The mechanism of functioning of selective economics as a hyper evolutionary arrangement of economic relations as well as trends in nature at ever-deeper levels. Part 3.a.

The goal of selective economics is to increase perseverance/efficiency, resistance to material, structural, process expansion in co-creation, creation of new structures – neutral or hyper evolutionary enterprises in the surrounding environment in increasingly deeper and further, smaller and larger natural structures, processes, and generated, produced through human civilization as well.

Increasing the efficiency of processes, structures – not only generic, but simply energetically reconstructive, neo-constructional-astrophysical astrobiological building blocks – i.e. fundamental in all known areas of physical, biological structures of life and matter (mass/energy, as well as deeper / further areas of exploitation and reconstruction of processes) ), is like constantly improving a vaccine against permanently mutating viruses … systems, also aiming to overtake them in their expansion, their (neo) creation and development.

So not only of course defense but also activating, generating our own restructuring initiatives, regenerating our own development environment, processes, and structures at increasingly developed programming, control and automation levels in equally automated natural evolutionary trends of living matter and “dead” matter …
the same concerns the development … of the evolutionary – economic selective – control of processes of contemporary trends in the free market economy, according to the given level of organization and awareness, and the level of application of hyper evolutionary production technology, i.e. raising the level of the post-industrial park, and so further raising the level of human life and thinking from vegetative and vanity state…of free market.
We are speaking here about two sorts of vanity – vanity of the vegetative state of living just by evolutionary trends…by evolutionary(ecologically)blind free market, and vanity supported by selective economy, means creational vanity, freedom vanity for further inspirations for directing trends of-for artificially (hyper)evolution by selective economics.

By the way, never forget that ecologic negligence was/is nothing to do with the thoughtful strategy of the hyper evolutionary competition by the selective economy.

Selective economy makes the skeleton genome more specific to the environment and the free market, for better reconstruction of it from the entire economy with natural and non-natural resources – which, however, despite all these evolutionary hyper mixed with vanity, and at random hit depending on the fate of internal/external trends – mechanisms that, however, can be modified to improve, that is, safer, more efficient existence and development on our part.
Selective economics is for extracting from the vegetative state.
The strategy of autonomous (bred) automatic raising the level of manipulation and hyperproduction structures in the evolutionary environment of matter and life.

Selective economics is generally, its mechanism of action can be compared with a space explosion auto(matic) race or a viral epidemic auto(matic) race that we shall take a more and more active part but only automatically to have any chances to survive and further existence and sustainable but not submissive development.
It is a chase (and not digging in with temporary achievements) with further depths, levels of process manipulation, nature structures such as e = mc2, such as the supersonic construction effects of a man and his production park – selective hyper evolutionary animate and inanimate matter (e.g. use antibiotics) – constructing into structures increasingly deeper and faster like viruses … race against viruses and other micro and macro systems of the cosmos here on earth and beyond…- not only viruses but also of deeper and deeper (manipulations) physically and biologically generally trends of life and micro-macro cosmos.

Economical breaking of old structures, creation of structurally new ones, further automatic internal specifications, and reproductions of … physical, biological processes … their economics (application of selective economics directly in natural, evolutionary processes), this economics of specification and specialization in further processes of embracing, capturing structures space, mass – its further specification … energy. light, earth, existential barriers, or rather the potential of life, the world, the sky/heaven, the cosmos and … god.

Selective economics includes ordinary economics, which today is not aware – or unwilling to be aware of the evolutionary role, although this vanity, purposeful or pointless of anty selective economics also has a color function and is important in the process … of the evolution race treadmill, giving direction to our desires and here the vanity is not always obsessed with directly accounting for the pure accounting of the cosmic trend of structure processing…most important the vanity shall be independent from vegetative status by evolutionary submissions to free market that is ambivalent generally to evolutionary (ecologically as well) tendencies…because of still very primitive technology and production, that not allow to stand up from knee, to really free hands/=automation to be more freely for moving between levels , layers of nature and its evolutionary tendencies.

to be continued



Selective economics is an artificial acceleration in selected directions to takeover deeper and more massive natural processes. Part 2 d.

Inclusion of an economic (selective) factor, i.e. artificial tuning of activation, reconstruction for additional systematic improvement of descriptions for learning about processes, for less passive but more initiating processing with structures/processes of nature.
Further massive specification, selection through further artificial mass creation, evolution at the mega-production level, hyper evolutionary (re/neo)construction of process structures of matter, and this way investigation into deeper layers of structures/processes (deeper than mass/energy ratios) and the like.
More aware, more systematic than with ordinary (contemporary) evolutionary passive
vegetative/vanity economics/civilization, launching these processes/structures on the ones we are interested in and establishing directions and levels for reconstruction or neo-creation, creation of ever more precise structures/tools of joint-rights of nature and creation, co-creation, co-operation, co-operation, creation of nature’s proprietorship natures that are literally and figuratively lively/existentially and humanly/civilisational interesting for us.

