The neo-creative theory of space/=cluster of systems:…we are center/potential of the universe = neo/creation and development of all/life. 6.c.


Further provocative thesis/suggestions of competition of life and matter systems.

Yes, this hyper evolutionary strategy for the development of science, economics is not some realization, static fun, life with a zero result. That where we and nobody would have any strategic impact on our surroundings and our time – it is absolutely not the truth.
No models, arrangements, patterns, relations have and will not have a so-called comfortable, fatalistic, permanent passive settlement.

For every second, a millimeter is our right and duty to fight if we do not want to be dented or scattered into nothingness – of course, if we do not undergo the processes of a kind of erosion of relations, harmful dissolution of ties in which we currently live in a given space and time./
Life and development is an absolute, total hyper evolutionary investment, scientific, mega reconstructive system arms race in which we are, we want to be: an active decision-maker, a …paradigm.

And only in this direction, but not extensive, but very intensive, should focus strategies and actions aimed at very deep, very advanced, mega-production reconstructions of the environment. In this case, not for nihilistic or fatalistic reasons – but for planned life and development, that is to say, to survive, because life without real aggressive growth…of our background is a quick way of going down for our entire civilization.
… as well as the life of each of us and separately (I know, I know that many have bet on man’s loss in fatalistic positioning, submitting to the process of degradation, … .but by the way, expressing himself in the artistic career / = economic / = scientific, having nothing to do with instinct, i.e., life strategy / = development, which is to be inseparable paradigms of determining the position of man/homo sapiens in micro-macro space systems…Doing it cold and hot, i.e., chemically and physically energetically and constructively, for neo handling, neo structuring in as fast as possible, very precise and massive course /way…
Because if not, other systems literally eat us … we must be these increasingly better beavers engineers in this hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic race of arms at the level, on the macro-cosmic micro-scale,
.. Yes, I know, we can have moments to breathe/relax like children in kindergarten with creative fun(exercise for battle/war of ..worlds/systems) with lego blocks..of/for blocks of life/=of survive … but let us be aware of our responsibility/=only our responsibility for our life = safety and/=+ development, for which we must fight for every second, at any time, every millimeter and every space.
So there is a need for constant modification, mutation of systems of tools, and tools … modern gadgets, devices, these are our contemporary naked(pre stone age/= pre neolithic) hands before the advanced Neolithic level. For which need one for higher and higher generations of tools, their industrial and economic park to become the basis of new generations of scientific development, followed by further generations of tools, and the next generation of transformations in this neolithic hyper evolutionary race.
That is, it means the end of the shamanic, alchemical and pseudo-scientific, pseudo-economic, era- perhaps supported by hyper strategic civilizational and hyper neolithic investments –
but! Here it is more about a real start with a mega-production decisive attitude in competition/fight for death and life with/against other biological and physical systems of the macro microcosmos. Amen.
There is a kind of contradiction here in the strategy of hyper evolution, which speaks of an equal/uneven evolution race of organisms, systems. But in this case, we put this evolutionary strategy upside down, stating that we are strategically and evolutionarily, or slightly hyper creatively, we are the absolute centrum/paradigm … with/by no visible”nowhere” sources(means sources discovered/exploited in/form our infinite innovations, initiatives decks) = 4d changes in the existing/”real” world of the visible, noticeable potential of 3d systems in the world at the same time we have to treat this natural or another 3d world as an equal, not a higher, not worse partner in establishing our divine creative goals, paradigms, i.e., a specific return to the divine, selective role of creation theory in our life/world, in our struggle, competition with other systems.

So, so-called shamanic science and ordinary vanity economy are not aimed at direct hyper evolutionary activities. There is no investment, production, but only symptomatic, side and surrendering interactions, or rather short-term actions in reality -according to the primitive principle that nature one will not change.

The strategy must be changed – philosophy of looking at (hyper) evolution, from passive to no passive, very active, and not ambivalent.
We will always act symptomatically … pre-neolithic on physical or biological issues, at a given level of knowledge. And the point is to go deeper productively into structures. So that these activities are more active on ever deeper layers of systems with which we want or need to interact, supported by proper expanded investments for new decks, levels of the neolithic revolution in the hyper evolutionary competition with other systems.

To be continued about pre neolithic and neolithic attitudes and potential by science and economics to be more creative than evaluative.

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