The higher the technology/production rate, the greater the faith/science of the strategy/efficiency of development. So bigger/more efficient belief without bigger/more efficient tools has not use, and vice versa. 10.e.

Further continuations of open drawing structures/formulas of the mechanism of mega neolithic revolutions – breaking, initiating rules/scaffolding of garden of nature transformations/neo creations by… mega-production economics of science.

Replacing the vanity of the economics and science-” of already fixed finally formulas of life and matter”…but only on current level of science/=religion, technology capacities/beliefs- by selective economics/science i.e. changing – by neolithic revolution like way – further levels of the environment in a mass, mega-production, neo create environment technology, towards the foundations of mechanism of creation of nature’s properties as key to go out from primitive attitude/or rather lack of any attitude to nature properties engineering economy and mind.

Through a kind of autonomous, automatic rebuilding of the background, i.e. building the foundations for this dam of new energy/matter/resources of exploitation/engineering, and at the same time as a dam as an energy contribution of a new/more powerful park/industrial apparatus for accelerating, improving the mass transformation hyper resonance of ever-deeper levels of further environment processes of transformation, neo-creation, for better re/projection of the environment as well as its reconstruction with the help of apparatus used for this energy/material / structural resonance/exploitation …

This apparatus is like powerful temples [at first glance – deliberate – in relation to contemporary trends towards nature (or rather their lack) by economic, scientific/religious behaviors, but the apparatus initiated/resonated further thought of contact with god/nature – in this case, it is about mega productive (exploitably in relation to contemporary achievements strategically inactive in interaction with nature) character, more aware of this no longer monumental but more practical cooperation with creativity co-creativity throughout time-space – I mention these kinds of non-technological aspects of this development … [but this proposed development is very, very aggressive growth in relation to the contemporary, and therefore it needs deep psychological/spiritual, strategic, logistical support] from years ago, which far were the causes of any technological developmental enterprises, not only because of temples, e.g. monks and their monastic novelties in the struggle/symbiosis with nature, but here today we are about a flat (very temporary- here and now- style of thinking of “always” constant models ) degree of development of this progress and now it is going about its neo-construction explosion of technology growth and learning a new mechanism lever that gradually shall overwhelming one by one all spaces, structures, decks of the environment, which at the current level of primitivism of exploitation, processing, reproduction in relation to the current potential of organization and technology that today are at a level below criticism, at a very primitive level, and what further contributes to the primitive and negative thoughts of the opportunities and aspirations of our level of existence and development.

The re-production, neo creative facilities will become more and more powerful, change, will change, and have to change the face of all fields of science, all social and economic behaviors … as well as they will influence the specificity of this explosion of growth, for example, classical physics in this relativism is physics at a “sufficiently” low technological level, on the data of the contemporary unused outposts of technology/production/economics of potential growth, but already those potential technological factors that already have their laws (affecting the laws of nature) will change sky-high when these fields become scales factors, coefficients, and then powerful technological centers, mega-production of autonomous, automatic transformations of hyper evolutionary matter/energy of living and non-living micro-macro cosmos, and what is further revolutionizing the hitherto classical static passive recognition of physical phenomena e.g. to the level of significant act more efficient with these barely today used mega/re/production technologies.

Changing the scale of the processing park in the cascade domino system will impose a gigantic pace (r)evolution of technological production bases of practical massive cultivation, recultivation of physical and biological phenomena, on a mass scale of physics and biology development – a kind of hyper neolithic revolution of the behavior of science … physics, biology on the infinite decks of mass restructuring with the help of a system of competence transfer, i.e. developing tools(autonomous automation) in the care and development of the garden of nature, its infinite decks and the chances of existence and development.

Vanity economy does not feel any need for change, changes for the basics of the environment and life, changes for its show economy.
But the power of technological and economic upheaval will create (for its needs a special whole new economic department is created here) economics with a more selective conscious/responsible passively and actively on an environmental dimension on a hyper gigantic scale.
This new economy will involuntarily become a locomotive of further transformation with this technological-mega production additive. Such a specific technological injection selective at the same time stimulation of vivid, binary, opportunistic/but active behavior with nature/environment more in plus for both sides us and environment in us and beyond.

So far there is no, and there was no need or strategy to control the environment, only passive some adaptation to it.
There was no need and there was no sense of need for powerful instrumentation of the phenomenon due to lack of faith/love = active responsibility in relation to negative phenomena that can occur and occur in our and further environment spatially and temporally.

So still generally there is no need today, because there is no faith to build a kind of symbiosis of the interaction dam with nature, and the lack of action in this interactive direction is inhibited by the belief of building a background/dam, a mega-production park – for e.g. (mega)cosmonautics, (mega)physics, (mega)biology …
– for itself resonance of taking over structures at an ever deeper level for a new era of taking over initiatives known in the physical and biological cosmos
– changes / existing points, entire areas and spaces of interaction with the environment, and especially our hyper evolutionary environment, but to improve the ratio-relations of our subordinate or/and power on pro evolutionary factors …
therefore we are talking about hyper evolutionary economic, physicists, biology, technological science primitivism if it does not sufficiently react/or has no intention/influence to actively contribute to external resonating factors, still being on mind/dogma of the constantly unchanging given level of achievements not based on active transformations of the shifting boundary/flexible boundary decks of potentials…
Yes, I know that we all know about space-time differences attitudes for taking anything for granted by science/economics…maths…but still we do not take enough bold strategies, decisions, for active (not passive)changing the space-time factors (hyper)evolutionary.

So we are talking about a separate, non-passive economic and scientific policy aimed at developing teams, groups
resonance phenomena for multibillion expansion
for the technology and production park, the transformational startup of the new science hyper evolution means for the development (not only observation and passive decisions) of a new giant space-time physical, biological, economics/science explosion and development.
The higher the technology and production rate, the greater the faith of the strategy and efficiency of development, and the greater the faith, the strategy, the greater the complexity to build such parks.
So bigger/more efficient belief without bigger/more efficient tools has not use, and vice versa.

We’re talking about artificially speeding up the process
the hyper neolithic revolution, at the level of ordinary exploration, exploitation, and explorations of scientific economic exploitation, peculiar farming, cultivating an artificial background of the environment, likely this ordinary neolithic human revolution has just begun on a total of unchanged natural decks … we shall be not in illusory of status quo mind/belief/science if we want to survive, we need to properly protect the entire environment, expand the systems in us and outside us of our environment, i.e. the environment that interests us, in the infinite and spatial environment.

to be continued to (definitions and mechanisms/tools of) the foundations of extending the creation of a quasi-dimensional exploitation trampoline to take over the processing of phenomena structures so far beyond our reach, to raise the levels of the Neolithic revolution, i.e. new levels of new exploitation, and to not to adapt hand made manufactory science/technology to the mass scale of our natural (other systems of) environment structures/processes.

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