Reaching, embracing deeper and deeper, further and farther to the bring between heaven and earth, to the edge of the material matter of the building/structuring physical and biological genome of matter and life in fundamental global/cosmic structures in an increasingly precise, massive, systematic dimension.
It is more about a self-driving, programmed, directed development of a tool apparatus for further specification of deeper matter to components, from which it will be even more precise and mass production of tools for deeper manipulations at the level of hyper evolutionary, mega-productive in ever-faster speed.

A further essential essence of this hyper evolutionary strategy is the systematic permanent automatic and directed improvement of construction, building systems capable of duplicating the next in a better version and so on at the program, autonomous level, i.e. self-robotization and miniaturization and telecommunications.

Selective economics is the economics for exiting the vegetative, anarchic consumption state in production and (just curiosity “alchemy” or vanity consumption )science, for moving to further levels, barriers when using over-linear technologies in geometric progress, but only automation is able to support this process of exiting from the level of vegetation to the real level compared to processes/mutations/evolution of so-called natural transformations, i.e. other natural systems at the micro and macrocosmic level … i.e. only active intensive economics – production – evolutionary processes (including ecological) gives the chance not the illusionary chances of real development compared with other systems, processes of nature, among others … many retroviruses already completely resistant to any vaccines.
Selective economics, first and foremost, defining our place of role and strategy of action, life, survival, and progressive development, not only in vain curiosity and just play/game structuring/assembling, but at an increasingly higher level building awareness of co-creation, shared responsibility, and a deal in nature with nature.

Economics of mastering the technology of hyper astrophysical and astrobiological evolutionary fission, reaching structures deeper than the current Cern level, and not at the level of ordinary observations, but at the level of production, manipulation, calling, tightening the control circle, rebuilding, reprogramming, regenerating structures, creating new components, more durable, more energetic briquettes, furnaces, hyper atomic power plants … Controlling the efficiency, speed of process structures, which today would be called time control, with simultaneous maintainer stages essential for our existence and civilization development, i.e. partnership development in relation to other systems of living or living to nature other … civilizations in macro and micro versions.

Just this economics is an organization of masonry, production, and folding of prefabricated-production such as blocks, bricks for play and selection, draining deeper energetic decks of life and matter/energy, but … also this on other side vanity civilization/economics also partly makes sense, but only with a conscious evolutionary attitude, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, selective economics, -will be very important and useful in further artistic constructional inspiration … because selective economics is a further developing art, art on a global, cosmic level, in this case on the part of man as a full member of the planet earth as well as all space and … all infinite time… in life aa well with further consequences.

The role of selective economics is taking over more and more strategic responsibility of the ever deeper areas of life, matter, energy.

Selective economics is an artificial acceleration in selected directions through the selective production takeover of deeper and more massive natural processes for raising the existential level as well as higher aspirations that feedback influences ingenuity of using the selective evolution bricks assembling, generating, supporting, developing.

These raising the existential level, leaving the vegetative state changes the face of the entire economy, other strategies and even thinking about security, ingenuity, and creativity.

to be continued


Selective economics. 2.c. Taking part in responsibility/burden and rights from nature/gods of control and decision apparatus define meaning the economics.

Taking part in responsibility/burden and rights from nature/gods of control and decision apparatus define meaning the economics of life and matter- towards more aware selection for place and way for us and the entire environment.

Selective economics is the background economy, i.e. the management of mechanisms, the genome of nature, it is constructing, breeding the foundations, possibly powerful generics, self-developing foundations autonomously programmatically for further life literally and figuratively .. in this ordinary economy as well.

As selective economics, there is an absolute basis for development, where there is room for so-called economics of vanity – free play, fun, but completely determined, protected by the background economy of this game, on which the so-called vanity economics can also have an impact on determining the speed of transformation, freedom, depth of determination, selective economization as a tool park for further free theater economy, vigorous on the stage, yet they are the absolute foundation of the sense of this selective economics of the tool just for life and freedom of life.
It acts as conscious and autonomous parts of the human body in one multiplier affecting each other.
This selective economic precursor of tool production as absolute, as not only a natural determinant shaping the generic foundations of the standard of living of existence and any matter and all their properties and relations …
It is like touching heaven, direct conscious engineering of our destiny. Increasingly tool-like, automatic for reaching the shaping of ever deeper structures of factors affecting the properties of matter, energy, life, considered too distant or impossible, where one could only affect something symptomatically … on “unchanging” natural relations.

Artificially propelling, correcting, specifying, co-generating on a large scale generic biological and physical structures.
Improving tool park development for new Einstein, new E = mc2, … Ed = mc2d … d means extra generic tool, extra generic factor.
This more precise definition of the separation of vanity economics, selective economics, as in science, will allow for more effective development, using the mechanism of processing astrophysical and “astrobiology” background.

The creation of these parks driving artificial generation, co-generation of micro-macro space, which will continue to drive the next more efficient, precise, more powerful and numerous parks / bases, thanks to the increasingly expanded, among others autonomous equipment … because this is the nature of human development, civilization historical background layering of tools in contact with nature.
These parks are supposed to be a component of the background, artificial background, hyper evolution of the micro-macro of the cosmos of life and matter structures and new structures of matter for the possibility of joint and responsible improvement in the protection of life development, co-naturalization of life, neo creation, re / creation, creation, hyper evolution = mega-production = mega gardening background for a generic life and all the rest.

