Market and technological foundations for the construction/reconstruction of the foundations for accelerating the transformation of the environmental background of life and matter/energy systems. 10.a.

Sketches for a systematic, productive breaking of evolutionary/tendency barriers to the structural transformation of physical and biological phenomena.

In the end, it is necessary to limit this process of revitalization/restructuring of the existing or broken background of …mind/economy and technology mind, but requiring constant tuning processes, tendencies that are more effective than in the pre-Neolithic period, and contemporary pre-Neolithic of contemporary civilization aspirations that somewhat remind vegetative ones – in fact, that means self-destructive behaviors/mind like driving with closed eyes on a highway full of different cars and turns of interests/=systems.
A little more breath is needed here for this quadrature of the wheel of thoughts, concepts of economic/technological restructuring of the encountered environment of groups of various interests/systems.
 A wind of change, the potential of opening the technological machine of the self-developing system, starting from the first enterprises, which additionally practically/model like support this concept of survival and development, through work, at first glance, not so vital, but very important for further coordinated on a global scale micro and macro cosmos biology, matter physics/energy existence and development civilizational and individual –
telecommunications and energy in the first months of attempts to take over a more explicit initiative in controlling general processes of the entire environment encountered, as the first actual step in the development of the internal and external organism background re/neo creation=hyper/artificial evolution=mega-production already from the machine according to the systems of the new economy and science for finally more progressive practical answer how to use and restructure entire systems of the environment.
Economics of technological perpetuum mobile exploitation/restructuring, i.e., hyper evolution of the environment, i.e., selective economics is not conventional economics – although slightly assumption of the general theory of economics, that selective economics should be it’s in 100% indicator, but not. Contemporary economics in practice does not ultimately deal with this exploitation mechanism, mega-production in like multi-functional/international production concerns approach to neo-creation of properties and processes of structures but potentially is ready for ( for own real renaissance)the new renewed function.
How does one incorporate conventional economics into this crazy hyper evolutionary race?
This science is supposed to support the development of hyper evolutionary technologies in the first line of the telecommunications and energy sector. That will be used by the enterprise automatically and then so like the extended front training ground with mega (self-replicating/expanding production systems) production of direct mass products of new mega constructions, production structures/processes, enterprises on a micro-macro space scale …Solar panel systems to support climate chemistry systems, telecommunications to accelerate this process to further exploration, reconstruction, mega-production … a massive amount of space ships, cities, large space bases, but also marine, undersea, deep-sea, mining, mutual construction of more and more efficient systems of nuclear, deep-sea, planetary, solar indirect as well as … direct and so on – of course, faster and faster automatically/autonomously [energetically / logistically] extended mega-production will be the maxi model for very intensive restoration of micro-cosmic physical and biological … taking over, regenerating the background of the structure and functioning of the world of elementary particles (mass – “there will be less and less mass”) at a given level, and more in the form of energy/process (structurally, transformationally), biological directly and indirectly in the engineering of life structures, its protection, and development … absolute immortality [throwing away the self-destructive clock{of evolutionary cage}=instant self-repair/service]with immediate effect.
And these direct economic and hyper-constructive projects supported by science (on the further periphery of the production and production process) will feedback further on the scientific potential of further reconstruction, reproduction, gardening, (neo / re) background/garden cultivation, hyper-exploitation/mega-production park.
This new technology will change the face of economics and then vice versa in further technological strategy and so on feedback.
It is about supporting this hyper-production park from two sides, through science on the one hand, and the ordinary economy on the other, and this will further accelerate the efficiency of science and the economics, and then this park and so on and back.
The use of primitive economic/market reflexes, this primitive economics, and “alchemy” in accelerating the economically technological accelerator of this economics, science, higher (although the system of competition of systems of nature is also of a market nature – although in practice we do not take this into account) … as in the human body autonomous and decision-making systems

It’s about supporting this production park/reconstruction of the basics of life and matter/energy from two sides, by learning from one side [i.e., studying/researching/reaching further peripherals of operational and production performance]. On the other hand, the ordinary economy [i.e., accelerated production mega-machine/mega exploitation/reconstruction=hyper evolutionary] and this will further accelerate the efficiency of science and economics to each other and further this park and so on feedback.
It is about … the natural but systematic and more performance-controlled application of primitive economic/market reflexes, this primitive economics and alchemy (learning further peripheries of production and operating performance) in accelerating the economically technological accelerator of this economics, science (to higher peripherals, levels, speeds, spaces of instrumentation, existence, and development), higher (although the system of competition of natural systems is also of a market nature – although we do not take this into account in practice) … as in the human body, the autonomous system (production, autonomous/automatic production … like the already launched virus, … like a big bang exploding) and decision-makers (raising, maintaining, accelerating, directing production levels)

We are talking here about the economics of interaction, co-direction of physical/biological processes/structures (micro-macro) of the cosmos, the economics of the machine accelerator
mechanism of hyper = artificial evolutionary … environmental technological perpetual mobile.

It is made especially for this accelerator of the hyper evolutionary background of the micro-macro of the cosmos that this selective economics … of: production, … of physics, biology, which becomes superior to this primitive (contemporary) economics, physics, biology, … medicine [to such an early and contemporary vegetative level brought passive, neutral, attitude, attitude as a peculiar independent variable of our actions against the background of transformation of physical-biological evolution in the dimension of the global environment of cosmic, elementary particles, and individually]. That does not mean that this primitive autonomous economics/science is of minor importance. This will continue to have its methodological tools at increasingly higher peripherals of applications, levels of autonomy, automation. That will be used to further raise the standards of application of primitive economics of the modern market for further applications in selective economics of hyper evolution, hyper biology, hyper physics, hyper cosmonautic/cosmic, hypermarket, hyper neolithic.

“Primitive” economic strategy is the economics of variable independent by phenomena that control processes, structures outside (theoretically) our reach. Selective economics in the application of organizational/technological potential as an automatic decision-making variable in controlling all processes of micro macro-space structures encountered.

To be continued

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