Factors/indicator of/for our activity and potential of the background of life and matter processes/structures. 2.b.

Further (a quite provocative thesis)searches, {…manifestos…}, co-direction of trends generating structure, processing of any phenomena that is lively and strategically interested for us. Can we talk about possible errors here? No. Rather, about the permanently tuning of (more and more/additionally) factors/levels[of exploitation/mega production] that are to shape our future and our environment hard, in a more conscious, systematic, massive and more involved by the technological, energetic perpetual mobile (self-replicating{developing}/mega production)system of the creation/life and (micro-macro) space neo creation.

The use of the coefficient emphasizes the sense (management takeover) of managing processes, structures in nature / = economics. With the help of investment impulses … this invisible initiator of any changes, creations, symptoms, causes of any neo creation, transformation, interaction of the environment inside and outside us, i.e. life, … this invisible hand of business hatching from this 4 d dimensionally depicting the preachers of changes in this visible 3 d existing world, but still processing according to some other invisible forces/systems/interests, these invisible impulses, contributors under the sign 4d, in which we should adopt a less passive strategy of existence, survival, fighting, diligence, involvement, responsibility of rights, establishing rights of less passive religious, scholastic but more active coexistence and life…very intensive arrangement of background transformation of nature..by building own ones on the hyper neolithic revolutions principles of not passive interaction with nature…this not only new strategy of science (included new vision and methodology of medicine, cosmonautic – more about it later) but also of economy, politic..religion…less (more or less scientific)shamanism but more responsible actions. It does not mean I criticize current science… this is just a simple optional/alternative (more {mega}productional/hyper evolutionary) way/choice of system development by our view of our civilizational interesses.

Lack or just trace of the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient usability in given branches of science, e.g. the impact of activities of the “4th” dimension of processing as specific gravitational background / specific well-functioning/working by us singularity of operations on the background of interesting us phenomena such as emc2… economy … It would testify our primitive functioning, interactivity in the transformation process in any area and fields/levels … .is simply … suicide {surrender / suicide behaviors} on the micro-macro space scale in shorter/longer processing of any action of the course of given processes (i.e. simply in time).

The pro-evolutionary ratio is an indicator of primitivism, progress or neutrality in evolutionary processes/trends, participation in shaping the initiation of newer/faster (in an interesting direction) = evolutionary hyper …
it is an artificial contribution (“from nowhere” … from our dreams) to evolutionary processes.
Coefficient level: dynamic, negative, neutral or positive as a pro hyper evolutionary coefficient … which as a dynamic determinant/indicator of a given direction of activity, data development trends/properties that interest us, values, relationships, … models, patterns … ( but no more)”laws”
This factor/coefficient may indicate the artificial level of a given potential and strategy or the genotype of a given phenomenon that has not been achieved so far.

We are talking here about indicating a managerial strategic determinant (it can be indicated as indicated in the basket of services, products that affect the level of economic / civilization well-being) shaping influences on any processes material and biological structures of the micro-macro of the cosmos.

This new arrangement of relations with nature will allow for less primitive/passive (and more active) recognition/shaping of conditions, condition, the potential of evolutionary/hyper evolutionary competition … They do not have to be consent, oracle of negative / violent phenomena/tendencies, as to this so far the classical justification of evolutionary phenomena, tendencies … We can free ourselves from: this evolutionary thought of the slave soul, the situation from this evolutionary cage of mind.

Yes … Never surrender to any obstacles
Everything can be repaired, improved, it is a matter of the organization’s time and work technology … i.e. belief in this responsibility with nature/god, because that is true faith … not just wishes, dreams or requests, but above all courageous actions … i.e. just an interactive action = life, the quintessence of life, which is unconditionally opposite to submission/death.

Really power of belief and action…action support belief do the things that scientifically (according to current perception/achievement of status quo ) out of possibility…is the 4th dimension interference in the 3rd dimension world is possible…and this is real life, this is the real background/strategy of life.

And so, among other things, one can change, influence, work out, produce, mega produce (of course partly we anyway influence more or less negatively the climate) the background genetics, climate in minus or in plus, and the same can apply to all other processes of structures of living and non-living matter/energy structures/processes.
This specific genetics of fusion can be applied to emergency equipment for everyone, artificial mini lung heart and another immediate system/ organism repairs … which would be our body part…and global part of climate engineering/repairing/improving…

Systematics/mechanism of influencing climate systems can be as simple as factory genetic mega-production of hyper evolution of influencing/supporting the protection and development of systems, organisms on the supply, as well as total direct interference, providing exploring, reconstruction, procession, re-procession, neo-procession, neo-construction, (re)creation, neo creation.

to be continued to not passive technologic, scientific, economic,.. also decisively politic sources/examples of/for management of logistics, telecommunication of expansion in/on micro-macro cosmic structures/processes of life and matter.

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