Co-creating the scene (nature) of life that we have an impact on and it interferes with each other, this life inspires the directions of the stage development, on which depends how we dance, existence, survival, enjoy life and development … Shared responsibility and joint right to this background, not as incapacitated …

Selective economics is like removing the husk from the grain
The essence of the mechanism of separating vanity from selective economics will help in more efficient tooling of apparatus in directing projects in the percentage share of ordinary and selective economics, the most recent autonomous automatic … if it makes any sense in competition with the natural generic background.
So not the investments of the rocket to the moon or a given vaccine, but the investments of the background of the tool park, the generating apparatus, the apparatus as the background raising the level of the generation of autonomous technologies and production of this rocket – or rather a billion rockets or vaccines – but rather towards the engineering of mass reconstruction generic background. Earlier, by employing, for example, telecommunications for massive telemetry preparation for controlling production, massive, autonomous climate, geological processes on earth, … the moon, the mars…, etc.

Generating backgrounds, parks for more and more precise tools will give even more multiplier, more efficiently work of current einstainów.

Responsibility as a measure of adulthood
Not old age or youth … longevity in itself. It’s more about creativity
Adults mean responsible for creating the background at an increasingly deeper, more precise level.
But youth is sincere creativity and creative faith in co-creation need to be deserved all the time – as long as you work together responsibly, learn how to generate nature so much you will have the chance to remain in this youth … live building decks for eternal positioning if you do not want to die … like a worm … you do not earn a better life with your lazy sluggishness, beggar prayer or swearing on nature or god – they do not defend or justify voluntary incapacitation from their responsibility and … lack. . the right attitude … because of your attitude, you have to constantly strive for positions, work, co-host for the garden = the background on which one is determined to live.
Selective economics, this youthful faith in creating further foundations of life, pushes the boundaries of impossibility, immutability, expectations, pushing further into unknown areas of impossibility, pushing the boundaries of faith … and further levels of preception, drawing assumptions, learning … just a science of neo creation and further development.

to be continued to the youth/adult (real/active-life) of nature engineering- selective economics.

Selective economics. 2.b. Definition/function of selective economics of/for new-generation platforms of life and matter re/creation, neo creation.

The role of selective economics is to improve the economic and production apparatus for generating components for increasing by the quality and quantity levels of evolution, re/creation, neo-creation in/for the public and private sectors.
Generating breeding, incubation of “horse / people” (robots) … mechanical, automatic, autonomous teams capable of self-development and servicing to raise the level of equipment, automate the process of taking control over ever-wider process decks and structures raising our position in the evolutionary race, neo-creative, whose stake is our life, its existence and development throughout the environment from within and from outside the micro-macro of the cosmos, the whole planet, I repeat the whole planet and the cosmos, literally and figuratively.

Selective economics is breaking the existential growth barriers, building the organization of the apparatus not for continuing scientific and production ventures, but breaking the forcing of scientific and evolutionary constants and impassable barriers, i.e. not the continuation of patterns but an attempt to “bribe” them to remake hyper economic, hyper re/production deal.

It is not stubborn putting coal into the furnace and its best possible calculations / “refueling” of emc2, but attempts at economically reconstructive, production-disregarding … economic barriers of a given level of growth, evolution beyond the current and potential level of cognition and activity. It is an artificial generic reconstruction of the fuel and the environment and its generic material, structural furnace components of the environment and … its entire environment.
As in formula racing, this is not the production of known cars, but an attempt to tune, generate better investment in better levels of operation generation … a substitute for a new generation of car services but on a massive scale.

Of course, we are talking about designated – often fluid-boundaries between the evolutionary race of hyper-production and ordinary production and science according to the so-called ordinary vanity development market in relation to the construction of the market hyper evolutionary, new creative complex.

Further mass technological / production … permanent generic transformation of technology and production of components on ever deeper decks and new keys … just like permanently viruses actively adapt to changing conditions or change them.
Selective economics is an automated manipulation that prepares the field for hyper accelerators of new generations of process components/structures able to take over the functions of those that we are currently unable to control or control due to their size, miniature, mass, speed …
This selective economics just serves to operate this complex, this corporation – you could say – “metallurgical / plasma”, operational, production, which neither modern economics nor science does not cover, and if it is really responsible, needs this additional platform support. It is about artificially accelerating the process of transformation of new matter spaces and organization of mechanization / very mass automation of further development of existential platforms.

Artificial driving/generating the background, industrial park for the existence and development of our surroundings and ourselves.
Operational, industrial, economic planetary, astrophysical, biological/astrobiological engineering for the next-generation component values physical, biological of new generations of dimensions.

