Drafts of a permanent, constantly dynamic definition/character of strategy, direction, vectors of actions, production, including involuntary developmental momentum of infinitely neolithic maturing of systems of nature. 6.b.

In a specific and proper effective competition with nature, with nature’s systems (including all potentials and barriers)
– the economy, too) is like with the symptoms of a virus. You can’t stop at all, you shouldn’t be based on some fixed barriers, static models to be bypassed, or acknowledged as not inviolable already at the start,( …unless only at the beginning) in defining any strategy, research, modeling, creation. Some want just to survive -unless temporarily-, but it is going here to construct tools for breaking down existing barriers, structures that are a threat to our existence, or any development of/= the level of this existence … physical, biological … economic …

We rebuild so-called existential and developmental barriers. We rebuild it without looking at nature allows that. Because these are sets of systems (including our system) pushing each other, and sometimes treatment of the symptoms of this or another state alone is not enough to sustain our existence or this level of existence in biological, physical areas … any areas of maintaining or raising levels, chances of life, and survival.

As far as we can eliminate, rebuild these barriers. Of course, not smashing everything (ecology). That of course should not forbid deep fundamental transformations on the level of cells, bacteria, viruses, micro/nano elementary particles on ever-deeper levels of micro and macro spaces of living/not living matter of…science, technology and economics of creation, neo-creation in symbiosis and competition with the systems we encounter we will meet on our always dynamic path of existence and development.

There is a need for strategic, not accidental reaction, initiation, to the world/universe of systems around and in us that also have their constantly developed own strategies of tendency and existence.

Building an anti-barrier, defense system is primarily based on developing an initiative, mega-production strategy. The production of a tool aimed directly at changing the shape of the environment, changing its properties, changing the given systems with which we have, or want to deal with, whole or in part. As it began earlier on, the first decks, the levels of the Neolithic revolution, and which involuntarily takes place with our more or less conscious strategic participation. Which is of great importance. Without a deliberate strategy, our actions will often be contradictory not only to the surrounding specific positive values ​​of the environment but directly to our lives now and later.
It is a permanent, constantly very dynamic definition of strategy, direction, vectors of actions, investments, production, including involuntary developmental momentum of infinitely neolithic maturing of systems of infinite space – the unconditional change of environmental properties, unrestricted creation of anti-barriers, and actions and/or counteractions in constant struggle with very massive and dynamic modifications of relations of micro and macro space … expansion with a real momentum of the system/s(of nature) taking into account this mega dynamic of creation, neo creation of all processes, structures, and their relations and properties.
… And not burying your head in the sand under the pretext of respecting the natural status quo or ambivalent submission, vanity / fatalistic gratification of nature in determining the strategy for the development of economic or scientific relations/actions.

Instead of passively switching to more active, passive activities, doing constructing in a neo-creation, no(/not only)-exploratory exploitation race. It’s about the economics, costs of the process of the hyper evolution of this neo-creation process, of massive neo featuring/”breeding” (of systems/backgrounds) of nature and not(only) its observation/…submission.

From us depends if we will be a boat without oars on the infinity of oceans of the micro-space systems of the cosmos, or a growing vectors decision-maker on the directions of structural and process properties of the environment, in a deeper and longer perspective according to our existential and developmental aspirations of homo-sapiens, no longer pre neolithic at further levels of hyper evolution.

The economic and technological tools of mega-production, i.e., hyper neolithic (r)evolution, have been and will be the only qualitative generators of any processes and structures with which we struggle, which we want to create, co-create, and neo create.

Any operation, biological or physical processing (we are talking here about the specific biology of the evolution of the whole micro-macro space/systems) is consistently persistent in the environment of competing micro space systems, e.g., viruses, as well as in temporary macro space trends of the given space/systems…
because – I speak here about- space (…is) biology is life – any cluster/team, systems, its sustainability, and development depends on constant support, development of process functions, structural existence, and development … also defense by an attack, through own initiatives, own/innovative neo-creative 4d constructions in the area of ​​the existing 3D …

– let explain a bit 4d system-
it is, on the one hand, an initiative …from “nowhere”(very shortly-…our or not explained decks/reasons of any changes)
and on the other it is a composite self -replication/ technological/economic perpetual mobile production of energy, etc. neo-constructive, a system of tools to improve the cost-effective, mega-production interference in transformation, for growing up own competences with/in structures, processes in the environment of systems of the micro-macro cosmos of entire nature…more about the 4d later.

These 4d are nothing more than specific initiations of pro-development existential transformations by catapulting (own local/temporary potential) like a jet, as well as appropriate exploitation more or less with the help of sort of wind/exploatation{more and more efficient and sustainable}, dynamics of transformations, tendencies of space systems. That could be called stairs to our (hyper)evolution, with the highest possible active participation on our part.

It is about determining the direction of development and the smallest possible dependence on other processes that, in competition and tendency, will eventually want to devour/absorb us depending on the situation determined by our strategies or lack of strategy, actions, or lack of proper measures.

This is about catapulting/levering/neo tooling of neo processing, (neo) featuring, neo constructing, neo creating … As it was with cars, planes, rockets, … above sound … the same can be done with light speed and other structural and process properties.

And all this goes to … an ax that will be further made of neo-structural, neo-extra energy, neo-energy, structural, process lever…of real progressive intentions/innovations/aspirations … To create a neo-extra environment for the next generation of neo ax, more precise, more massive energy lever to the next/further hyper evolutionary struggle, and so on in the following performance levels/decks of the neolithic revolution of the new stone ax of neo creation, jointly responsible creation…
To be continued towards the meaning of model of a hyper evolutionary “explosive” 4d ax generic mixture of 2 cores component.

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