The higher the level of production/reproduction park of a given exploitation level, existence, the higher the positive level of the pro hyper evolutionary ratio of a given civilization, economic, ecological level, and hyper evolutionary balance. 10.c.

For a changing background of the basis of existence, random variables, material, energetic, structural, and process factors. For this ocean of less, more known or at all unknown factors of changeable forces of different systems of nature need a specific buffer, and at the same time, an efficient machine, a particular dam/power plant of/for hyper evolution given level of development. A hyper-built mechanisms, giant (re)production parks for overtaking, prejudicing, controlling economic and ecological phenomena for more efficient, safer control of the level of exploitation and performance of the environment, and this level of lifting … as it was with control/(r)construction of the energy/exploitation potential/threat of rivers.
This dam/i.e., reconstruction of the energy/exploitation potential of the background/environment is to be a drive, an accelerator of production technology – due to the technological/production effort of these dams and their energy/production consequences, buffering and at the same time environmental development, buffering of life and its expansion/potential by massively changing background of the life.
Buffering, i.e., protecting, rebuilding, in whole or in part, the phenomena affecting our present and future … to adapt/reconstruct environmental conditions to the needs of our lives.
The higher the level of this dam/this hyper evolutionary buffer, i.e., the higher the level of production/reproduction exploitation park of a given exploitation level, existence, the higher the positive level of the pro hyper evolutionary ratio of a given civilization level, economic, ecological level, and hyper evolutionary balance … Such (self-replicating) mega industrial parks should be developed for …themselves as the ground for this hyper higher new neolithic revolution but on a real micro/macrocosmic scale.
Multi-billion accelerations give us some breath (buffer / protective in attaching to powerful decks/forces of competing systems …)ecological also viral, but a further, more powerful evolutionary leap in a very active environment of micro-macro space systems.
Increasing this dam of expolitation/(re)production/reconstruction park potential … at the beginning of telecommunications energy, as a result, it increases the possibility of process and structure reconstruction, and so mutually. This increased re/neo construction potential for further increases in the building of energy and telecommunications potential and accelerates interchangeably. So interchangeably … all in all, historically the classic industrial era was initiated by the rise of energy efficiency thanks to better instrumentation and so on exchangeable to each other and so on.
This process of taking over the structures of the environment stretches from the neolithic revolution of reconstruction/interference in the environment/=backgronund at a given developmental / … aspirational level and continues to follow history and keep… to the future, shaping our future, transforming, developing, caring for the garden,/=environment, for whose shape, we are fully responsible!
 That is, raising the levels of this reconstruction infinitely automatically … technological/economic perpetual mobile,  physical, biological reprocessing of the nature of its resources, doing neo nature at increasingly higher levels of aspiration including physical, chemical biological … – so no longer a passive, irresponsible monkey but a fully responsible hyper homo sapiens by very active interactive action/reconstruction with the entire environment.
So it is to be a real champion of the universe by hyper progressive perpetuum mobile tools for achieved levels of a given field of the potential of interest form our view-  in a given discipline of these hyperspace “sports” competitions.
Self-replicating very simple (re) structure systems directly and remotely, also by great distance … specific energy “dams” at ever more powerful further deeper levels of the micro-macro cosmos towards changes in generic physical and biological properties as part of our own evolution of the creation of new physical structures and biological for our further existence and development, to increase the efficiency of our shared responsibility for the fate of the globe and our deeper levels, decks of the micro macrocosmic environment, in us and outside – never closed and always open to changes, dependencies.
The narrowness(resources by ambitions/aspirations) of a given pre-neolithic level, i.e., the level of exploitation/reconstruction/breeding/cultivation of the environment is the main issue of technological/economic civilization development obstacles… So it is going about acceleration through more intensive instrumentation of further penetration/exploitation of creating additional, specific virtual exploitation of the terrain/space of the environment. Significant / deeper exploitation as well as reconstructions of the tight environment, which will cause this environment to be more efficient at levels that interest us and where our interest is really intensively pursued…
It is about developing an involuntary system for constructing ever higher energy and telecommunications levels with the help of the construction level achieved to that potential and with the help of these higher energy and telecommunications levels reaching even higher design levels. In the system of small steps, elevated levels/corrections in the system of straightforward improvements according to the lever / pushing character, at a swift pace of this exchange in the system of zero one directly and at a distance depth (tele) manipulation of the micro-macro space of the reconstruction of matter/energy. Mutual operation of restoration according to the advantage of scale … gradual, cascade, domino effect …. explosion of exploitation/reconstruction/transformation not slowing down but accelerating.
For this zero-one translation of decisions for reconstruction, there is a need to continually increase the algorithmic and human front in controlling the directions and velocities of this development … challenge
To be continued to capture the massive mechanical processes of (neo)creation.

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