That’s why this whole strategy of selective economics passing through its activities through science, economics … religion … faith and meaning in life.
It is about a new generating background, raising ever newer, deeper foundations for regeneration, creation, and neo-creation of today’s physical, biological, chemical values ​​considered beyond our current and potential level of science, imagination, production, and economy at the present moment.
The goal is not actual juggling with scientific and production potential, but building organizing artificial giant propelling platforms, incubators, accelerators for the production of meadow background breeding, farms of these new horsepower generating new generation levels according to the so-called “Belgian” method of canal bypassing obstacles according to the reconstruction system of connected vessels to surpass the surroundings, to subject evolution of matter and life here and beyond.

to be continued to build compounds of life and other things.- developing support the process as on our history of development, nature development but this time with our geometric pace and our ingenuity/economical engineering.

Selective economics. 2.a. Economization/coproduction/=hyper control of any processes and structures as a further contribution to our and our universe development of existence level.

A memory of the name of selective economics.
A certain anecdote related to the journey of a scholar who is well known to us here.
One very well-known scholar lost his ticket while driving to lectures, the conductor forgiving him, the scholar replied that the name of the station where he was supposed to drop off was more important in this ticket … i.e. not the actual cost of the ticket itself but the purpose for which the ticket was to be used or without, was name fo place to arrive.
Not general economic solutions, undertakings in the contemporary market … at a given contemporary level of development, but above all the purposefulness of action / = development, achieving more specific goals would determine the value of the action in its position as if higher than at the current level of the economic world…of mind and action.

So here it is about a deal with our environment, the world, the cosmos at ever-higher levels of existence, development, and cooperation.
But without using anyway horses,= automatic horses,= the autonomous of horsepower, increasingly more and more autonomous … or rather autonomous horsepower or robots on the higher and higher layer of automatic robot “horses” production economy, where, of course, man is always in the highest position, we could not go further than apes. Seemingly more and more productive..economically generally co-creation, neo-creation = neo-evolution of the environment inside and outside the micro-macro of the cosmos of the broadly understood economy of nature, should be more and more hyper-productive, because it is itself hyper-productive naturally tendencies not often compatible with our existential or developmental (often misused in many aspects due to the subordinate, incapacitated way of thinking creation in this economy, the evolution of us and our environment) aspirations to which, without just an economic and hyper-productive attitude, being a hyper-automation of self-replication of production … would not make sense … partner-level coexistence and, not mention any cooperation or winning this race to death and the lives of us personally, all of us on our planet, and so on in the mutual abrasion of trends that are not always friendly to our existence, not to mention development.
So we are talking here to further generations of horse automation of horse automation of horsepower robots for their mutual production and mutual feeding with components and energy from automatically and deeply selected searched materials, their components in feedback, domino, in geometric progression.

Only autonomous quantitatively very massive, self-replicating systems, mega-production lines -or rather explosive processing production structures- give a chance to be an equal partner or more in the natural clash of systems and tendencies in own participation in determining the trends and the background platform of our further life separately and civilization entirely, as well as generally activities.

And so historically, we have always (not always consciously) tended to raise the foundations, the potential of our position, existence, development in individual, global, cosmic life – and this mechanism should be more consciously used, which should help in the effect of our prosperous economy not directly related with this evolutionary, creative race, as well as the hyper-evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary economy.

With the rest we have so historically tended to raise deliveries, the potential of our position, exudation, development in individual, global cosmic life – and this mechanism, if conscious use can help in the effects of our prosperous economy not directly related to this evolutionary, creative race as well as the economy hyper latent, hyper evolutionary

And this is not about financing this enterprise, which initially exceeds the value of financial, production, contemporary global values ​​trillions of times, but it is more about logistics of gigantic enterprise, which is supposed to … develop itself with the help of these automatic horses of horses generation of automation, but on a scale, billions of times exceeding modern generations of the horses – fortunately, new and more efficient IT and software systems are coming here …- control shift from vanity to hyper evolutionary economy production and technology.

I have nothing against calculations of coal consumption in the furnace, energy consumption in mc2, but it is more about further steps towards tuning the evolution of the economization of processes and structures …. developing an economic, technological deal of factors needed for/for further ventures in competition and symbiosis cooperation with systems that often conflict with our goals or values.

Further actions breaking the current limited by old models of thinking background, thinking traps, perception. Further strategies of action, economization, and further better basis for the humanization of relations in nature less dependent on tendencies on which we have not had influence so far – perception improvement, and further action.
Don’t smash around like idiotic tribes of rats and monkeys in an ever smaller, less ergonomically efficient world (because aspirations are bigger than surrounding from inside and outside  environment capacity), planet earth of existence and development, but instead expand this world by heading with the forces of nature systems with the help of hyper economics of hyper technology/production, which will continue determine strategic tooling directions of science and production
Economists, scientists, ordinary consumers, citizens were and will be as workers, soldiers on the front lines of the bridge of evolution/creation construction, but also technologically efficient tuning further actions, in feedback effect.

to be continued of the neo creation/neo production.

Introduction to selective economics. 1.d. Beyond religion, beyond science, beyond the economy, beyond evolution…

Beyond religion, beyond science beyond the economy, beyond evolution is hyper evolution, beyond any imagination – selective economics is the next support additional step, production, mega-production as was anyway historical and… futuristic as well.

