mega production and its effects.
– Parallel to the normal economy, ecology, plus supporting it.
– Leading this mega-production (…self-developing) investments to distant quantum molecular structures for more effective manipulation of nature.
For today, for example, one can try with the massiveness of production, self-production of 3D solar models, self-replicating drone teams, mobile robot telephones that could improve their environment, and their individual and team structures, thanks to constant improvement, self-improvement … themselves.

These drones robots phones would initially consist of the main phone and his team of eg solar drones of robots the size of a fly, spider, working according to ever newer applications. Such a kind of multi guardian angel for protection, operations(laparoscopy literally too!), etc.
The production, repair and improvement databases of these telephones and their satellites would serve the automatic service of these telephones and their satellites as well as the constant application improvement of their services.

So like transformers figures further expansion and development individually and totally for the whole environment engineering/gardening.

Of course, any device supported by artificial intelligence does not guarantee 100 percent help just like any stick. This does not mean that we can not use it in one way or another experimental measure, without trial or error, we would be further in a jungle escaping from just a boar.

The enormous momentum of the production of her hyper-automatism will force and at the same time enable the production to expand on the Moon, Mercury, etc to start with her own materials, sources, and later their will already find a source on these objects.

Here, automatic multi-trillion economic growth will mean that ordinary economics, the policy of short fiscal tax dues of financial costs, will go aside, and more will have the principle of selective economy, that is managing the levels directions, the potential for existential development. The same phenomenon will dig up eg in physics – not becoming so dependent on environmental conditions, but more transforming them, directing, trending, evolving, overtaking them.

What does it mean?
Endless work for chasing one’s tail of these infinities of process structures? No! Even the work of trillions of people working 30 hours a day would not be enough. Only the automated Al mega production of the hyper-industrial hyper-evolution is able to reach these values, which, like the flight to the moon, were unthinkable a thousand years ago. So opposite, one could get more of own life both figurately and literally.

to be continued…with the far futuristic or contemporary already suggestion of even deeper impact of our planetary… cosmic, life engineering…but it depends on our decision.

Mass participation in the co-creation of physical and biological processes of space and life. 1.a. Auto(re)production of structures that will allow for more effective cooperation with nature. First suggestions/impressions.

We already know that our strategic goals -economic/logic&moral sense and law- are active/non-passive development of our (working out)position in nature.
It is time for bold proposals of unconventional, unconditional hyper-advanced undertakings, literally and figuratively, deeply interfering in processes, trends, evolutions, creations of surrounding so-called natural systems from inside and outside.

This is no longer the position of the “free” feathers of a bird in the wind, although this wind will also be used in acquiring the energy to sail in the directions of our intentions.
We, therefore, shall pay more attention to nature at a higher level of utility possibility, i.e. we do not adapt equally to the trend or background, but it is more about taking the natural factors into account in our actions, striving for better and more dignified life, not accidentally thrown, as by somebody has thrown stone in space.

With this activity, you can not and must not separate material structures from process, organizational, potential civilization in determining mutual relations, potentials, development opportunities.

If we get in our mega auto production, hyper-natural treatments to the level of precision and the number of photons, bosons, of some cells, etc, we can talk about engineering manipulation with photons of light, i.e. manipulation of equal speed of light and greater, of life-long of cell = of us.
In their mega production technologies specifying their activities to these levels within this specific engineering, innovative, creative export-import exchange with nature.

As in the application of rocket multi-module starter (because one big rocket was very inefficient) or other structures, which, like the multi-module rocket, will achieve natural and higher levels of the (mass) efficiency of this and other operation.
The reaching higher speeds without such a problem of mass and energy gain in multi-module rockets, the same or another innovation can be used when achieving any velocity by means of this and other innovations of the multi-missile/module systems…no longer quantum mechanics but advanced quantum engineering…if we will consequently continue work out (mega auto production technology) a way for achieving such level of structures and their re/co-production.

It is precisely this mega-production that is needed to compete with nature in the production of innumerable structures leading to properties that exceed the properties of natural process structures at levels that interest us.
Leading to such a technological level of gigantic auto(re)production of structures that will allow for more effective cooperation with nature trends, to achieve the level of structurality, processability, energy of nature more in line with our goals regarding quality and quality of life- further existence and development.

To achieve this (micro)cosmic abyss of borders of structures, processes, because of our infinitely potential and aspirations, one can say a new open university opens up, a gateway ( to heaven/space literally) to knowledge and, above all, action … to not only learn, but above all to master the abysses of systems of life and space , often to be ahead with technological level than the natural at a given level .. just as the rocket has overtaken the bird … in acquiring more space, but in this space of life … a higher space of existence and development than own position and existence justified by a poetical monkey – we are talking here already with a very advanced theory of hyper-evolution.

