Towards a zero-one system of the mechanism of production of re/neo creation. 1.b.

Further  (very) open drafts, suggestions of/for formulas/definitions for/of life and matter re/neo/production, neo creation, creation, production for define mechanisms of cooperation, competitiveness with systems of nature/cosmos.

Production/starting of technological soup, a new great ocean, reactor soup, artificial star reactor, artificial big bang of own singularity of dignity + life = not passive participation, technological
energy exploitation, driving, improving – or rather its reclamation – the base for the cultivation of new technologies for the production of new energy/matter .. new life creating conditions closer and closer to the basis of technological artificial (micro macro) cosmic perpetual mobile[on some stages] in hyperevolutionary participation = economics of selective transformation of all life processes/structures/matter, peculiar touch, production (not easy but necessary in participation in the processes of mass structures of the micro/macro cosmos) remote control transformation system, co-creating the environment on an increasingly massive scale … because this environment has such a character … and only this translation/transmission touch, thought, faith, responsibility, cooperation, participation, production, moving/manovering the lever as/for a result of domino effect in the direction of our aspirations, not trends (not necessarily favorable to us – like falling snow when you are /have not home … or prepared properly /. … reconstructed…own body/life structures) other systems … because it is a system market, a market of needs, just a market of goods and services, in which only work and not subordination determine our chances of our being and our dignity of and for life..for entire cosmos, and worked out ever faster futhr,deeper decks of exploitation and care of the garden/space determines the chances and effectiveness of our lives in our production … because life is the production of … your own thoughts on our interactions with other systems of this garden of nature = micro-cosmos.

Yes, it’s your own work, your own contribution (and not wantiness or indifference/omission), self-thinking, specific breeding
mass of artificial singularity {own quasi gravity pool of space-time of any structures/processes of reprocessing … on very massive scale in micro and macro direction}, it’s own produced, designed background of robotic systems, then it will only allow better understanding and entry into this the game of the nature of cellular, elementary particles mass phenomena … their reconstruction, exploitation, exploration, neo creation, creation.

This is logistics, proper coordination/telecommunications, production exploration with micro macro cosmic resources, energy for/by building new dimensions.
As ways to expand defense options and services and develop our lives individually as well as civilizational … by creating an environment that is as effective, friendly as possible, and not so brutal for/because of the economy/mind of the vanity of goals of soul/mind of (natural) slavery/indifference.

For these purposes of the selection of processes/structures of nature on our part of our life system, we can define some technological foundations, the mechanism of this participation in shaping the history of the cosmos on a scale that transcends our thoughts and dreams.
Specific futuristic or shaping our goals further and closer to these further perspectives will be presented, our contemporary actions influence … also supported by historically developed tendencies from our civilization, our system, and our environment.
The first sketches of the foundations of mechanisms of creation/hyper evolution of structures, skeletons, scaffolds, physical, chemical, biological … technological, economic, macro/micro of the cosmos … thanks to which we will be able to be more aware of our chances and rights (yes not laws but eventually our rights of our interaction with nature – not laws anymore because it’s very egocentric/contemptuous or possibly short-sighted on achieved technological level of perception of phenomena) view of process/structures of nature in shaping each property, physical, biological characteristic, explored, exploited along the way structures of the cosmos/nature … of course this is not all because the cosmos is a constant competition/race of specific reinforcements of systems, where our competences, our apparatus are strategically and technologically has to be constantly to be fixed, we have to improve technologically to stay afloat or maybe a little more as equal members/participants of the competition ( for life and death civilizational and individually) of systems of nature/cosmos.

A biological/physical skeleton service system
structures for their maintenance, protection … Mass technologies are aiming to intensify this peculiar website of direct transformations of structures of encountered levels and structures/processes of nature… In the new spaces of the peculiar 4th dimension of massive “printing” bypassing the so-called obstacles of the 3rd spatial dimension.

Internal structural changes allowing for massive re/neo/construction self-replicating robotic systems hyper material hyper-energetic in the directions to cell, atom, including energy, scaffolding, protection … allowing direct human existence…

A specific material energy exploitation, their reproduction is increasingly massive, more and more allowing for more efficient interference in the structures of micro-macro space properties, further instrumentation, instrumentation of their autonomization processes, automation leads to the production of technological units of a perpetual mobile printer of a specific 4 d printer … is according to the design drawing wishes more and more by coordinated automatic teams (often scattered around the world … micro / macro space, also our body), in a specific application they will be implemented with less and less direct human participation … as has historically indicated in the process of human development, civilization and development of life … transferring the function of thinking to further spatial platforms, tools, carriers, levers of action.

to be continued to more about the processes of our non-passive involvement and rights (but not laws anymore!) of developing space for structures of biological/physical processes … reviving processes, including them in our life system/=production.

Theory and not passive practice of dynamics of transformation of space-time singularities – the foundation of the mechanism of (neo)creation. 1.a. Introduction.

Theory and not passive practice of dynamics of transformation of space-time singularities – the foundation of the mechanism of (neo)creation. 1.a.

Introduction … to the creative/development explosion strategy. Futurism…our thoughts, our actions are supposed to have a quite current but futuristic take-up … vanity or hyper evolutionary / neo creative character/mind.

Further open suggestions/bricks/steps(or maybe jumps) – but already closer to production than theory and faith – further determination, clearance of space, levels of exploitation of development potential in us – initiators – and platforms from blocks, process / structural blocks … as it was in the construction of pyramids, factories, hospitals. … space … space … but maybe more and more micro/macro space in its tool/autonomous extensions.
To date, we have thoughts (unfortunately based on actions) related to our subtle convictions about inviolable relations in nature, whether in the private, scientific/scholastic, or economic or … evolutionary field … we do not mention our joint responsibility and efforts to shape these relations in a pre-Neolithic era belief as if stopped in time…in the current(…and stopped) level of exploitation of nature.

We must be aware of passing, developing our position, our position in pushing the boundaries of the neolithic revolution, hyper evolutionary, the boundaries between economics and science/religion, pre neolithic of vanity, as well as selective economics thinking at a level higher than vegetative/vanity, -although it could be also be used as unused specific energetic/structural mass-, processes due to the determination of strategy plans, directions of any existence and development.
More specifically, we are talking here more about extensive activities, i.e. not the occasional transformation of some structures or phenomena, but rather more about adapting the field for the processes that science will deal with extensively prepared changing tool, material, economical background for this science, by preparing
backgrounds … … literally – fields for the cultivation of robotics, automatic systems, for hyper neolithic revolution, for hyper evolution.