To push more effective limits of competences of …religion and science further by the economics selective work, to work out over limit of capacity, efficiency and so aspirations…not to destroy the religion and science but support by bypassing costs economically enterprises with/against natural systems- not always existing on behalf  of our  human existence and aspirations.

Just manufactured religion/science will be not sufficient helpful by such giant tasks just to start apparently multi-billions of billions of billions of cost projects. We need a really new economy for such hyper multi-technology production, mega-production tasks – including and by the climate tasks mega enterprises.

Not just the invisible hand of free-market without vectors of directions of growing by evolutionary challenges, but invisible economical hand for capable with the enormous mass of structures/processes of systems of nature.

Here is how strategies to build trillions of billions of spaceships in the micro or macro version that for just ordinary science or economics is impossible.

There is talk about why astronautics, astrophysics, astrobiology
and other temples of scientific alchemy are involuntarily evolutionarily inefficient, have not sufficient expansion tools
– the hyper economic race is as an answer, additional support, multipliers that affect performance on the transition to a higher dimension of influencing through hyper mass mega-production, hyper evolutionary path, tracks for accelerated, express development – without being limited to manufactory alchemy.

Selective economics, i.e. the strategy of shaping your own future by not looking backward, against fatalistic patterns, scholastic prejudices, and dogmas based on temporary levels of potential, perceptions, and actions.
Selective economics focuses on intense further inspiration, stimulation, exploration, and transformation of the environment on a massive economic scale … to catch up with time literally, i.e. more to control the vital processes for our existence and development.

A man as equal, but co-responsible, concrete – whether he wants it or not (he will not run away from it, unless he wants to be crushed by the masslessness of the endless evolutionary processes of micro and macro cosmos) the initiator and co-worker in his (finally own!) case the chairman of structural and process changes on ever-deeper levels, because this is about reaching deeper decks of mass exploitation, the environment for or against other systems/tendency for people interests (if ours are not compatible – endangered by nature systems…like cancer…death – with others systems of nature) and then modification of the evaluation of the environment of life and matter.

Searching for, and exposing factors to further action, more effective, systematic, as if automatic, not manual and working out this evolutionary hyper mechanism.
In today’s case, it may be about ecology as the basic component of the safe taking of the initiative to / to further evolutionary levels of matter and live.
Reaching very distant, deep decks, structures of processing mechanisms, achieving leadership in the steering this evolution of the cosmos matter and life.

Direct, absolute application of the economics of supply, demand in the whole nature market, and in mass application- not just manual manufacturing … where our position and existence is an absolute determinant, propagator, paradigm, and model of any change on a total scale because it is about our basics to live in ever-pressing systems of nature.
For this, one needs huge spaces of hyper-productive, evolutionary hyper bold enterprises.

In today’s case, this is supposed to be giant investments replicating themselves ecological, geological, climatic in oceans, deserts, in the air, in space around the earth, on the moon, and in…us literally, starting with toy models of self-replicating cities, factories, etc. -do they have to be expensive? … surely it is about performance efficiently greater than the previous/temporary manufacture of the space-exploration complexes, ecological enterprise complexes, medical complexes.

Experimental economic deal with the planet Earth, with micro macrocosm – not just praying, justifying, not only religious or scientific temples – this is not the end of everything – Our deal as a determinant of influence on speed, mass influence on all processes, barriers, cooperation. This is the absolute strategy … a new religion, a new science, a new economy of active, co-responsible influence and full vector responsibility in the direction of all possible processes of the micro and macro cosmos environment. This the new position of the human in the universe, in the future, in the present. Not more as a point. That reshapes completely our position, our action and goal of our existence and development and the whole universe. Any deal of science and economy of our life and space. That reshape the future of our universe forever.

Deep structural factors, as well as distant, deep, extensive systems/processes affecting the principle of connected vessels, should be taken into account, where, however, we also had, we will and will influence, but the impact depends on the development of intensive, comprehensive, coordinated evolutionary/economic work to build platforms, leverage capable of facing the demands of the competition of natural systems inside every individual, quants and beyond.

to be continued with the active futuristic … science economy

Introduction to selective economics. 1.c. Artificial leveraging and vectoring of transformation processes and the development of natural systems.

We take part in the race of systems, process structures of nature, whether we like it or not, passively or actively less or more efficiently according to our conscious participation, or passive attitude in this hyper evolutionary race – and selective economics deals with this our conscious or unconscious participation in these processes inside and outside of us.
Like the autonomous instinct of life – the instinct of struggle, evolutionary competition is the driving force of economic strategy, private economy, public … free-market above all, opportunities for better coexistence- cooperation, competition – with nature and not more static, artificially religious/scientific barriers to existence and development. Although the religion/science help us to build(but temporally ! on the achieved level of development) a point of view by but for further development, not enough making the point of view stagnating…means suicide surrounded by fast-developing other trends of systems in our further and near environment.

