Towards a zero-one system of the mechanism of production of re/neo creation. 1.b.

Further  (very) open drafts, suggestions of/for formulas/definitions for/of life and matter re/neo/production, neo creation, creation, production for define mechanisms of cooperation, competitiveness with systems of nature/cosmos.

Production/starting of technological soup, a new great ocean, reactor soup, artificial star reactor, artificial big bang of own singularity of dignity + life = not passive participation, technological
energy exploitation, driving, improving – or rather its reclamation – the base for the cultivation of new technologies for the production of new energy/matter .. new life creating conditions closer and closer to the basis of technological artificial (micro macro) cosmic perpetual mobile[on some stages] in hyperevolutionary participation = economics of selective transformation of all life processes/structures/matter, peculiar touch, production (not easy but necessary in participation in the processes of mass structures of the micro/macro cosmos) remote control transformation system, co-creating the environment on an increasingly massive scale … because this environment has such a character … and only this translation/transmission touch, thought, faith, responsibility, cooperation, participation, production, moving/manovering the lever as/for a result of domino effect in the direction of our aspirations, not trends (not necessarily favorable to us – like falling snow when you are /have not home … or prepared properly /. … reconstructed…own body/life structures) other systems … because it is a system market, a market of needs, just a market of goods and services, in which only work and not subordination determine our chances of our being and our dignity of and for life..for entire cosmos, and worked out ever faster futhr,deeper decks of exploitation and care of the garden/space determines the chances and effectiveness of our lives in our production … because life is the production of … your own thoughts on our interactions with other systems of this garden of nature = micro-cosmos.

Yes, it’s your own work, your own contribution (and not wantiness or indifference/omission), self-thinking, specific breeding
mass of artificial singularity {own quasi gravity pool of space-time of any structures/processes of reprocessing … on very massive scale in micro and macro direction}, it’s own produced, designed background of robotic systems, then it will only allow better understanding and entry into this the game of the nature of cellular, elementary particles mass phenomena … their reconstruction, exploitation, exploration, neo creation, creation.

This is logistics, proper coordination/telecommunications, production exploration with micro macro cosmic resources, energy for/by building new dimensions.
As ways to expand defense options and services and develop our lives individually as well as civilizational … by creating an environment that is as effective, friendly as possible, and not so brutal for/because of the economy/mind of the vanity of goals of soul/mind of (natural) slavery/indifference.

For these purposes of the selection of processes/structures of nature on our part of our life system, we can define some technological foundations, the mechanism of this participation in shaping the history of the cosmos on a scale that transcends our thoughts and dreams.
Specific futuristic or shaping our goals further and closer to these further perspectives will be presented, our contemporary actions influence … also supported by historically developed tendencies from our civilization, our system, and our environment.
The first sketches of the foundations of mechanisms of creation/hyper evolution of structures, skeletons, scaffolds, physical, chemical, biological … technological, economic, macro/micro of the cosmos … thanks to which we will be able to be more aware of our chances and rights (yes not laws but eventually our rights of our interaction with nature – not laws anymore because it’s very egocentric/contemptuous or possibly short-sighted on achieved technological level of perception of phenomena) view of process/structures of nature in shaping each property, physical, biological characteristic, explored, exploited along the way structures of the cosmos/nature … of course this is not all because the cosmos is a constant competition/race of specific reinforcements of systems, where our competences, our apparatus are strategically and technologically has to be constantly to be fixed, we have to improve technologically to stay afloat or maybe a little more as equal members/participants of the competition ( for life and death civilizational and individually) of systems of nature/cosmos.

A biological/physical skeleton service system
structures for their maintenance, protection … Mass technologies are aiming to intensify this peculiar website of direct transformations of structures of encountered levels and structures/processes of nature… In the new spaces of the peculiar 4th dimension of massive “printing” bypassing the so-called obstacles of the 3rd spatial dimension.

Internal structural changes allowing for massive re/neo/construction self-replicating robotic systems hyper material hyper-energetic in the directions to cell, atom, including energy, scaffolding, protection … allowing direct(without shelter) human existence…on Arctica, underwater, on a desert, on… the moon, in…space,… sun….

A specific material energy exploitation, their reproduction is increasingly massive, more and more allowing for more efficient interference in the structures of micro-macro space properties, further instrumentation, instrumentation of their autonomization processes, automation leads to the production of technological units of a perpetual mobile printer of a specific 4 d printer … is according to the design drawing wishes more and more by coordinated automatic teams (often scattered around the world … micro / macro space, also our body), in a specific application they will be implemented with less and less direct human participation … as has historically indicated in the process of human development, civilization and development of life … transferring the function of thinking to further spatial platforms, tools, carriers, levers of action.

to be continued to more about the processes of our non-passive involvement and rights (but not laws anymore!) of developing space for structures of biological/physical processes … reviving processes, including them in our life system/=production.

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