Faith/support (not unsubstantiated / not without cover in multi-time, multi-spatial action) of human love, developed at the turn of the centuries of development – and it is based on deeds and tools … of production/and science, is a proper chain process, a mechanism of neo-creation, a specific neo-architecture of environment, its transformations on the hard foundations of evolution (from our non-passive side of hyper evolutionary) supports/directs – subcutaneously genes processes of their programming software strategies of action and vice versa …
built, systematically built -on deeds/tools- faith builds a system that realizes things impossible today, but all this is certainly possible to implement because all the space is a set of blocks, building blocks that we can carve out, arrange according to our direct and tooling (automatic/autonomous/robotic / team of mutual interactive cooperating robots … tools for mass transformation, in effect domino of “the metallurgy “of ever deeper areas, decks of structures that may interfere with and at the same time depends on our work whether they will rather help (like the wind in the yacht’s sail) in achieving more and more effective our goals, the dream of our faith in this case based on deeds, not idle craving for help i.e. it is about working out a no vanity/no-hopeless attitude but bold strategy, economy, technology … tools of domino effect structure/processes…so tangible love or simply shared responsibility that is true faith means faith, and responsibility at once…
supported by actions .. a powerful tool / technological, production, economic back-up facilities to really support these spiritual activities… love and actions together do these miracles, i.e. not standard ones (not based on systems that do not give the chance of further expected trends and changes – not economics of vain ) the effects of economic and scientific actions, on a scale exceeding the current size of the common sense, but not the size of faith, additionally based on full responsibility, because only powerful actions are the right real factor in translating our thoughts, dreams, plans, faith in its effectiveness into its veracity, credibility will not support with empty gestures or words, or empty / vanity activities, scientific and economic strategies.

A need for strategy, faith based on action. We need a definition of our activities, our position, our full responsibility in shaping all processes and structures. The need to influence by our personality, our lives, on space-time singularities in us and outside.
The need for active/=non-passive participation, co-creation, and processing of process structures. The need to develop a mechanism – such a dogma of influencing and transforming the environment so that it is not so brutal in its actions on our and its part. We need to share, contribute to the garden of Eden, for which we must cooperate all the time.
The need to develop, define a definition, technology of practice (of course it will always be improved) of this mechanism of co-creation, the neocracy of our life and the environment.

The definition of increasing the speed/effectiveness/massiveness of achieving each intended change trend through
artificial enlargement of a specific space area (peculiar) “4” dimensional skipping 3-dimensional problems, space or their transformation…
Activities with the help of technological production inclusions, exploitative and reconstructive materials – hyper (selective)economics … it is an artificial increase, increasing the service potential, eliminating the quasi-property restrictions – in terms of deployment and in feedback ways: it increases technological mobility, the creation of new technologies … for further operation of the reconstruction and so back in this process tool … hyper evolutionary neo-neolithic, the next stages of the levels of the industrial revolution. on deeper and deeper spaces of exploration, exploitation, material reconstruction … This exploitation can stand before exploration, and before this exploitation, this neo production, neo tool room adapted to the increasing level of automation … caused by this further operation, etc.

to be continued on explanations and deployment of the foundation of the increasing massiveness of achieving each intended change trend through
artificial enlargement of a specific space area 3 dimension by artificially “4” neo dimension/=adaptation transformations/neo creation.

The higher the technology/production rate, the greater the faith/science of the strategy/efficiency of development. So bigger/more efficient belief without bigger/more efficient tools has not use, and vice versa. 10.e.

Further continuations of open drawing structures/formulas of the mechanism of mega neolithic revolutions – breaking, initiating rules/scaffolding of garden of nature transformations/neo creations by… mega-production economics of science.

Replacing the vanity of the economics and science-” of already fixed finally formulas of life and matter”…but only on current level of science/=religion, technology capacities/beliefs- by selective economics/science i.e. changing – by neolithic revolution like way – further levels of the environment in a mass, mega-production, neo create environment technology, towards the foundations of mechanism of creation of nature’s properties as key to go out from primitive attitude/or rather lack of any attitude to nature properties engineering economy and mind.

Through a kind of autonomous, automatic rebuilding of the background, i.e. building the foundations for this dam of new energy/matter/resources of exploitation/engineering, and at the same time as a dam as an energy contribution of a new/more powerful park/industrial apparatus for accelerating, improving the mass transformation hyper resonance of ever-deeper levels of further environment processes of transformation, neo-creation, for better re/projection of the environment as well as its reconstruction with the help of apparatus used for this energy/material / structural resonance/exploitation …

This apparatus is like powerful temples [at first glance – deliberate – in relation to contemporary trends towards nature (or rather their lack) by economic, scientific/religious behaviors, but the apparatus initiated/resonated further thought of contact with god/nature – in this case, it is about mega productive (exploitably in relation to contemporary achievements strategically inactive in interaction with nature) character, more aware of this no longer monumental but more practical cooperation with creativity co-creativity throughout time-space – I mention these kinds of non-technological aspects of this development … [but this proposed development is very, very aggressive growth in relation to the contemporary, and therefore it needs deep psychological/spiritual, strategic, logistical support] from years ago, which far were the causes of any technological developmental enterprises, not only because of temples, e.g. monks and their monastic novelties in the struggle/symbiosis with nature, but here today we are about a flat (very temporary- here and now- style of thinking of “always” constant models ) degree of development of this progress and now it is going about its neo-construction explosion of technology growth and learning a new mechanism lever that gradually shall overwhelming one by one all spaces, structures, decks of the environment, which at the current level of primitivism of exploitation, processing, reproduction in relation to the current potential of organization and technology that today are at a level below criticism, at a very primitive level, and what further contributes to the primitive and negative thoughts of the opportunities and aspirations of our level of existence and development.

The re-production, neo creative facilities will become more and more powerful, change, will change, and have to change the face of all fields of science, all social and economic behaviors … as well as they will influence the specificity of this explosion of growth, for example, classical physics in this relativism is physics at a “sufficiently” low technological level, on the data of the contemporary unused outposts of technology/production/economics of potential growth, but already those potential technological factors that already have their laws (affecting the laws of nature) will change sky-high when these fields become scales factors, coefficients, and then powerful technological centers, mega-production of autonomous, automatic transformations of hyper evolutionary matter/energy of living and non-living micro-macro cosmos, and what is further revolutionizing the hitherto classical static passive recognition of physical phenomena e.g. to the level of significant act more efficient with these barely today used mega/re/production technologies.

Changing the scale of the processing park in the cascade domino system will impose a gigantic pace (r)evolution of technological production bases of practical massive cultivation, recultivation of physical and biological phenomena, on a mass scale of physics and biology development – a kind of hyper neolithic revolution of the behavior of science … physics, biology on the infinite decks of mass restructuring with the help of a system of competence transfer, i.e. developing tools(autonomous automation) in the care and development of the garden of nature, its infinite decks and the chances of existence and development.

Vanity economy does not feel any need for change, changes for the basics of the environment and life, changes for its show economy.
But the power of technological and economic upheaval will create (for its needs a special whole new economic department is created here) economics with a more selective conscious/responsible passively and actively on an environmental dimension on a hyper gigantic scale.
This new economy will involuntarily become a locomotive of further transformation with this technological-mega production additive. Such a specific technological injection selective at the same time stimulation of vivid, binary, opportunistic/but active behavior with nature/environment more in plus for both sides us and environment in us and beyond.