We are talking here about creating, building, producing models of very massive and more effective vectoring / lifting of forces, energy, reviving mass/passive processes, not effective specific trends in directions that are of more interest to us.
Systematic, permanent search, streamlining the most optimal solutions in the further strategy of hyper-evolutionary, hyper mass and more and more precise – as it has historically been technologically, it happens and will be – that is, beyond our imagination of restructuring, re miniaturization (tools for co-evolution of life and space for breaking further barriers of impossibility), and mega effects of structured processes.
The evolutionary creation of the machine/= mega production=hyper evolution, the mega economic machine of more sustainable development, not sustainable vegetation / developmental depression.

Vectoring, leverage – more on our mind- evolutionary processes, natural trends as well as economic potential … selective = pro hyper evolutionary astrophysically, chemically, biologically … to continue working out the development of the most pro hyper evolutionary ventures of components … The components themselves are not everything but their directional application
The same hyper economical (hyper evolutionary) application in physics, chemistry … not any longer only in economics!
No longer as a kind of inert existing, inert, incapacitated space, mass, growth energy but more as a mine, a factory for components for own trends, directions and economic and hyper economic preferences, i.e. selective evolutionary biological, physical, cosmic …

Working out the mechanism
technological evolutionary hyper, hyper astrophysical, hyper
investment evolution … space … pushing the border – vector manipulation of the astrophysical, biological trends (mastering of life and universe)
… if we do not fight for ourselves (not among ourselves) – in/with the surrounding transformation process – we will stop being human but only scientific/religious worms in evolutionary mechanic modes … we are(already- anyway we still push ourselves religiously/scientifically in the passive regression)will be in a lost position.
… that is, beyond the even evolutionary economy … “invisible hand”, but in this case, however, with the built-up chance of infinite models of the existential position of hyper evolutionary developmental.

… Not against the mutual building of foundations of the global movement in the evolutionary global struggle … but not on national, religious, and not so-called vain economic games of competition of vain vegetation … although relax / thriving can also be inspiring.
… a kind of parliament of hyper evolutionary vector decisions … the complexity of our vectors is an undertaking in making decisions – as it is without our participation other systems of nature also apply this policy of vectors, the processing of nature structures … further evaluation of crosses, models, patterns of vectors of development/transformation/control of nature.

The current (hyper) evolutionary park of mass manipulation is obviously insufficient not only for our further development but also for safe survival and existence … of vegetation, which will only be waiting for devouring in the wasteful current process of economic development of chaotic non-tuning geared to threats and environmental opportunities / hyper evolutionary.

The current state of scientific/religious attitude is offering himself the power of evolution … the ultimate (scientifically shamanic of today)laws of nature revelations …temples.

“Coal” rocket, i.e. only superficial vector process control is not enough. We also need a broader vector of components/leverage of these deeper structural and energetic support points to increase many times the vector of the construction direction of the raw material … biological in the vectoring of life processes … the evolutionary physical, biological, astrophysical, technological hyper evolutionary in … A hyper economical approach to the bulk of components of this process restructuring of vector-oriented directions, that is, their strength of chosen actions

A suitable elaborate “parliament” of technological, economic, social starters of the ecological platform is able to release us from the biological and physical trap of environmental systemic competition … threatening to increase the chances of cooperation, competition with systems of nature inside and beyond.

Specification of processes of selective economics from vanity economics, i.e. determining, developing factors affecting the most appropriate percentage mechanisms, vector forces directly affecting evolutionary hyper-economics … accelerating processes that strengthen our chances of survival and further development, which we underwent more or less passively/actively in the historical/evolutionary processes.

Remember that only ecological or only consumer economic activities, as well as not systematic, insufficiently massive medical, astrophysical production interventions, are not sufficient for survival and even further safe development.

to be continued with the constructions of vectors for developmental and safety life and space/matter drafts.

Introduction to selective economics. Part 1.b.- application/start of selective economics for/by global ecological and climate projects.

Vain, fatalistic passive=blind, empty faith globally economics or very intensively conscious evolutionary selective economics of vectoring(means reconstructing, controlling vector force of any processes, structures trends) movement and positioning and properties of us and the environment of our life and space/matter.

More aware systematically tunning of the decisions, divisions give power and chances of our existence and mind and vice-versa in our fight and reconstructing ( not more just mechanic, chemic of nature but very intensively, massive automation engineering/re-creating/neo creating/neo evolution) position in life and space of our environment- our universe – our place and garden of living.

The vanity fatalistic mind of “free”( invisible hand of Adam Smith economy) economy of …not so free nature trends and processes, but also not so inviolable constant(narrow, primitive- not more sufficient models for further development end existence!) allow/force me to prospect suggestions of new science/ religion trends in a quite broad manner if we want not to speak about futurism in “modern” scientific/horoscope focus.

Application of this selective economics
primarily in mega-production – mass processing and care of the environment according to our life interests and aspirations – i.e. neo-anthropological evolution.
And for now, just for start-up and the first mass application of this selective economics … these global ecological and climate projects can be a very good reason to start using the system of selective economics on a mass scale, as for this selective economics for controlling, manipulating, improving , co-creation, co-creation, neo creation, own creation of process properties, structures of interest – increasing above the aspirations of the monkey and philosophical slave in shaping, influencing our life and the internal and external environment.