Multiple accelerations using super fast production and processing of sources and so exchangeable. It is a kind of acceleration, a steppingout of the industrial revolution one after another in a controlled automatic, autonomous momentum.

And this is what is specifically overtaking the nature of structures … before you get to know them.
Mega reproducing the environment, and in return, it further provides in the exchange of benefits for us for more efficient restructured units for the construction of energy processes to further process the improvement according to our quality needs and so on, and so interchangeably, progressively.

Overtaking nature like mapping a bird, and/but built own “bird” airplane parallel for not only achieving bird properties but further better and better properties for a needed level of our goals.

The Inca world did not have a wheel, and our world brought it …
We can also overtake this and another nature system (something export to the nature systems/systems) at an interesting us level and according to our working out potential growth.
By changing technological and mega production conditions for us, we create them for ourselves. And this is our technological and production potential as a better background under nature for its further creation, evolution, and in return, it gives/becomes a better foundation for our development and existence = export-import for us and our nature secure existence.


To be continued with… mega production/creation by of AI mobile drones for robotic multifunctional(applicating) guardian “angels” for everybody and more.

A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 5.c. Active participation in the direction of trends in nature, which will further contribute to our/nature strength in the “bargaining” position with nature.


The placebo effect is comparative, experimental, cyclothymic, that is mass “firing” the environment with changes, structural changes, its economy or exchange with nature, in order to artificially increase the distinction of changes, and further investigate what our interventional changes, cause some or other restructuring, directions of restructuring, obviously aiming at creating these massive changes, transformations and application, introducing gradually their own systematics of these reconstructions, these shells, for systematizing the direction of changes in the environment and further directional mass repetitive self-replicating, self-improving more and more precise in this material and chemical engineering, physical quantum mechanics, biological, reconstruction of production, technological and ecological investments.

Until now, we were more importers of nature’s debtors. It is time for conversion and taking over the initiative and a more active contribution to export, thereby improving the economic conditions of us as well as this nature – that is, to evolve, to create processes, structures with nature, for us and for nature at the same time. As always in any such exchange for the benefit of both parties, as the classical economy shows.

Frequently supported automation – sequencing, perception, and further (restructuring) investments – parallel with the use of a placebo effect of research and change in the time of active intervention into the structures of nature – using our own technologies and productions, but often modeled on natural developmental processes, evolutionary.

Artificially genetic, structural provocation of changes with simultaneous, observed, neutral placebo status, the greater the positive changes in a given direction, the more we develop investments in this direction, reinforcing the development of interest on the principle of feedback spur.
Of course, the so-called significant changes in abyss size of structures and processes, seemingly far-reaching or not achievable, will require a significant automatic massive investment of technological, production precision … such repetitive exercises and appropriate powerful bases, polygon models to conduct this type of experiments for investment total on a macro scale, and then more and more in a micromodel, more precise version.

That is, increasing the specific and literally accelerator of elemental particles – CERN – for discovering, but … and invoking, producing new structures that can be paralleled or faster produced, made than the discovery of these natural ones.
The same enhancement of passive and active (autonomy) applicability and robustness of robotic assemblies to induce structures that more and more effectively indicate advanced physical and biological structures, etc. for crossing at given levels of invented and developed properties not yet visible, impassable, unnoticeable, unobtainable.

This accelerator of economic benefits of exchange, cooperation of specific export, import with nature, to stimulate efficiency, its goal, will allow for further securing its position in life and space in surrounding us from the inside and outside of conflicting interests, evolution of trends, not always favorable for us that we can turn our interesting aspects into. Export to nature, ie participation in the direction of trends in transformations in nature in us and outside. Taking specific economic participation in the structured and process economy of nature, which will further contribute to our strength in the “bargaining” position with other systems, “impor- tive” environments that often affect the benefit of our own, closer environment and ourselves.

We create bigger opportunities for expanding the foundations of our further development … in relation to nature, as the widest cradle of development, from which we have already grown to a higher level as it should be, only we often lose this awareness of the process, i.e. we are not so consciously and effectively for moving forward in our position, not passivity in nature, and this because of the poorly distributed strategy and scattered potential ..
Of course, by increasing the standard of this incubation, indulge in the contemporary and further development, going further on heights of evolution, the creation of us and the cosmos more and more.

Then with such a surplus of export, i.e. our contribution, we can determine more decisively the directions and pace of economic development = coordination, exchange with nature … with evolution, with (re) creation of nature.