So far there is no, and there was no need or strategy to control the environment, only passive some adaptation to it.
There was no need and there was no sense of need for powerful instrumentation of the phenomenon due to lack of faith/love = active responsibility in relation to negative phenomena that can occur and occur in our and further environment spatially and temporally.

So still generally there is no need today, because there is no faith to build a kind of symbiosis of the interaction dam with nature, and the lack of action in this interactive direction is inhibited by the belief of building a background/dam, a mega-production park – for e.g. (mega)cosmonautics, (mega)physics, (mega)biology …
– for itself resonance of taking over structures at an ever deeper level for a new era of taking over initiatives known in the physical and biological cosmos
– changes / existing points, entire areas and spaces of interaction with the environment, and especially our hyper evolutionary environment, but to improve the ratio-relations of our subordinate or/and power on pro evolutionary factors …
therefore we are talking about hyper evolutionary economic, physicists, biology, technological science primitivism if it does not sufficiently react/or has no intention/influence to actively contribute to external resonating factors, still being on mind/dogma of the constantly unchanging given level of achievements not based on active transformations of the shifting boundary/flexible boundary decks of potentials…
Yes, I know that we all know about space-time differences attitudes for taking anything for granted by science/economics…maths…but still we do not take enough bold strategies, decisions, for active (not passive)changing the space-time factors (hyper)evolutionary.

So we are talking about a separate, non-passive economic and scientific policy aimed at developing teams, groups
resonance phenomena for multibillion expansion
for the technology and production park, the transformational startup of the new science hyper evolution means for the development (not only observation and passive decisions) of a new giant space-time physical, biological, economics/science explosion and development.
The higher the technology and production rate, the greater the faith of the strategy and efficiency of development, and the greater the faith, the strategy, the greater the complexity to build such parks.
So bigger/more efficient belief without bigger/more efficient tools has not use, and vice versa.

We’re talking about artificially speeding up the process
the hyper neolithic revolution, at the level of ordinary exploration, exploitation, and explorations of scientific economic exploitation, peculiar farming, cultivating an artificial background of the environment, likely this ordinary neolithic human revolution has just begun on a total of unchanged natural decks … we shall be not in illusory of status quo mind/belief/science if we want to survive, we need to properly protect the entire environment, expand the systems in us and outside us of our environment, i.e. the environment that interests us, in the infinite and spatial environment.

to be continued to (definitions and mechanisms/tools of) the foundations of extending the creation of a quasi-dimensional exploitation trampoline to take over the processing of phenomena structures so far beyond our reach, to raise the levels of the Neolithic revolution, i.e. new levels of new exploitation, and to not to adapt hand made manufactory science/technology to the mass scale of our natural (other systems of) environment structures/processes.

Pre neolithic contemporary behavior and hyper neolithic revolution in terms of selective economics, the economics of … physics of phenomena that generate environmental neo/creation. 10.d.

Continuation of the evolution (hyper/artificial) evolutionary, economic(selective economics) race [futuristic but not passive for the future constructing/reconstructing] project{repitately/spirally step by step} by using scale advantage in the processes of massive automatic complexes of a lever exploration by domino effect, reconstruction of the environment, reworking, changing gene factors(that influence genome of factors that change properties of physical and biological structures/processes) affecting the background/environment.

Recently, I explained the role of a specific dam in the environment in the production of an artificial reservoir of power for control of the resources of the exploitation park of/by surrounded environment by expanding the operational/production park/s ready to respond appropriately to the challenges of nature and this nature, calling for further creation more and more according to our own pace (e.g. supersonic aircraft/rocket) and the direction of existential and developmental aspirations.

On the way to exploring and at the same time creating the foundations for the mechanisms of our further operations and activities … we need to slowly get rid of the level of development – or the level of primitivism in responding to the phenomena surrounding us from inside and outside, or rather a passive or active level of our mind and behavior aspirations to the transformation of processes of structures concerning us, and the gradually expanded entire micro and macro environment of our existence and development (hyper neolithic revolution level) aspirations of our life.

We are talking here about static scientific primitivism,
a passive look at the currently developed as a scholastic structure/model of nature in the form of a certain level of activity, exploitation that would not depend on the level of actual reclamation of more efficient activity, exploitation initiative of technological initiative, operation, economic environment, and this would be mutually influential state of affairs… where some inventions may accidentally raise/break the wheel/spirals of scientific and technological development.

We can break out of this closed circle of dependence of science on the technological level achieved and the technological level on the level of science through economies of scale by introducing technologies of mass production/reproductions of a new generation of exploitation … the mega-production reservoir park of a specific dam of a giant reservoir just trillion times more efficient in terms of improving the exploitation of resources and their reproduction of reconstruction of the entire environment at a geometric rate, which is to reverse these trends unchanged at the current level of impact, environmental transformation, and at the same time change the methodology in total of the pre-neolithic economic and scientific training supply from the current state of “inviolable” methodological achievements of science and production technology as boundary perspectives(“scientific dogmas”) for any breakthrough, deep transformation of the influence on the processes of nature trends (but never fully understood, it,s mechanisms and further trends).

Maybe there are currently some elements of rudimentary (but rather not) progress of hyper(contemporary)neolithic (of a given level no longer collecting but exploiting “dam” reconstruction, i.e. more mass, advanced, automatic/autonomous park/parks[such hyper printers 3d= 4d developing in autonomous micro operational particles systems – of course, more about nature and immense potential of the printer 4d later] for industrial exploitation/construction of the environment and further this circle of dependence that the currently developed level of industrial work somehow affects the further potential for direct very massive interference in the structures/processes of the environment in us and outside…I hope and believe as soon as possible.

This is because modern primitive science/alchemy of the contemporary model of perceptive technological world view, functioning at some level, exists does not mean that we do not ultimately use it … so use it but in strategically other technological and economical hyper evolutionary assumptions … i.e.
for example, physics in terms of increasing the degree of operation of hyper mass reconstruction, self-replicating in the tendency of entire areas of the micro macrocosmic environment of elementary particles as the application in building new control their exploitation of forces/processes and structures of nature.

Because so far the whole system of education and … the economy is based on this strategy sounds so: I/we believe in it the unchangeability of nature (because…at a given level of perception – technology undercut)) – scholasticism of a given level of civilization quo … inhibiting initiatives of thoughts that would dare to break the absolute state / the rules of nature.

But I believe that the rules we can change forever and ever.

to be continued

The higher the level of production/reproduction park of a given exploitation level, existence, the higher the positive level of the pro hyper evolutionary ratio of a given civilization, economic, ecological level, and hyper evolutionary balance. 10.c.