All physical formulas – … natural mechanical and technological construction … changing the basis for further valuation …
-Models have a temporary nature depending on the level of technological perception and manipulation … Generally, classic designing is simply privatization, scholastic/schematization, bottling your own world with model barriers.
Just like determining the time course of a specific depth of structures, time will never be precise in further active and passive processes/structures, just as energy, mass, gravity, etc. will never have final results and possibilities at higher levels of manipulation or natural transformations / final processes.
Descriptions of the so-called final processes their erosion E.g. Given materials of mountains with different speeds me or more naturally or artificially resistant to erosion. it is a better time not just processes run on given materials and … masses differently.
Of course, this can be briefly described by a shorter time or longer time to the course of a better resistance material erosion/transformation or … energy loss … And then thinking, and thus this better materiality engineering can … extend our life, efficiency of objects indefinitely, of course, mega-production streamlining components supporting the construction/process background internally and externally.

The greater, vain = ambivalence in human actions against the backdrop of evolutionary trends / micro-macro of cosmic physical and other,
the greater the negative evolutionary ecological pressure in relation to our existential and developmental position
And vice versa, the greater the potential for starting evolutionary / neo-evolutionary investments, the greater the possibilities of development aspirations and also … the vain artistic … human – position of man as an active, co-responsible decision-maker in all (in our interest) processes of nature
The so-called evolutionary war – for its neo-anthropological, neo-existential standard of living – these neo-evolutionary enterprises just give us greater potential for our vainness in defining trends, process vectoring / nature trend – hyper evolutionary process.

This selective economics is nothing more than liberation economics –
the economy of dignity – liberation from the yoke of evolutionary rule – a style that works similarly, is imitated unfortunately in national politics.
Economics of the economic explosion – investment in pro neo evolutionary backgrounds.
The issue is how far we will be…willing for tuning processes, neo-evolutionary investments, which are and will be a powerful flywheel for so-called economic and social (political) processes.

to be continued

Greenlight for intensive selective economics – intensification of protection and development – towards all-natural and artificial processes. Introduction to selective economics – the economics of neo creation/neo evolution. Part 1.a.

– selective economics of positioning, participation in natural processes,
– selective economics in the application of science in an active modification of natural processes,
– selective economics of including science in the process of economic development in the background of general economic activities – suggestions of application for private and public enterprises.
The general most important issue/question of our mind and life and… the universe is…
Can we change the properties of any natural structures and processes?
The law of neo creation/ neo evolution (written about one month ago) allows us for a not passive position in our nature…like til now seemed not changeable time processes or also seemed not changeable biological, physical balance/patterns of achieved levels…E=mc2- exceeding the speed of light…of knowledge, perception, manipulation, self-replicating autonomous robotic systems, AI mega-production. Can or better- how can we speed up the process significantly?
Redefinition of the role of science, i.e. learning about the application of the world, – no longer learning and confirming, approving, determining the status quo of formulas, rules, models of our micro and the macrocosmic environment from outside and inside … but it is this – this environment – has to learn, to infrastructure itself from us.
As science has to not learning barriers of creation or evolution and respectively more or less active/passive adaptation and “development” but has to influence by neo creative, neo-evolutionary economics policy more intensively co-create/re-create/neo create the infrastructure of life, earth, air, water, and any other matter of our planet and the entire cosmos. -And for this, we need tools (entire technological and economical hard-working compatible/coordinative like intensive war complex/machine – the – at least organisationally- complex(es) we have already ) not just school(scholastic) toys anymore!

Neo-creative reevaluation.
The law of neo-creation – as a new renewed law of Newton- the essence of mutual influence of matter, bodies, objects of all nature – redefines the activity and active position of man under this law. against further artificial (but nonetheless only local and temporary … provisional = primitive) barriers/patterns of no(more) power.

Human and its infrastructural development as an active object – not only a passive object – but always more or less influential, jointly responsible for all processes of nature in us and outside.
It redefines the model of nature as part of the (mega)production we take part in the natural processes/structures permanently tuning, but so that we can do it more conscious=more effective, among others, through the science and economics of selective re-constructive, neo-creational activities.

We’re talking about neo creative futurism
A description of perspectives, the concept of active and active direct taking part/influence on the evolutionary processes of all systems and structures.

It is about breaking fixed static nature codes – scientific models, activating/reviving existing/established structures/assumptions, and openness of applications.
Breaking the key evolutionary nature of systems, just as nature systems have their own program, we can also have our strategy/program and their systematics, and thus influence, give our position, strength of reconstruction/neo creation vectorially for determining, tuning the properties of all systems / structures of nature .. determinating , to promote (mega means evolutionary intervention) more productive consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, but largely evolutionary strategic approach to all systematics, laws of structures of nature processes in us and beyond.