So far, I have presented the basics and chances of civilization, scientific, moral, economic contribution of humanity in the process of natural existence and development in us and beyond. As for the time of Christopher Columbus, where also
we brought our own civilizational structures to the world we discovered – for the reminder,  the new world was not as sacred as the ones who painted.
It is time to spending a bit more space to present more specific proposals of immense momentum of production and technology for co-natural development… e.g. Acceleration, multiplication, application, telemanipulation with mobile telephones – drones robots mega self-production(trillions of trillions… such 3D sub bricks of…new life and nature) for mass mapping, and for deeper and deeper (re)building structures/natural processes…and so finally (biologically, physically)properties as well.


to be continued

A generic strategy for total re-creation. Part 5.b. The bigger changes introduced in the environment according to our intentions, the greater the chance for directing, improving the properties of structures that interest us.

A reminder that the not so easy multi-issue articles are about the consciousness and potential of coexistence and development of us in multilevel structures of life and space.
It is a proposal to rebuild nature in us literally and externally, using self-replicating systems of autonomous industrial parks, which will develop in the direction of macro and microcosmic sizes. Such a more active contribution to the formation of life and space according to the potential of our system of values, interests, ideas, technologies with the inclusion of natural systems in cooperation (using their mechanisms and sources), but sometimes in competition – space is an infinite collection of natural, civilization systems less or more, by us consciously perceived or taken into account in the course of our existence and development.
So, we continue to learn and study, and …work out different tools – more or less on blunders, in the world of infinite interests and potentials, so that our existence and development would be more and more pleasant and harmonious.

We are still looking for, we improve the use of tools,
economic mechanisms mutually and naturally to solve business and natural existential and developmental stagnation.

A special enterprise is used and partly re-qualified for this undertaking … the special model of the economy is extra adequately presented because of the hyper (r)evolution undertaking – although economics and its mechanisms are as such one as mathematics.

Economics (selective) is aimed at maintaining a developmental, existential trend, which does not always have to be in line with evolutionary or creative trends of nature, management systems, competitive games of their evolution systems, competing with natural systems or … God … that more in relation to our own development goals, and not subordinate ourselves to other systems in this game of life and space.

It is about working out a natural (but exploiting the source potential and its mechanisms of functioning) system of achieving new, better, interesting us values, physical quantities, intentional values ​​according to the developed exploitation potential, and elaborating this potential.
The entire economy, its organization is focused on this production, technological and operational trend.
This economy is not only at the modern classical economic level, but making a business plan for direct manipulation of sources, a system of technological potential development, autonomous, automatic, working in parallel according to algorithms developed, technological and evolutionary trends according to specific goals, sometimes graded first strategic or direct in nature.

It is about evolutionary trends, our contribution to this natural mass replication self-management multi-mechanism of evolution, at the same time using the benefits of mechanisms based on these competitive, sometimes contradictory or compatible natural systems and … other civilizations at many levels of the structure of mechanisms etc. noticed through us or not.

Growing in … in yourself (as if next to you)?
Such exporters, importers of artificial autonomous structures
By flipping the production of autonomous hyper complexes outside in our own bodies (… mobile applications of micro complexes) or beyond, without risking not charging our own environment inside and outside … planet Earth … but on the Moon, Mercury, Mars or maybe Earths desert areas, etc.

What do you need to do to jump, often lower costs (due to risk, time-consuming, etc.)?
Answer – application of economic mechanisms in this natural hyper revolution) export, import of natural sources of potential and tools, innovation, reorganization, negotiation, cooperation, other sources, production savings … human resources or automation … to produce trillions micro / macro robots.
External workforce- Artificial bacteria robotization and “normally” very massive domino effect robotization. Telecommunication.
The purposefulness of the plan’s strategy. Marketing or what is happening on the market of sources, processes, structures, processing costs, restructuring, etc.

The bigger this kind of export, the import of potential interests of us and nature, the better – it would be good to use it -the greater chances for the changes introduced in the environment according to our intentions, the greater the chance for directing, improving the properties of structures that interest us according to our needs, in which these changes were made or according to the environment of changes other than those we are going to.
Of course, at the same time, it is necessary to control these interventions so that the whole power of our enterprise does not go as whole vapor through just a whistle.

This export of natural and artificial structures are changes that adequately take into account the external mechanisms needed for this exchange of their mechanisms, technological innovation tips, ideas from this mechanism import by nature and export of our improvements, … for more efficient management of natural processes.
Building breeding of new artificial genetic worlds
Evolutionary … how to use fields with special products for boosting growth .. specific production and technology parks … interesting to us and us.
Micro biorobots controlled by telephone applications according to individual needs, as according to autonomous systems, potentials that continue as robots will also behave like phones, to which you can enter new applications at a distance …

to be continued with the brainstorm suggestions and of course with explanations of the open to further developing of the ideas and thesis.