Only decisive counterreactions are counted in further processes, existential tendencies for any new movement, transfer of changes of processes/structures. 4.c.

Further continuation of drafts of discovering/maintaining of the mechanism of processing on possibly less and less symptomatic(pre-neolithic) reaction, influence on processes, structures of the material, biological environment …

Any desire, counteracting, operating in an environment experienced by us, need this initiative “from nowhere.”

Every initiative, change in the 3d system(in which we live) comes from the external 4d system of our or another system. From its initiatives. That is a counteraction to the reactions of (our) environment(al) (3d)systems we live. We counteract because only our counterreactions are counted in further processes, existential tendencies, developmental environments, and in particular systems in this environment. And of course in particular of our system, of our initiative for any further movement, transfer of changes of processes/structures And through this distorting/evolving of systems, forces, additional tools/levers of systems of the environment of the 3d world we encountered. The world is temporary(by measure and feature/structure)- not as an absolute tool/measure, or an absolute/dogmatic (shamanic) scientific paradigm of current or subsequent processes of change structures.

And this is not a shamanic scientific approach to phenomena and our paradigmatic participation of 4d in moving mechanisms/established (but really neolithically / hyper evolutionarily temporary) 3d.

Infinite energy resources, real construction process like entering or rather leaving 4d initiative for further lever mechanisms, processes of existing space systems, lever systems of the 3d world .. such “out of nowhere” open perpetual motion of mobile technology, production, energy … Always less needy than he gets … paid for with its own initiative, unconditional but targeted, vectorized changes.
Unconditional, architectural contribution of the developed potential of a given system – including ours – for structural and process changes of the micro-macro space … this contribution and results of this contribution vectorize, leverage further hyper neolithic, hyper evolutionary processes of micro-macro cosmos. It depends on us, our system of civilization, what (how active input) participation it will take, and thus the position/strength/defense in this economy of an infinite number of connected vessels systems of the entire environment/cosmos.

It is said that to avoid war, win the war; one needs to be armed all the time … invest all the time in your position, in this case, hyper neolithic positions in the infinity of decks and the threatening environment of (evolution) processes … this is no longer a research
indefinitely, but immediate action, buffering, environment platforming for growth (without) conditional potential.
Contribution above the “legal” peripheral calculations but more according to the deservedness in developing new directions of hyper evolutionary tendencies, i.e., more developed own rights, i.e., direct legal position, or differently developed physical and biological law – non-passive law.

That’s how open, technological, and construction
Perpetuum mobile inspires structures, processes, and their legal … neo-scientific basis.

That is for the legal basis, properties of the environment, and space. The importance of purposefulness comes into play here. These initiatives generate further given vector participation in any processes, structures … this is copying purposes, modeling, calibration, generation, and thus massive
alive/systematically/primitive/stepwise / … is about purposefulness … and consequently consistency, percentage share, contribution in this process according to our technological, production, strategic, economic, civilizational … philosophical, religious, political, scientific. Because without awareness of this strategy, our actions will simply be ambivalent, nihilistic, denying the foundations of existence, development – … in the continued use of lever technology of “neo neolithic splintered stone” of/fo reproduction, retrieval, neo production/creation of structures/processes.

Developing this mechanism of copying/modeling at the process and structural level of the energy/processing/structuring perpetual mobile, accelerating, as a tool for any further manipulation, creation, neo creation, participation, joint responsibility, full responsibility for creating mechanisms of further existence and development … This is the proper dynamic absolute paradigm of the proposed development … mass production of one’s own world, practicing it, developing like a 4d structure of a corridor changing the face of the existing 3d world.

… Just such a production of tools … blocks (lego) in more in-depth, further structures, processes, for more efficient in restructuring, structuring processes, structures that interest us in copying on a higher form than nature … or building new parallel nature/world/background/genome.
Such a hot and cold “metallurgical fusion.”
Hyper atomic, hypercellular of elementary particles, to acquire new structures, processes … new energy, generation, regeneration, neo-generation … atomic, biological structures, processes.

The goal (and thus the strategy for building tools .. in the future) is … a generic change of background in advance as an absolutely creative, technological, economic, scientific paradigm strategy of existence, development of life and other structures, processes that interest us.
That is the creation of an environmental neo creation tool, with an absolute emphasis on devices, their production – the entire system, economics, science, religion, politics of neo-creation, and hyper evolutionary mechanisms.

It is a tool for reducing the costs of processing, creation, and neo-creation in the hyper evolutionary trend as the main thread of developmental trends 4d. Creating tools, the definition of tools as a method to increase energy efficiency, process construction, to an increasingly diminishing contribution in relation to the achieved, structurally, intentional, energetically intentive goal as a historical, physical, futuristic trend.
Funds, tools to take over, overgrowth of systems to a greater extent than input, and so in a further upward trend and so backward with ever better outgrowth, for taking over the environment, existing processes of structures, further increasing the efficiency of building tools for measures to take over, operate structures, processes, and energy more effectively. i.e., with lower input costs than achieved effects, process structures, energy.

To be continued to answer the question: How investing and how consuming we will be in our position of answering/responsibility, acting on destinies, creation of/for our living space, … of the future? =Are we enough involved responsibly/not passively in phenomena that we…involved? What involvement (scientific/economic) strategy/step(s) needs one to make our position less passive on any phenomena?

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