The main guessing of my agonizing and intentions is – a rhetorical question –
is there any general tangible system for systematically developing the mechanism of taking over the initiative, components in the processing of all parameters, as well as the construction of physical, biological and other micro-macro cosmos processes.
The answer is already according to the law of neo-creation and neo-evolution already mentioned.
The issue is not whether because it already somehow works, but how can this mechanism be improved, accelerated.
The use of micro and macroeconomic tools in the preparation of a special parallel channel for expanding this enterprise of strengthening, and at the same time making this skeleton more effective, which will be a tool determinating, of course a directional determinating, which will influence our more or less conscious decisions rather than static, fatalistic, submissive- suicidal in practice, a scholastic approach to all phenomena, which shall further change, will strengthen the course of the selective economics opposite to the contemporary slave economics- in a pattern closed cage of development potential, which until now was oriented towards closed naturally(including blind inefficient ecologically/eco systematically) ambivalent consumerism, i.e. also inefficient processes natural, and thus generally less efficient, without actually more secure perspectives and development opportunities based on a fatalistic, scholastic existential closed(minded)pattern, or rather economically and civilisational vegetative.

to be continued

Orange light for neo evolution. Part 5. Neo futurism/neo infrastructure – Neo life/neo space.

Neo-creative futurism, i.e. not passive, active, directly predictive, prompting our potential to influence the evolution of all processes and structures.
Not existing or previous creation or evolution, but neo creation. Neo evolutionary look and act on all structures and properties in life and matter.

Neo-creative futurism is programming, planning.
Just like nature has its programs and systems inside and outside
Yes, we can also have and develop more systematically and consciously our strategy and systematics, and thus influence properties, define, propose nature, our own initiatives and accelerators of the mass evolution of processes and structures on request and on the basis of an extensive potential strategy, including non-passive, non-submissive directing and at the same time fully co-responsible participation in all processes of nature structures, including control of climate, volcanoes, planets, stars, quantum and so on.
Production neo-creative= neo productive, consumer neo-creative = neo consumption, not vain, not fatalistic, more neo-evolutionary strategic approach to the entire systematics of laws, structures, and processes of nature within and outside us.

Not solving some any way infinitive patterns, models, keys of the nature of systems, but rather breaking these codes, breaking these keys, smashing, rebuilding existing walls, doors and barriers … static scientific models, activating structures within the openness of applications … breaking key of evolutionary nature … building your own evolutionary background/strategy.

The law of neo-creation redefines all definitions of our entire existence, our entire activity, our whole nature – it redefines science, the role of science, no longer as a scholastic, static, subjective description of an evolutionary or existing creative system.
Neo creation, neo evolution, neo science, neo economics, neo ecology, neo politics, neo physics, neo biology, neo medicine, neo engineering, neo agriculture, neo production, neo religion.
Neo always means the freshest, most compatible with real potential and non-fatalistic (not incapacitated) needs for today and tomorrow programming life and all space.

The neo-creative, re-evaluating law of neo-creation redefines human activity and position.
As jointly responsible for all processes inside and outside us.
It redefines the model of nature as simply production, a part of the production that we are to tune, among others, through the use of selective, re-constructive and neo-creative economics.
It is simply not acceptance, but active systematization, neo-neutralization, not passive justification, not contemporary demonization, enslaving one’s position all over nature.
Not giving up, but active and systematic participation.

This does not just attempt for waking up awareness, but already initiating enterprises, new works, new foundations, new components, new accelerators of neo productive, neo-evolutionary changes in material structures/processes, neo-creative will lead to awareness …. of these / reluctant / enslaved minds, to opening eyes, perspectives, neo-creative markets, neo-consumption, neo-market, new explosion, new development start position.

That is, the basics of neo-evolutionary and neo-constructional (neo creative/selective) economics provide the basis for the direction of conscious and effective participation in the metabolic process of life…of micro-macro cosmos more by…our economy.

All in all, it is the right to dignity, i.e. the right to co-decide on the existential, so far incapacitated evolutionarily, anty creatively static view, social, political, economic and scientific systems.
This new non-submissive attitude is a basis for understanding the mechanism of co-decision in all processes of nature, it is a key element of this neo-evolutionary selective economics … neo-scientific.
The activating infrastructure of this mechanism – neo-evolutionary / selective economics is the creation of an appropriate policy, public support strategy … accelerators, generators, components of telecommunications infrastructure, communication … leverage … as well as adequate support for private/public enterprises.

Renovation, new space/platforms for technological, astrophysical, biological expansion
The neo creation article parts are like pressing in space ship cockpit the next orange lights subsequent buttons for check-in levels for the final countdown for finally the green light for turning on start of the neo creation of life/space ship machine.

The problem is that in a general approach it often doesn’t feel, doesn’t feel the use of this technology infrastructure and the need for an implementation system, which is why it may feel too abstract.
It is about technology as an economical neo creation of its application in a feedback effect.

Also here it is about anchoring in this system strategies including physics, astronomy, astronautics, ecology, biology, medicine in this evolutionary economy …

Therefore, for now, we have never been, we are / will be beyond the reach of the possibility of effective manipulation of processes that were considered a hundred years ago unattainable. Just like the “processing” time structures, their transformation metters and mechanisms, which, however, we can maneuver like … current a neo-creatively primitive mass/energy model.

to be continued to new mega-production = neo evolutionary= hyper evolutionary- neo creative perspectives of life and matter.