For a changing background of the basis of existence, accidental variables, material, energetic, structural and process factors, for this ocean less, more known or at all unknown factors of changeable forces of different systems of nature need a specific buffer, and at the same time an efficient machine, a specific dam/power plant of/for hyper evolution given level of development, hyper-built mechanisms, giant (re)production parks for overtaking, prejudicing, controlling economic and ecological phenomena for more efficient, safer control of the level of exploitation and performance of the environment, and this level of lifting … as it was with control/(r)construction of the energy/exploitation potential/threat of rivers.
This dam/i.e. reconstruction of the energy/exploitation potential of the background/environment is to be the drive, accelerator of production technology – due to the technological/production effort of these dams and their energy/production consequences, buffering and at the same time environmental development, buffering of life and its expansion/potential by massively changing background of the life.
Buffering, i.e. protecting, rebuilding, in whole or in part, the phenomena affecting our present and future … to adapt/reconstruct environmental conditions to the needs of our lives.
The higher the level of this dam/this hyper evolutionary buffer, i.e. the higher the level of production/reproduction exploitation park of a given exploitation level, existence, the higher the positive level of the pro hyper evolutionary ratio of a given civilization level, economic ecological level, and hyper evolutionary balance … i.e. such (self-replicating) mega industrial parks should be developed for …themselves as the ground for this hyper higher new neolithic revolution but on a real micro/macrocosmic scale.
Multi-billion accelerations give us some breath (buffer / protective in attaching to powerful decks/forces of competing systems …)ecological also viral, but a further, more powerful evolutionary leap in a very active environment of micro-macro space systems.
Increasing this dam of expolitation/(re)production/reconstruction park potential … at the beginning of telecommunications energy, as a result, it increases the potential of process and structure reconstruction, and so mutually, and this increased re/neo construction potential for further increases the building of energy and telecommunications potential and accelerates interchangeably, so interchangeably … all in all, historically the classic industrial era was initiated by the increase of energy efficiency thanks to better instrumentation and so on exchangeable to each other and so on.
This process of taking over the structures of the environment stretches from the neolithic revolution of reconstruction/interference in the environment at a given developmental / … aspirational level and continues to follow history and continue … to the future, shaping our future, transforming, developing, caring for the garden,/=environment, for whose shape, we are fully responsible!
 That is, raising the levels of this reconstruction infinitely automatically … technological/economic perpetual mobile,  physical, biological reprocessing of the nature of its resources, doing neo nature at increasingly higher levels of aspiration including physical, chemical biological … – so no longer a passive, irresponsible monkey but a fully responsible hyper homo sapiens by very active interactive action/reconstruction with the entire environment.
So it is to be a real champion of the universe by hyper progressive perpetuum mobile tools for achieved levels of a given field of the potential of interest form our view-  in a given discipline of these hyperspace “sports” competitions.
Self-replicating very simple (re) structure systems directly and remotely, also by great distance … specific energy “dams” at ever more powerful further deeper levels of the micro-macro cosmos towards changes in generic physical and biological properties as part of our own evolution of the creation of new physical structures and biological for our further existence and development, to increase the efficiency of our shared responsibility for the fate of the globe and our deeper levels, decks of the micro macrocosmic environment, in us and outside – never closed and always open to changes, dependencies.
The narrowness(resources by ambitions/aspirations) of a given pre-neolithic level, i.e. the level of exploitation/reconstruction/breeding/cultivation of the environment is the main issue of technological/economic civilization development obstacles…so it is going about acceleration by means of more intensive instrumentation of further penetration/exploitation of creating additional, specific virtual exploitation of the terrain/space of the environment, significant / deeper exploitation as well as reconstructions of the tight environment, which will cause this environment to be more efficient at levels that interest us and where our interest is really intensively pursued ..
It is about developing an involuntary system for constructing ever higher energy and telecommunications levels with the help of the construction level achieved to that potential and with the help of these higher energy and telecommunications levels reaching even higher design levels. In the system of small steps, elevated levels/corrections in the system of very simple improvements according to the lever / pushing character, at a very fast pace of this exchange in the system of zero one directly and at a distance depth (tele) manipulation of the micro-macro space of the reconstruction of matter/energy. Mutual operation of reconstruction according to the advantage of scale … gradual, cascade, domino effect …. explosion of exploitation/reconstruction/transformation not slowing down but accelerating.
For this zero-one translation of decisions for reconstruction, there is a need to constantly increase the algorithmic and human front in controlling the directions and velocities of this development … challenge
to be continued to capture the massive mechanical processes of (neo)creation.

Automation/acceleration of the mechanism of the new generation of production/transformation towards 4 D printers = evolution/miniaturization of self-replicating production complexes. 10.b.

Further open attempts/sketches, not easy drafts for an acceleration of productivity of environment transformation/neo creation by/in us and beyond.

Everything can be accomplished, even things, processes can be achieved, to us, it seems unreal, very, very distant, or that only a miracle can accomplish them … and a miracle is to achieve processes/structures with the help of unimaginable actions not worked out in history. Everything that has so far reached above natural background levels was simply tinkering, processing, a restructuring that immediately affected the reprocessing of phenomena with which the reconstructed structures were the most harmonious, … the most processed/structural(energetically resonant- more about it later) resonant

It is about the issues of systematicity, the direction of building with the help of materials, process structures of new levers, new structures, but in an increasingly bold, powerful transformation process, sometimes as if aimless, but ultimately it is preparing the platform, the background for the next new structures more suiting our purposes, use resources, for reconstruction, environmental neo-creation, participation in this cosmic joint transformation, often at odds with other forces, tendencies, often odds with our gardening of environment, of the background of care of the jungle of micro-macro cosmos of life and matter, from which we often fail to see opportunities and joint responsibility for this care and development.

The issue here is, as always, there has been a process in history, developing awareness of a strategy of the process of development of the mechanism of development of tools, leverage for transformation, impact on the environment. Only here our thoughts go deeper than previously achieved decks from many thousands of years ago, a few years ago and today these decks that are still not sufficiently worked out systematically, not enough exploitable because of common mind about we don’t need unnecessary action according to the scheme/paradigm… “because you will not change nature”
We are not only observers but also full-fledged / full-duty participants involuntary to succumb to its systems, cooperating with or conquering these systems, such as acquiring greater or lesser potential for life and any non-passive existence.

This historical lever link of changes is about working out mechanisms for more effective achievement, crossing, breaking the barriers of existence and development and transformation of the micro macrocosm as productively as possible ….. developing the mass of domino effect of applications

It is about developing automation/autonomy = further (because they have always been historically and modernly occurring) more mass transfer of competences of repetitive algorithmic processes, tools, devices, production systems, operating systems, energy, telecommunications, transport at the micro and macro space level, economic, production/technological mechanism of the technological perpetual mobile for the implementation of the neo creation.
Hyper evolution (the evolution of processes of their mechanisms, which will involuntarily change the face, will initiate/provoke any changes that we want to aim at) Any restructuring of reprocessing, and neo-structuring, neo-processing of establishing the environment of own tool facilities, own production and energy production park the system may no longer be the production line of the Ford, but the self-replicating system in this case already hyperproduction of a multi-trillion scale … the production of new tools/levers (because this is how functions the mechanism of reconstruction, transformation of any processes of the structures of the events and … wonders of the space) to/for overweighting (any) phenomena globally and (micro-macro)cosmically that yesterday, today or tomorrow would seem to be impossible.

