…where the technological, operational and energy input will always be smaller than the new worked out(from “nowhere”) mechanism. 2.c.

Further steps/attempts/suggestions towards developing technological/economic mechanisms in taking over, controlling all physical/biological structures of the environment in us and beyond.

Planetary engineering, but here on earth as part of mega-production/hyper evolution, neo technology/economy strategy.
As an incentive for a non-passive approach to the transformation of processes/phenomena in the micro-macro space.
Of course, it is a shared responsibility for the creation of this creation, the new classification of the planet’s life, us and beyond … that our actions have and will have an impact on the direction of any transformation of processes/structures throughout the whole known (and discovered/exploited/counted) 3d world, … our initiatives are phenomena from outside 3d world, i.e. 4d initiators from “nowhere”, they are contributions from “nowhere” because the “no one sources” are change engines … using maximum mechanisms of the world of computable constructive, exploited, discovered at the 3d level…our desire, belief, ingenuity are the 5th column(interspace/time corridor/s) of/for changes of the unviolable status quo of the countable world, what are we interested in…a unconditional mechanism/rules/”laws”=rights of technology/energy perpetuum mobile of changes of any structures/processes…we have no choice..we have(rights- not laws) to reshape surroundings for our future- not future of other systems of nature..of course, we try to do our best to respect other systems(of nature) but first do one has to respect itself to respect others…we on boat of life and matter space, so we try to do our boat most efficient to hold on our existence on the boat most efficient and human.

There are examples, evidence of actions in plus hyper evolution … 4d, i.e. initiated, managed, controlled by man, and this can simply be done on an ever-increasing scale of acquiring, creating mechanisms, counting on a global scale in the micro-macro version of the animated and inanimate cosmos … it just has to pay off for us and it shall cost less and less … where the technological, operational and energy input will always be smaller than the new worked out(from “nowhere”) mechanisms{as anyway history of our productivity development shows}, levels, decks (existential), security and development that is specific initiatives from no one, thus producing a kind of mechanism perpetuum mobile technological, operational, energetic, neo-constructive, neo-process / neo-constructive, neo-creative / creative.

And starting this (mega) production process, accelerator technology will reduce costs as it has historically been and is … and will reduce … trillion trillion times in the progress of a geometrical pace tool/=automatic … selective hyper evolutionary economics because humanity developed so … every system including our civilization (with equal competences – or rather the rights to pass on competences using [this infinite mechanism, the merited rights. – but … not “laws” any more -, thoughts of energy/structural levers, worked rights…but counted …laws?…) has its own mechanisms of tools that take over competences – from nowhere to transform taking over process structures of a given space to acquire, transform for further competences/rights”laws” of our life and space.

… But modern science, cosmonautics, medicine, ecology, energy … public enterprises have a more primitive(not enough interactive…it should be more two directions behavior but not one direction mind of/against nature and our rights/{not laws!}) character, anyway handmade(mind) manufactures, which follow the rules of medieval, shamanic infinity or subordination to nature, and the need for technological/scientific breakthrough … , extremely economical, to more mature enter these creation mechanisms, production co-operation, process generalization, and structures that interest us more.

This backwardness, narrowness of solutions for a greater existence, existence, aspirations, development contributed to mindless backward divisions and finally, devastating wars/crises {although after that some progress was coming but at what a primitive cost}
All wars were caused by the primitivism of the economic pursuit of some area-related material comfort of costs bigger than effects. You have to end this materialistic, hedonistic/masochistic/nihilistic attitude to the world.
Maybe a new hyper evolutionary strategy changing the world(view) and its potential, will open new perspectives for a non-obscure look into the future, allow for specific and peaceful solutions. Because, unfortunately, the world still lies in the shackles of militarism / primitive vanity of economics based further on this primitive economics of nihilism, hemmed, blind symptoms, no attachment to joint decision-making, natural responsibility, as if incapacitated membership in nature, supplemented by contradictory harmful actions.

A non-passive approach to influencing phenomena gives a different / broader view on the usefulness of the tools for transmission, reconstruction – for example, hypermobile telecommunications …
according to principle of technological perpetuum mobile, further transferring its competences deep into the micro and macro of the cosmos, followed by the entire production and processing apparatus, neo-production, neo-energy … and these manufactured forward systems (energy and technological competence) according to our guidelines/”genes” {out}of our constructional/initiating 4d for further transformation shortcuts(into) of space 3 d.

We as a generic source starting further processes, background / environmental tendencies in order to achieve one or other objectives of the tendency defining factors, properties of the features of micro-macro cosmos processes of living and inanimate matter … which means the micro macrocosm … stars, particles, cells … genes…by more our instructions/competences of transfer and transformations – giant application/utility by/of massive telecommunications (will)take enormous part in the process of competences 4d/to 3d transmission.

We as the center of all – … centers defining their own independent investment preferences as far as possible … independent as far as they will be more predictable than the so-called natural and artificial processes so far … risked as any work economic undertaking, steps.
Centers for generating further transformation processes of the creation of neo-creation … God/= responsibility is growing in us … we are a child of this god, a child not fully co-responsible any more but fully responsible for the directions of any existence and development.

Generating through very massive construction/investment models (which will be future models) on energy, ecological, telecommunications global and interplanetary investments as well as … towards quasi models of own cells, atoms of their service and their models’ reduction by very very massive production to microstructures and their mass transformations.

to be continued to overtaking more and more the generic roles/structures of existence and development of any structures/processes in us and beyond.

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