Introduction of the (pro) hyper evolutionary definition and ratio as the primary measure/reference for the level of dynamization of the neo/structuring and neo/processing mechanism of neo/creation. 2a.

The foundation of the neo/creation mechanism is simply -any initiated changes concerning the existing system, which cause changes in the properties of a given 3D space, i.e., a 4-dimensional-like intervention in the state of relations/”laws” of the current state of natural and non-natural conditions/phenomena. This mechanism can be narrowed down to the functioning of the zero-one system of the simplest model of the lever movement of an infinite arrangement of gears of nature/space. And here a small but essential digression .. we do not know to the end the (gear)mechanism of initiating any trends, changes … we just we can use the simplest known one to realize … even the innermost dreams … because the realization of dreams/thoughts is like making a cake- improvement of the making depends on us, the question is that we want it … i.e., as effectively as possible … use this mechanism to initiate mechanisms of change, creation, neo creation, neo life, hyper evolution/selective economics… solely for our life and space of the life.

And here comes the need for some understanding of this phenomenon, some engineering approach to the matter, i.e., measurable participation in the already non-passive / hyper-efficient position in this arrangement of the creation mechanism.

The hyper pro evolutionary coefficient is to indicate/inform to initiate the impact (or lack thereof) on the level of exploitation, transformation of a given level/relations of the environment, e.g., mc2 level, which will show different results in direct values ​​despite the same ratio, or the ratio may be different from the outside.
To increase this coefficient, there is a need for transformation, exploitation on more profound environmental restructuring, e.g., this mass of this matter, causing a direct change in current operating efficiency ratios, e.g., e will be higher than Emc2 due to changes in the exploitation structure concerning another section of the mass not covered by this more profound operational restructuring of reconstruction, re/processing, neo/processing.

Pro evolutionary coefficient or coefficient of a new change
(properties) of nature as a strategic approach to dynamic, non-passive participation in the transformation of structures, processes, features of any encountered levels of exploitation, perception, restructuring of relations, systems in the encountered micro-macro cosmos of the nature of the evolutionary environment and this is pro hyper evolutionary, i.e., changing anything along the way state of affairs /phenomena met.

The use of this coefficient in the science of physics, technology, medicine, astronautics, economics, each other in the specific addition of a hyper-spatial technological, economic niche to break the so-called natural relations and barriers at a given(old/current) stage of perception and exploitation technology, re/construction, neo/construction.

Pro hyper evolutionary factor = operational depth factor = technological factor perpetuum mobile, = hyper evolutionary factor for a given future level of physical, technical, and economic exploitation.
For example, this factor is 1 for Emc2 at the current level and may be higher for more than 100 years level of achieved speeds for the level of technology from 100 years ago. This coefficient says, indicates the infinity of the maneuvering potential of the transformation in shifting to deeper further levels of exploitation / = neo/structuring = neo/processing.. and at the same time the temporality of given relations, performance, values.

Just like niches or new spaces of potential above the current state of “emc2” give a further chance, tools for economic development, just as technological service niches provide an opportunity to break the status quo of natural economic or status quo relations of natural systems … So this finally the ratio of technical perpetuum mobile (lever/zero-one conversion as a result of dominoes effect at the rate of geometric expansion) always gives the lower productive potential of the power distribution concerning obtaining more than standard / generated/processed sources in the exploitation of natural, economic … i.e., selective economy aiming in its strategy, increasing pro hyper evolutionary factor for breaking the barrier of current natural relations.

This propelling technology for better and better
the pro hyper evolutionary factor, which further allows to increase the artificial quasi-natural background for further operational and further technological development and thus mutually accelerating this process … Expanding the cosmos but our civilization, this factor, as well as the duplication of the observed external accelerated space expansion, probably caused by the increase of this ratio caused by internal (other systems {civilizations}) restructuring that we not notice.

Nature’s system relations are the economics of nature, selective economics.
And this economy uses, creates the background, expansions of the value of reconstruction … The pro hyper evolutionary factor robs these new dimensions beyond modern three-dimensional models, structures, processes of change of the existing state in the directions chosen by us, changing that changing nature.

What conclusion? It is an invention in a given direction of artistic/technological changes that directly and indirectly affect the reconstruction of this nature. It’s about a specific strategy that allows this nature automatically -[ because that’s how the evolutionary hyper evolutionary transformational process of any process and trend is determined and proceeds] – massively inventively co-create, co-process according to their influences, directions according to the strength of the applied massive reconstruction transformations on our part.

This pro hyper evolutionary coefficient will fill the consciousness, meaningfulness of managing processes of structures in nature / = economics by generating investment and consumptive impulses … by creating artificial, background, tool, industrial, mega-production team parks of specific 4 d printers autonomously processing entire systems, structures.

Its usability/cooperation initiating in the departments of science, economics … is to testify to their level of primitiveness or modernity in the effectiveness of functioning/participation in transformation processes in any area of ​​nature/space phenomena.

To be continued to the mega-production level of the mechanic of neo/creation.

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