What does it mean? This means that self-development system is a mechanism, a process of controlling the system development of the tool lever system for reconstruction, change, structurally to be ahead of mass natural and artificial processes (economic, competitive and natural competitive theses) of all values, relations of processes of living and “non-living”[any capability to interactive transformation is a life] structures of the micro-macro space, including the overthrow of seemingly inviolable relations, with the help of those materials/structures/processes that are above our current potential enormously, by most performances {of course on some levels we are better than some nature systems- airplanes faster then sound}, processable, structurally determined by biological, physical processes … or in the field of the common backward economy, competition.

Mega self-replicating production.
Self-developing machine/technological perpetual mobile concept of cooperation in the micro-macro transformation of the physical and biological cosmos machine- this is a further historical, civilizational, or rather a strategic continuation (because the early one was not seen and currently also does one not see or one does not want to see the need for sense in pursuit of rivalry with finally hard already established “inviolable” regulations, patterns, walls of natural potential and growth and active participation in this process) breakthrough in the historical, civilizational improvement of the tooling tool system, cost reduction by billions times using increasing the front of transformational development potential (hype)revolution, neo-creation of the whole environment in the mode of translating/transformation virtual concepts, computer calculations into reality at a higher degree of automatic/automonous exploitation/processing than 3D printers … just like computers have evolved from large dimensions to a small complex but of the same or bigger size of production performance, reconstruction and exploitation complexes performances, will be a developed mechanism a… 4d printer(at start big self duplicating and dveloping plant/production complexes like by computer complexes history) strategy by this computer path will be automatic, autonomous – in a similar way as computers size, performance evolution will be developed production system/complex into direction of micro production and reproductive structures by designated spaces, structures, processes requiring transfrormation or simply neocreation structures, i.e. towards …printers 4 D/=technological perpetuum mobile of autonomous productivitet complexes. About this new strategy, invention for accelerating, deepening the process of the neolithic (exploitation/reproduction)revolution, turning on scale of possibilities we know or not known, for controlling process and structural trends of entire areas, levels of more or less unknown cosmos of matter/life. – more explanation about this strategy of 4 d printers complexes based on the process model, transformation mechanisms, streamlining the impact on physical and biological transformations will be after presenting general concepts of the principles of mechanisms for the development of existential foundations, the existential background in nearest articles/sketches.

to be continued to/of dependencies of nature, never closed and always open to changes that we can perform/accelerate with …developing tools from this nature and from our not passiveness.


Market and technological foundations for the construction/reconstruction of the foundations for accelerating the transformation of the environmental background of life and matter/energy systems. 10.a.

Sketches for a systematic, productive breaking of evolutionary/tendency barriers to the structural transformation of physical and biological phenomena.

In the end, it is necessary to limit this process of revitalization/restructuring of the existing or broken background of …mind/economy and technology mind, but requiring constant tuning processes, tendencies that are more effective than in the pre-Neolithic period, and contemporary pre-Neolithic of contemporary civilization aspirations that rather remind vegetative ones – in fact, that means self-destructive behaviors/mind like driving with closed eyes on highway full of different cars and turns of interests/=systems.
A little more breath is needed here for this quadrature of the wheel of thoughts, concepts of economic/technological restructuring of the encountered environment of groups of various interests/systems.
 A wind of change, the potential of opening the technological machine of the self-developing system, starting from the first enterprises, which additionally practically/model like support this concept of survival and development, through work, at first glance, not so vital, but very important for further coordinated on a global scale micro and macro cosmos biology, matter physics/energy existence and development civilizational and individual –
telecommunications and energy in the first months of attempts to take over a more explicit initiative in controlling general processes of the entire environment encountered, as the first actual step in the development of the internal and external organism background re/neo creation=hyper/artificial evolution=mega-production already from the machine according to the systems of the new economy and science for finally more progressive practical answer how to use and restructure entire systems of the environment.
Economics of technological perpetual motion mobile exploitation/restructuring, i.e. hyper evolution of the environment, i.e. selective economics is not ordinary economics – although slightly assumption of the general theory of economics, that selective economics should be it’s in 100% indicator, but not. Contemporary economics in practice does not ultimately deal with this exploitation mechanism, mega-production in like multi-functional/international production concerns approach to neo-creation of properties and processes of structures but potentially is ready for ( for own real renaissance)the new renewed function.
How does one incorporate ordinary economics into this crazy hyper evolutionary race?
This science is supposed to support the development of hyper evolutionary technologies in the first line of the telecommunications and energy sector, which will be used by the enterprise automatically and then so like the extended front training ground with mega (self-replicating/expanding production systems) production of direct mass products of new mega constructions, production structures/processes, enterprises on a micro-macro space scale …- solar panel systems to support climate chemistry systems, telecommunications to accelerate this process to further exploration, reconstruction, mega-production … huge amount of space ships, cities, giant space bases, but also marine, undersea, deep-sea, mining, mutual construction of more and more efficient systems of nuclear, deep-sea, planetary, solar indirect as well as … direct and so on – of course, faster and faster automatically/autonomously [energetically / logistically] the extended production mega will be the maxi model for very intensive restoration of micro-cosmic physical and biological … taking over, regenerating the background of the structure and functioning of the world of elementary particles (mass – “there will be less and less mass”) at a given level, and more in the form of energy/process (structurally, transformationally), biological directly and indirectly in the engineering of life structures, its protection, and development … absolute immortality [throwing away the self-destructive clock{of evolutionary cage}=instant self-repair/service]with immediate effect.
And these direct economic and hyper-constructive projects supported by science (on the further periphery of the production and production process) will feedback further on the scientific potential of further reconstruction, reproduction, gardening, (neo / re) background/garden cultivation, hyper-exploitation/mega-production park.
This new technology will change the face of economics and then vice versa in further technological strategy and so on feedback.
It is about supporting this hyper-production park from two sides, through science on the one hand, and the ordinary economy on the other, and this will further accelerate the efficiency of science and the economy, and then this park and so on and back.
The use of primitive economic/market reflexes, this primitive economics, and “alchemy” in accelerating the economically technological accelerator of this economics, science, higher (although the system of competition of systems of nature is also of a market nature – although in practice we do not take this into account) … as in the human body autonomous and decision-making systems

It’s about supporting this production park/reconstruction of the basics of life and matter/energy from two sides, by learning from one side [i.e. studying/researching/reaching further peripherals of operational and production performance], and on another side, the ordinary economy [i.e. accelerated production mega-machine/mega exploitation/reconstruction=hyper evolutionary] and this will further accelerate the efficiency of science and economy to each other and further this park and so on feedback.
It is about … the natural but systematic and more performance-controlled application of primitive economic/market reflexes, this primitive economics and alchemy (learning further peripheries of production and operating performance) in accelerating the economically technological accelerator of this economics, science (to higher peripherals, levels, speeds, spaces of instrumentation, existence, and development), higher (although the system of competition of natural systems is also of a market nature – although we do not take this into account in practice) … as in the human body, the autonomous system (production, autonomous/automatic production … like the already launched virus, … like a big bang exploding) and decision-makers (raising, maintaining, accelerating, directing production levels)

We are talking here about the economics of interaction, co-direction of physical/biological processes/structures (micro-macro) of the cosmos, the economics of the machine accelerator
mechanism of hyper = artificial evolutionary … environmental technological perpetual mobile.

