Assured shamanism or bold responsibility of interaction with vast systems of life and matter…of existence. 6.c.

Further drafts of inspiration to break free from jamming in the symptomatic establishment of barriers, laws, and existential perspectives. {…open strategies/suggestions for coping with systems of nature….of biological/material existence}

Thus, the strategy of co-responsibility for the continuation or lack of continuity, for managing any processes, structures on their ever deeper decks of so-called laws and properties, is the real potential for our own {working out/by paradigmatic tool of…tools}rights(not any more static laws/barriers) and existential opportunities, for really developmental science, economics, … NASA, etc.

Science, the economics of any modern trends – if they can be called any trends, and if so, they would be more backward trends, consumerist trends. That would have mostly nothing to do with: hypernatural neolithic enterprises/revolutions, sufficiently hyper evolutionary in the entire multi-spatial race of systems, including system as the whole of our humanity, as well as the total individual race … of arms for our existential/developmental position. Without development, one goes backward compared to other systems. This is a feature of systems of life … or rather a healthy function of instinct for survival that needs to cultivate all the time.

This hyper evolutionary race has always been a fight to the death and life. Not taking part in this, i.e., passivity according to the principle. Because one will not win with nature or ambivalence in your assessments, and thus actions (or rather the lack of non-passive activities) against the background of the already established arrangement of “forces/laws” by the human being is 100% suicide … anyway, the majority of people, humanity is already subconsciously focused/submitted on this process of a kind of self-destruction.
– on their own wish… concentrate on this neolithic, hyper evolutionary, and literal suicide by omission. And … the request has been fulfilled, …it can even be accomplished earlier than it seems to us, on our fatalistic (just unresponsible{that not means submission} /shamanic acts to nature processes) wish.

Symptoms/superficialities or prevention. It’s about strategies, science, or rather the tooling of science in the direction of repairing, correcting, interventions, creating on the more and more profound decks of the micro-macro cosmos of matter/biology. That is to remove the symptomatic – specific pre neolithic – character in interaction with so-called environment/nature, for the benefit of an increasingly tool-making, productively with/{sometimes}against systems, processes, structures of macro-micro systems of space/barriers/{or rather}opportunities that stand in our path of existence and development.

Symptom-conscious-unconscious in interaction nature
So it is more or less symptomatic activities. It is about reducing this symptomatic response, acting on further spaces, levels, decks of the hyper evolution of neolithic in physics and biology for transformation or elimination of ever deeper structures/shields/tools of competing systems…
Symptomatic behavior in interaction with nature, its systems, are established laws with which we try to interact somehow. And the reconstruction of processes, structures are aimed at less symptomatic, less “law legal” at a given level of development … that is, a kind of pushing laws, symptoms shaping, influencing (inhibiting) our actions … for a real continuation of our existence development.

As with the invention of the drug and not only vaccines to respond to a given condition, in this case, the disease, with which we want to deal with the increasingly high level properly. The same applies to the “medicine” = tools productions for structural change in the process of selected biological, physical phenomena that would be disturbed as much as possible, or improved as much as possible.

Each improvement is the hyper evolutionary step, as far as vectorially by direction and power will be more effective in the hyper neolithic revolution.
It is about developing strategies in this hyper evolutionary vector action of this … hyper neolithic ax at the technological economic and scientific level …moral political/strategic faith.

It is about noticing the difference between hyper pre neolithic and hyper neolithic hyper evolutionary behavior in their scientific, economic, …, religious work … To what extent in investment = hyper evolutionary/neolithic, and how much consumption (based on passive, conservative behavior/operational – = not sufficiently neo-evolutionary, to threats, resources, opportunities) we will make our strategic and moral, life considerations and conclusions.

Current events in the struggle with some nature(systems) extend, resemble the role of telecommunications as a tool key. This compulsion today will eventually help a leap in the use of telecommunications more massively in the hyper neolithic revolution, telecommunications competition in the processes, structures nature systems control on a scale at least sufficient to at least not lose this race of… life and death.

Yes, telecommunications in controlling all processes, structures, in controlling systems of nature … in fully responsible control of nature, as a paradigm of processing, automation, massiveness, the precision of processes more in-depth/distance of systems, levers, tools, devices for hyper evolution, the hyper neolithic revolution of/beyond next barriers, cradles, developmental crusts.

We always leave some level of the existential developmental shell of physically and mentally found barriers, “laws” … we leave it or die literally or figuratively in this fight/reconstruction the barriers for existence (safeness) development, breaking down the background, the shell of “laws,” of old genetics, structures, processes using just this over/against shell smashed-based telecommunications leverage initiatives hitting (mostly)mentally barriers “invented or created” by consumerism abandonment of hyper evolutionary / = pro-existential investments.

To be continued further to a new model/paradigm, the open law of neo creation/=and existence as the law of responsibility for pro(a)gressive interaction with any processes and structures.

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