Towards generic initiation/mega-production strategic code zip transformation. 5.b.

Can we outdo nature=other systems of nature …by tools/device definition and definition of homo sapiens? Of course, yes. How there are different ways of our system and other systems to …change the nature, to use the tools? So I going further delve into this problem.

The importance of directionality (hyper) evolution, (mega) production from 3d to 4d … i.e., usually 3 dimension investments for the growth of 4dimension modeling (as if from outside the system), and which will further affect the effects of 3d investment … i.e., the production of tools for material/proprietary transformation, constructional, process-based to increase the power/readiness for further production for acceleration, gradual, efficient, shifting (hyper)evolutionary, (hyper)neolithic level.
And vice versa from 4d to 3d and blindness/ambivalent ness of hyper evolutionary strategy production classic economy and awareness of selective economics/economy=mega-production=hyper evolutionary production.

The so-called dynamic construction of nature, any processes, structures, relationships, laws, properties has a surprising picture, the basis as the simplicity of the lever mechanism of creation, neo-creation, as well as the tools – from nowhere leverage initiative – with 4d effort to transform the existing state of “laws” at given levels, intersections of the observed, perceived image of ordinary 3d space.

Here, the ego-theories of the law of shamanic science, based on “achievements” and defining the absolute statutes/laws of the image of the world, of nature as a kind of distinct/natural process of perception and action (which in reality is only a reference at a given level of development) are rejected.

This peculiar opposite of fatalistic statuses is perhaps not the liquidation of science as such, but the dependence of its potential on instrumentation. That is, learning to operate on deeper higher and more massive decks, levels of perception. According to a very powerful tools production/mega-production aimed at a simple, absolute change of the environment (selected segments), ruthless competition with natural systems, with nature for own position … robust investments, massive mega-production activities aimed at civilizing science from alchemical, mystical, theoretical … and its support with an ever more powerful, apparatus, buffering, vectoring strategy processes that interest us not only here and now, but in the future …
-the strategy so far rejected as unnecessary, hopeless, contrary to the existing divine state/= laws of nature … = positioning man to an ambivalent philosophical point based on “laws” – in reality, human deprived of all rights to nature … which is contrary to the principles of homo sapiens and the tenets of evolutionism, but also in fact opposed to the divine laws of man – not as an object – at the same time … incapacitating/enslaving us in processes, structures constitutionally.

Of course, science will always have a shamanic character at a given level of creative initiative, or rather the lack of it( lack of any {of hyper: natural/evolutionary/neolithically}initiative). Only on furthermore active/non-passive, permanent interactions on deeper and deeper levels of intentional intervention, the development will we call it the science of action, the science of creation, neo creation, continually fought, worked out, produced hyper evolutionarily, constructed own rights, and not praying to self-building walls of absolute glass horizon/laws of (not)possibility and perception.

Unconditional automatic, mass, hyper telecommunications
[because let’s forget about the model of hand-made production – a contemporary epidemic crisis may convince/eventually force remote control system economy/production improvement, accelerating the process in this competition/hyper evolutionary war – finally abandoning the pseudo-submission/or ambivalent/= passive strategy of Adhoc thinking system and activities in the sphere of science and economy(ics)] production. In favor of own modeling environment, tool/devices parks,(for) hyper industrial tooling, technological background, hyperphysical, hyper biological, structural complex(s), corporation of Perpetuum mobile of hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic enterprises, in an increasingly mobile flexible version for acquisition, supporting the construction of processes of interest to us or/and overtaking them. Until now, it has not been and was not even a substitute for the purposefulness of our existence and real development but only Adhoc maintaining( {hyper} evolutionary) meaningless pre neolithic actions.

Yes, this is creating your own big bang.
It does not matter from what size … Only pure leverage, zero-one, hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic system towards macro-structural, production, strategic investment plans, and changes.

There are two parallel systems. Our and natural-or rather an infinite number of systems and interests. But ours must be the additional (and decisive) system. The system is a team of leverage{tools/devices} initiatives, transformations in this total race, let’s forget about thoughtless/”law” established malfunctioning to some illusory model of nature – but an infinite, often contradictory, very dynamic set of lever systems of systems.

Yes it is like the competition of more or less natural factories … the cell … with its generic initiation/mega-production strategic code zip transformation (about this mega-production zip model a little later)
As if it were- it is- the arms race, building the expansion of total mass production … for the production itself … of tools … hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic.

The need for an economic/mega-production strategy – which is to change our subordinate/or blind/suicidal mentality on this arms race … hyper corporative, hyper telecommunicative, hyper applicative on a global, micro, and macro space scale.

Yes, this is a mega-production of factory tools for the production of the next factory tools for further, more massive production/=transforming nature – yes, nature … its leverage foundation systems of copying, mapping, correcting, replacing, repairing, creating new structures/processes.
And this is the strategy, mechanism, definition of creation, neo-creation, the paradigm of science, and developmental economics … no longer neutral for processes and structures of systems of nature … Competitive, competitive, jointly responsible even in the competition of vanity economics, evolutionary economics, but of course, above all, like hyper evolutionary selective economics.

We (scientists/strategists) see perceptually but (for lack of tools we undertake other strategies, “laws,” theories, actions … further at a pre-neolithic level generally)
There is a lack of tools, the production of tools for what we see or would see and not {re}act passively, for this service …of life and matter … The perceptual advantage over the tool/device, but the tool advantage will be from its definition (extended definition,
the function of the instrument) [for] surpassing what we see/…thus would like/will act…

To be continued

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