It is made especially for this accelerator of the hyper evolutionary background of the micro-macro of the cosmos that this selective economics … of: production, … of physics, biology, which becomes superior to this primitive (contemporary) economics, physics, biology, … medicine [to such an early and contemporary vegetative level brought passive, neutral, attitude, attitude as a peculiar independent variable of our actions against the background of transformation of physical-biological evolution in the dimension of the global environment of cosmic, elementary particles, and individually], which does not mean that this primitive autonomous economics/science is of inferior importance … it will continue to have its methodological tools at increasingly higher peripherals of applications, levels of autonomy, automation will be used, … to further raise the levels of application of primitive economics of modern market for further applications in selective economics of hyper evolution, hyper biology, hyper physics, hyper cosmonautic/cosmic, hypermarket, hyper neolithic.

“Primitive” economic strategy is the economics of variable independent by phenomena that control processes, structures outside (theoretically) our reach, and selective economics in the application of organizational/technological potential as an automatic decision-making variable in controlling all processes of micro macro-space structures encountered.

to be continued

A makeshift of temporal classic calculation. We are (generic centrum of) the world. Making business with nature. 9.e.

Continuation of open (brainstorm)construction sketches for the regeneration of background of the global environment …gaps.

The current economy, the current economic machine has nothing to do with the race, the competition of evolutionary/transformational/existential/developmental nature of the micro-macro of the cosmos, the evolutionary machine of multi-deck/multi-space/multi-level systems of living and “not living” matter, and their systems of dynamics of processes and structures.
– assuming that we run our own civilization business, and “constant” nature run own business -means two parallel worlds, which sometimes accidentally cross each other accidentally(or because of business of other natural/”outside” systems), but it is probably not enough if we want to achieve a different position than the position of the monkey = a pre-neolithic man of modern times, modern economic and technological achievements not translating into proper competition for taking on a higher level of creative, neo-creative rather than destructive, self-destructive position due to the specific resonance of the accidental created environmental background we create/d. – a specific interference that is very necessary to survive, but often contrary to expectations, but rather lack of expectations and responsible strategy/action…economy/technology.

This(current) vanity/nihilist market/economy… of the primitive-pre neolithic assumptions about the “scientifically” announced inviolability of the status quo of the given/existing [according to current achievements of scholasticism] the image of nature …. can’t be compare neither to this nature sustainability nor compare to the economy responsible for its structural/process transformation, the general civilization position, as well as the personal position/(physical/biological)feature of each person … to selective economics, which deals with these basic principles/mechanisms of development and existence, supporting the economy of these new trans-natural mechanisms, their exploitation, re/production, and neo/(mega=means an enormous environment features transformation)production.
Modern science and the economy are only passive observers, passive exploiters of exploitation, and ad hoc production have no effective chances in this evolutionary race of the micro-macro cosmos systems, nor in comparison to hyper evolutional effects. And it’s not just about catching up but outdo process structures from the side of micro or macrostructures … it’s enough to join in this economy of the environment, active and very massive modeling of the generic background [lokal centralization by taking the initiative on our part in direction/decision-making/competence/determination generating, driving new foundations for development] of this environment because other systems are already doing it and will do, i.e. try to take over the potential in determining the process/construction trends of the generic background of environments, their levels, with which we have or will be dealing in the competition of taking over power defining features and laws at a given level of development potential.

The economics of evolution, artificial evolution, hyper evolution is selective economics, it’s genetics, economic (operational and production) management in establishing/initiating new principles and development laws for the micro-macro cosmos of living, non-living,…animated matter built on our part. This is how the laws of life and matter are renewed. Yes, this means replacing god, because god is the responsibility, full responsibility and at the same time the right to life and development … we take over – in the face of our responsibility and the potential developed – we are increasingly our competences for gradually moving away the generic structural background from form spheres submitted only to nature/god to a given achieved by our own strategic/logistic/economic/technological (reciprocity of these elements in determining the process of the basics of development and existence) potential of areas, spaces …. aiming at absolute centralized complete subordination of all encountered, observable micro macro structures/processes of encountered cosmos … just as it was done literally and figuratively at some levels of the classic neolithic revolution … but here it is hyperbolic nature of the proposed process due to the increasing scale and speed of the process at a geometric rate … supported by self-propelling processes of “automatic recultivation of surrounding” supported by self-propelling itself replicating teams of robots and their plants, in particular in the telecommunications, energy and “teleportation” departments of mass “resonant” transformations of elementary particles of living and non-living matter [more on this later].

This new economics, new science, is to be a reversal of the modern science strategy, the economy of primitivism (pre neolithic), which treats nature as an unchanging status quo for some superficial exploitation, observations, some realization in the production of small construction toys according to the achieved “absolute” rules, pre-school play in conquering space on … mattresses – i.e. without a powerful/group construction/production tooling, instrumentation, exploitation, telecommunications, energy, absorbing the moon and other space objects along the way, built with more and more instrumented (i.e. automatic/autonomous) tools extra competences not directly related to humans] for deeper intervention (transformation/hyper evolution/economics of selective transformation of the environment) into the natural processes of the cosmos, and further feedback – changed at a given level of the environment, on ever newer background environment, gives further impetus to a higher technological, economic, logistic level, constructions to the micro/macro(for example climate/viruses) cosmos … make new tendencies/changing in an accelerated process the total genetic face/background of the encountered environment for its furthermore effective exploration/transformation.

We are talking here about the unimaginable power of the reconstructive economics of the whole, so whole environment from scratch – because we are the main generator, initiator, constructor, as well as its destructor (i.e. breaking unnecessary barriers, … and building the necessary for defense), such or other structural/process nature systems. Economics, but of a conscious, purposeful, system-oriented nature, to interact only in a hyper evolutionary nature, not a vanity one, i.e. insufficiently important for the dynamics of the current and future vectors of powers of system, the interests of natural systems against our infinite logistic potential as a basic paradigm. … according to the pro hyper evolutionary factor/ratio/coefficient of any level of existence and growth.

