…just very massive arms race with systems, structures of nature .. ruthless massive neo/constructing (mega-production) 4.b.

Continuation with insane drafts(not classic science) of/for the hyper evolutionary lever race for life and matter.

Economic and technological expansion combined with a hyper evolutionary strategy, or a hyper evolutionary/neo neolithic approach to struggling with barriers rather than: succumbing to them, imprisonment, objectification, two-sided statuses, some static schizophrenic relationship between our actions and the very dynamic actions of other physical and biological systems.

Hyper evolutionary approach is a very dynamic, not passive approach to all processes, structures, i.e., reconstruction, … a kind of negotiating strategy, neither patriarchal nor subjective, it is a very intensive investment transforming the environment to evolve advantage, hyper evolutionary not based on mindless destruction but based on re/neo/construction.

It is not only a technological, economic, but political approach to the phenomenon, political approach to the hyper evolutionary strategy, policy … partnership – neither established nor subject – with nature, with its forces, not only economics … economic policy … collaboration, cooperation, war, independence, active (non-passive) respect for other forces … while respecting each other … nature is a complete economic, political system … a kind of absolute democracy – a force of nature.
As much as we will have the chances and advantages of life and development, as long as these economic and political forces of our system (civilization) will be active in carving hyper evolutionary. Hyper neolithic ax for our own, further niches of existence, our own (hyper) evolution. And so for… further better axes and better and better niches and so on … an ax for building a niche for further, deeper penetration spaces … for … ever better ax and thus a new generation niche and so on.

It is about decisions regarding the mission of our life/existence… our matter/energy, birth, and continuation of life … according to continually developed not only a political but a religious/moral decision, i.e., an arrangement of full responsibility but/also means of full rights worked out for the fate of us(of our life) and the rest.

And this is a milestone of humanity and (our) cosmos. A new era of humanity and the universe. No longer as we have seen but as creative, hyper neolithic view( and action) on further development perspectives no longer ambivalent, submissive, but fully responsible for all processes, structures, their additional hyper neolithic transformations. In a political, economic, and technological competition with other more or less known systems of the micro-macro cosmos. So literally, we are building an initiating, preventive background, spaces, niches of life, and its development in the direction of the macro-micro. So let’s arm ourselves like David against the Goliath, maybe not even a fair competition with the infinite nature systems…but anyway step by step …of neo neolithic action/revolution. That may also be our chance for another level of our sense of security, existence, development … no longer “trips on/in nature”, customization or networking, but hard creative and neo-creative work of entire micro-macro areas of the cosmos, possible the most effective, mass, precise on a model, modeling/shaping the next levels, ceilings, decks of existence and development of each of us and our civilization … in cooperation with more or less vivid and other systems of nature.

Neo creation, merely creating new process structures, accelerating this process is to burst, catapult shamanic, scholastic science, scholastic/vanity economics, scholastic/vanity cosmonautics, scholastic medicine into another space.
…Building 4d self-building systems, accelerating, autonomous reading more and more efficiently, fulfilling our expectations, plans, in the directions established by us, changing the technological face of the dream of existence and development.

This is a gigantic technological and production race in gaining, annexing space … And it is enough for all systems … without giving in to some “law” of nature, because we are working on “rights” and no one else, of course just paid for with our contribution, own responsibility, and diligence … production, mega-production, hyper evolution, selective (hyper evolutionary/neo-neolithic) economics on our part … Structural process taking over of the micro-macrocosm space, … Not offering ourselves to nature, nor offering it to us, or rather co-creation of processes, generation, restructuring according to our own … parallel if they do not stand on our way of existence.

Until there is no strategy of permanent development tool of hyper neolithic hyper evolutionary strategy (yes strategy of strategy) as by definition distance/assistance tool system/lever for building/constructing processes and energy processes, structures, so…automatically, by the massiveness of telecommunications system, communication, transport, building cities/models on Earth, the Moon, Mars and / for micro areas of biological, physical processes/structures –
let’s forget about the safe and effective acquisition of micro-macro space … the same with other fields … conquering space … of science… including not just ad hoc climate or medical(viruses) activities but a full-blown attack, communication, initiative to buffer and develop own position as civilization and as (real stimulation, awakening) the individual instinct, mind of the life of each of us,
until we have no chance for sustainable existence and development of the entire system of our mankind and each individual … without the neo tool/neo ax leap, we have no opportunity for little steps for any right for our life and our environment buffer, so no more statement of shamanic science or vanity economy about living/non-living matter by proven with the rights by pre neolithic vision of current world processes/structures perception/participation.

This initiative to move the earth, violate some fatalistic trends, relationships, peculiar stimulation of its extra activity (not passivity) of its own gravity/causes(own relativization) of propositions, and then a peculiar resonance of processes and further properties of the micro-cosmos, space, interests of the world that interest us
comes as if from
“out of nowhere” from outside the known 3 dimension, which is why the 4d dimension “out of nowhere” is so vital in initiating creation, neo-creation (something like effective creation of money) of mega-production, autonomous … because it will always be “undiscovered”, unworked … but already discovered, already worked out … such contributions of new gravity/resonance of hyper/neo neolithic, hyper evolution, i.e., merely changing on our part all the structures that interest us, which we will find on our path of existential and developmental aspirations … .if – we have to start with this…any action for/against the fate of nature….just very massive arms race with systems, structures of nature .. ruthless immense/enormous constructing (mega-production) of own, tools of structures in competition with the structures of nature..just for hyper evolutionary/neolithic revolution, just for our life continuation/development, and not serfdom, but/and not selfishness too.

Creating our own dimension – like 4d interfering new conditions, e.g., light, own processes, structures tools to control directly and indirectly structures, physical and biological processes … A specific resonance of own park mega-production of hyper evolution, next-generation neolithic revolution, deeper/further decks of co-transformation of systems of nature that stand in our way.

And here an arrangement for non-shamanic science, not based on static models of processing, structuring the world in us
and beyond. It is a structure for proper learning, not very passive but interested in direct, inert transformations, involved in re/neo/constructing all the properties that interest us … using very intensive, mass, mega-production development of ever next-generation tools for controlling the environment. More and more, and the depth of the micro-macro structures of the biological and physical cosmos. The so-called animate and inanimate. Although in really. Any system that interacts with other systems is a living system. Economically, productively, hyper evolutionarily, hyper neolithically. Until this fact, we do not recognize until we have no chance in effective symbiosis, defense, development with other systems (of nature), and in other systems, above other systems of nature.

So it is a postulate for the creation of a new nature through …militant, defensive, truly economical, political, religious, and neo-creating science, it is not classical science … it is not a tribute to old, current science (shamanism) evolutionary. It’s about learning as a hyper tool for the selective production constructionism of hyper evolutionary nature, its structures, and processes that interest us.

To be continued to fight for death and life in this ruthless pre/neolithic process of coexistence of systems otherwise to surrender by negligence or ambivalency, submissiveness…As it is in the current economic, scientific, and religious dogmas…of nature.

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