Satisfying vanity, emergency needs
temporal (e.g. ad hoc treatment, protection, repair in the matter of diseases, defects, and not an equal race to restructure the whole generic background of processes, which we sometimes try to provisionally solve) or satisfying strategically, in the long term, frontally hyper evolutionary goals that occur even in classical science in this ecological cosmic, with an absolute paradigm here and now in some strategy on a static (somewhat changed over time) model of nature/its systems, not a hyper evolutionary/dynamic/non-passive approach to structures/processes of the background of nature events / its infinite systems … A new religion of joining in the implementation of truly divine system nature of tasks, but not so in the sphere of prayer, static theories, not more or less readable signals (about this phenomenon of signaling by less or more conscious manner, coupled, supported, initiated with phenomena of so-called natural or artificial signals I will write about in a month), but hyper farming gardening. ..resonance/specific transformation/information signals for care for the protection and improvement of the garden of Eden, the background of our lives, our matter, our present, and future … in total there will be or rather a lack of …timing/ of time (in the past all states and phenomena can be rescheduled temporarily, and relatively process-related again in a month – the monthly queue of articles) of manipulated phenomena … it will only have a provisional character for provisional calculations.
This makeshift temporal classic calculation can be Emc2, which is not a hyper evolutionary even not evolutionary view of nature … statistically as in the Middle Ages describing the state of achievement, the perception of the achievement of absolute calculations, to which absolute technology is to be adapted … relatively yes, but after reaching barriers if classical faith/scholastic calculations allow getting out of this mental frame of “static” evolution, “passive” evolution, passive relativism, realism/description of the course of “passive” structural phenomena.

to be continued to break through new barriers of faith and science by economy/technology by pro hyper evolutionary coefficient of exploitation depth of hyper evolution levels of life and universe.





mega-production/hyper evolution … without any compromises and expectations in contact with the brutal conditions of life and its survival and development, massive, giant obstacles, gaps in natural systems. 9.d.

Further sketches about working out deeper and deeper levels of neolithic revolution = exploitative/reproductive nature of the approach to the infinite evolutionary decks of micro-macro cosmos of living and not living matter.

Now we can do it … these technological perpetual mobile devices, i.e. team-driven self-propulsion systems for exploitation, processing of exploited resources, production of new tools, devices on/to structurally deeper and deeper layers of this material and energy exploitation.
That is technology/production/economics of hyper exploration, hyper/mega-production, hyper evolution=artificial evolution organized in a system of concerns operating in the global/hyper telecommunication/transport system, transforming on the micro space scale and macro space scale on an increasingly literally and figuratively (through new products further expansion of fronts of the services and development potential) deeper exploration decks, production activities of mutual neo-creative production teams.

In this way – as always historically – we are aiming at miniaturization or precisions of the activities of this specific internal metallurgy at quantum cell/ elemental particles and on ever-deeper levels, in the economization of these exploitation-production relations with nature according to the systemic mechanism of technological perpetual mobile, i.e. an automatic system of taking over further and deeper areas of building security and development buffers to the extent possible more and more coordinated by means of ever newer, more accurate systems for ordering this process, which( =natural accompanying processes) has always been carried out, is carried out and will be carried out with or without our participation … the question of how much we want to jointly participate in this process on the fate of our surroundings and the future.
So a systematic departure from economic nihilistic evolutionary/ecological/cosmic juggling in favor of a more coordinated, effective exploitation, resource utilization – as always historically proceeded and proceeds, but also a more massive system of (but more active[=hyper evolutionary] than passive)integration in the environment, with the environment … because that is how it works and need one a strong, strong partner, not a primitive demanding worm, to achieve things that we have not dreamed about and are not dreaming about but are just around the corner –
a hyper sustainable economy by the positively tunning pro hyper evolutionary coefficient for mega-production/services for infinitely (controlled self-propelled/accelerated automatically/autonomously) life and matter/energy resources exploitation supported each other system/systems.

Hyper evolutionary investments by ecological, mega-production, automatic, autonomous scale can lead to the advantage of a neo-creative initiative … with less than current(achievements, strategy and believe)standards of energy and neo-structural contributions, with the support of the advanced system of economics, automation, mega-production, and mega-production of energy/material exploitation in the earth/and beyond, as well as in the interior of the system of elementary particles, as well as in the interior of the system of mechanisms and their reproduction/neo production of… live organisms.

The hitherto lack [i.e. this inert, passive relativism in physics and the rest] of sufficient consideration of the active/dynamic pro hyper evolutionary coefficient / i.e. the factor of influence of technology on changes (in plus, neutral, in minus) in economics, mega-production=hyper evolution, science causes these activities are like an independent variable prevailing in decision making development strategies, which automates and primitively distorts their positions/relationships in processes/structures widely understood evolutionary, transformational micro-macro cosmos of animate and inanimate matter.

On the one hand, the unchanging nature is said to be absolutely definite/constant – what we would not do the trend will not change because of this, or attempts to adapt, subordinate to it, give in to its tendency, and there is no race strategy with nature (which is an infinite system of intersecting systems/interests/forces) of some partner … economic, business joint exploitation of its fruits, breeding them, reproducing them, neo producing, mega producing.
Or rather, there is a kind of transverse/uncoordinated escalation of negative effects of our rigid/schizophrenic approach to the seemingly fixed structures / “absolute” laws, a game with a zero result (“because nothing more can be done from nature”) by assumption or indifferent anti-ecological and anti-hyper evolutionary reality status quo mind- that is, not taking into account the dynamics and infinity of the potential and options/variants/systems in interaction with the micro-macro environment of the cosmos/living and non-living matter as well as the infinite possibilities of developing (preferably in a mass system) relationships, such as networks, and specific economic/production/technological/operational cooperation with these systems.

The proposed futuristic or pro futuristic intentions, strategies of activity are new mathematics, specific relativistic {with the rest, this realistic mathematics is not so new in this field}
queen of sciences but already a multi-level determinant of all the consequences and causes of scientific, production, strategic, creative and evolutionary phenomena.

Any activities including mathematical operations are burdened with a “constant” variable, this coefficient, which on the multi-level factors of multi-natural dimension as well as multi-dimension artificial changes in the area of ​​strategy and calculations.
The pro hyper evolutionary ratio ultimately a determinant, a multiplier determining potential, variants of events … caused by deeper/further/more precise natural factors, as well as deeper/more precise and more massive factors of structure design processes hyper related to such easily calculated by (flat)models of the queen of science.

Spine, scaffolding, evolutionary hyper accelerator and the so-called ordinary business activity “science” artistry. This spine, source, strategy, faith of further actions (not passive expectations) of all actions have been lagging behind this artistry so far, and it is this spine/strategy that should chase or rather be above this elevator/track-set evolutionary rely, vectorized dependence of various systems/interests in which we also have a duty to take part so that our development mission not only develop on paper.

Not only alchemical chasing (which applies to non-mass production systems in given achieved boundary areas of operation)
Mutation of viruses, the transformation of nature only according to this accelerator of (hyper) evolution mechanism … The pro hyper evolutionary factor will be negative (negative for our chances of survival or development) always because of not mass (but linear and not geometric rate of reproduction/instrumentation/instrumentalization resources) aggregation of production activities ( not massive) and a multiplier of natural processes and other broadly understood evolutionary systems influencing the trends on which we and our potential for survival and development are based.

Not a great nature or a conglomerate of systems, or what somebody would say god, not some system, other systems, other gods, but above all we are responsible for our future, for direct creation, building, constructing, interacting with nature, with … god, with help first of all working out their strategies, their activities, their economics, their technology, production – mega-production/hyper evolution … without any compromises and expectations in contact with the brutal conditions of life and its survival and development, massive, giant obstacles, gaps in natural systems. …
Our answer is to be maximally massive (adequate also to the massiveness of rate and scale of the nature of nature’s transformation character and its systems) creative technologies/economics not based on classical (primitive), i.e. not sufficiently respond to external threats/potential by juggling economics, which has nothing to do with the struggle for own creation/neo-creation, but only vanity game of a purely psychological demonstration result and as the third-order of needs that barely note the essence of divine and living life/survival strategies, any development beyond achievement (flat/linear – not according to the natural standard of geometric pace of any transformation/any real achievement) technological/economic / civilization level of the current/still unchanged level of the neolithic revolution.

to be continued with the search, structuring of mechanisms … for simplifying/improving the jumping/transformation over processes/structures for wished features and efficiency of life and matter/energy…to make our way and foundation of progress more efficiently in …multi-trillion zero-one system/accelerator/…”teleportation” of mega-production/neo creation.

A natural mechanism for technology that can occur in mass reconstructive and operational processes of the “metallurgical”system of self-deepening environmental decks system/accelerator. 9.c.

Further open drafts, (hyper)constructions, preparations for the (mega)productivity of taking part by man in shaping tendencies of life and matter transformations/development structures/processes.

The whole process effectiveness of structural process transformation processes depends on the efficiency of transferring technological competences, algorithmic systems capable of achieving hyper evolutionary goals of these transformations more effectively … taking more and more control over an ever greater distance over ever larger, more precise, further, deeper layers of these processes/structures. In this so-called micro metallurgy = environmental renewal, which has been and will be with or without us anyway-(not forget about it).

So we’re saying that this hyper evolutionary strategy is about imposing remotely controlled micro “dronesation” processes … = micro robotization, according to increasingly “longer” = more remotely (algorithmically … [but the algorithm itself according to – increasingly larger-defined competences commanded])controlled tooling instrumentation of this process, which, thanks to the accelerating miniaturization of control/hyper “metallurgy”-(means “miniaturizations of sources exploitation”) manipulation of all decks of particle matter … will bypass unnecessary destructive, troglodytical actions. So it is simply the so-called further tuning of the process of hyper evolution/hyper neolithic revolution of much further/deeper/mass decks, encountered environment, its..civilization … more according to our system than competitive systems around us,-processes/structures neo creation for our life very important strategically.
Awareness of these processes in nature as well as from our developed potential initiatives will allow us to maintain our civilization in this infinite system of competition of systems and further development as historical trends have shown, but with the chance of skipping/reducing the risk of the process of self-destruction, and as well as the trends indicated, they indicate here the acuteness of strategy and activities beyond the pattern that in these traditional, biased evolutionary traps do not fall into, cage yourself in the cage of current dependencies of external evolutionary forces, but continue to take the initiative to develop life collectively and individually … Decide on trends and preferences in the competitive participation of the system of our civilization as well individually( grow of our body/life competences) between…above the preferences of other micro-cosmos systems.
Our activities always lead to a change in the environment, it is about their more conscious processes and not accidental involuntary or ad hoc actions. Our current actions, strategies – or rather the lack of this strategy – can lead to situations opposite to those intended … but I have always emphasized that it can be corrected … only quite expensive
One can say, for example, that soon our entire earth will look like the moon and Mars, and we will not have to go there because of primitive, disrespectful thinking, economy, production technologies in relation to our relatively chaotic environmental interaction / (hyper) evolutionary.
We need new strategies that will take us beyond the negative ratio of evolutionary existence to natural and higher levels. Is this – artificial/hyper evolutionary transformation – bad for some environmental survival? Maybe not, but a complete change in the environment to which we can adapt by living in special reservations, oases … preparing involuntarily to adapt to non-terrestrial conditions here on earth…and beyond…but terrestrial too but on quite different …hyper evolutionary conditions. We can also redirect our unformed evolution appropriately, maintain the state of (ecologically/exploitational)affairs that interest us and remove others … as one president said we shall not fear but let’s not be deluded with our actions whether we want it or not
we had affected and will affect the processes of distortions/any transformation in the micro-macro-space environment. The question is only to what extent they will be more coordinated, whether it will still pretend that nature will take its way involuntarily, and we will not notice the way we will continue … but please also note that we can change our own bodily/cellular/molecular structures in a way to bypass the negative effects of environmental changes that surround our consciousness, life functions from within and from outside … generally preparing for the hyper/artificial evolution of our organisms directly, our tools of life and the transformation of the environment in dealing with micro-macro cosmos.

This more accurately more precisely explains the two-sidedness in influencing the coefficient/artificial multiplier of hyper evolutionary processes in neutralizing/or hyperbolizing relations with other systems of living and nonliving matter as if from inside and outside.

Other systems/environments means often are simply aliens/other civilizations among us.
Micro-macro cosmos is a conglomerate of intersecting systems of different sizes and speeds. Our perception and indolence simply do not notice them and their activities in the processes of change, the evolution of matter and life … and does not sufficiently integrate into its economic and technological strategy, including ignoring co-establishment, joint responsibility, for example, climate/viruses relations.
We very often sometimes react to these phenomena, not directly determining economic/technological strategies, but more incidentally.

Levels of advancement of economic/technological strategies (exploitation, transformation, production) for alchemy or advanced level of self-contained control of environmental algorithmization.
It is about practicing, working out these development phases pushing to further increase the levels of these renewable, self-developing algorithms of this technology of mutual development, accelerating plant/robot teams development … and of course in further spheres of the peripheries of exploration using so-called alchemical(according today’s explorative/extensive) methods but advanced at a higher level pre neolithic revolution solutions.
The first sign of humanity and civilization was the liberation of faith, an invisible factor, and a means to further and not static interaction with the environment.
And the main factor of the anti (negative or lack of) strategy of hyper evolutionary, privatization of building, expansion and a(nty)revolution was/is contempt for life … i.e. lack of faith and then the birth of (faith)strategy in influencing the shaping of conditions, properties of the internal and external environment.

The use of the perpetuum mobile technology can occur in mass reconstructive and operational processes of the “metallurgical”system of self-deepening environmental decks.
It is about studying and applying the mechanism of mutual reconstruction of bands, which in total occur on a massive scale in nature, but are not developed by our technological and economic potential … production, … mega-production=hyper/artificial evolutionary.
This peculiar technological perpetuum mobile occurs everywhere, it is about taking over the role of directing, creative, re/creative, neo-creative in this process … with the help of increasingly “long hand/invisible hand” tooling, automation, autonomization of exploitation, the transformation of encountered structures, processes of micro-macro cosmos.

to be continued to foundations and platforms for new minds and strategies for hyper(life&matter) environmental/=mega production development.