A makeshift of standard temporal calculation. We are (generic centrum of) the world. Doing business with nature. 9.e.

Continuation of open (brainstorm)construction sketches for the regeneration of background of the global environment …gaps.

The current economy, the current economic machine has nothing to do with the race, the competition of evolutionary/transformational/existential/developmental nature of the micro-macro of the cosmos, the evolutionary machine of multi-deck/multi-space/multi-level systems of living and “not living” matter, and their systems of dynamics of processes and structures.
– assuming that we run our own civilization business, and “constant” nature run own business -means two parallel worlds, which sometimes accidentally cross each other (or because of business of other natural/”outside” systems). Still, it is probably not enough if we want to achieve a different position than the position of the monkey = a pre-neolithic man of modern times, modern economic and technological achievements not translating into proper competition for taking on a higher level of creative, neo-creative rather than destructive, self-destructive position due to the specific resonance of the accidental created environmental background we create/d. – a specific interference that is very necessary to survive, but often contrary to expectations, but rather lack of expectations and responsible strategy/action…economy/technology.

This(current) vanity/nihilist market/economy… of the primitive-pre neolithic assumptions about the “scientifically” announced inviolability of the status quo of the given/existing [according to current achievements of scholasticism] the image of nature …. can’t compare neither to this nature sustainability nor compare to the economy responsible for its structural/process transformation, the general civilization position, as well as the personal position/(physical/biological)feature of each person … to selective economics, which deals with these essential principles/mechanisms of development and existence, supporting the economy of these new trans-natural mechanisms, their exploitation, re/production, and neo/(mega=means an enormous environment features transformation)production.
Modern science and the economy are only passive observers, passive exploiters of exploitation, and ad hoc production have no effective chances in this evolutionary race of the micro-macro cosmos systems, nor in comparison to hyper evolutional effects. And it’s not just about catching up but outdo process structures from the side of micro or macrostructures … it’s enough to join in this economy of the environment, active and very massive modeling of the generic background [lokal centralization by taking the initiative on our part in direction/decision-making/competence/determination generating, driving new foundations for development] of this environment because other systems are already doing it and will do, i.e., try to take over the potential in determining the process/construction trends of the generic background of environments, their levels, with which we have or will be dealing in the competition of taking over power defining features and laws at a given level of development potential.

The economics of evolution, artificial evolution, hyper growth is selective economics, it’s genetics, economic (operational and production) management in establishing/initiating new principles and development laws for the micro-macro cosmos of living, non-living,…animated matter built on our part. This is how the laws of life and matter are renewed. Yes, this means replacing god, because god is the responsibility, full responsibility, and at the same time the right to life and development … we take over – in the face of our responsibility, and the potential developed – we are increasing our competences for gradually moving away the generic structural background from form spheres submitted only to nature/god to a given achieved by our own strategic/logistic/economic/technological (reciprocity of these elements in determining the process of the basics of development and existence) potential of areas, spaces …. aiming at absolute centralized complete subordination of all encountered, observable micro macro structures/processes of encountered cosmos … just as it was done literally and figuratively at some levels of the classic neolithic revolution … but here it is hyperbolic nature of the proposed process due to the increasing scale and speed of the process at a geometric rate … supported by self-propelling processes of “automatic recultivation of the surrounding” supported by self-propelling itself replicating teams of robots and their plants, in particular in the telecommunications, energy and “teleportation” departments of mass “resonant” transformations of elementary particles of living and non-living matter [more on this later].

This new economics, new science, is to be a reversal of the modern science strategy, the economy of primitivism (pre neolithic), which treats nature as an unchanging status quo for some superficial exploitation, observations, some realization in the production of small construction toys according to the achieved “absolute” rules, pre-school play in conquering space on … mattresses – i.e., without a powerful/group construction/production tooling, instrumentation, exploitation, telecommunications, energy, absorbing the moon and other space objects along the way, built with more and more instrumented (i.e., automatic/autonomous) tools extra competences not directly related to humans] for more profound intervention (transformation/hyper evolution/economics of selective transformation of the environment) into the natural processes of the cosmos, and further feedback – changed at a given level of the environment, on ever newer background environment, gives further impetus to a higher technological, economic, logistic level, constructions to the micro/macro(for example climate/viruses) cosmos … make new tendencies/changing in an accelerated process the total genetic face/background of the encountered environment for its furthermore capable exploration/transformation.

We are talking here about the unimaginable power of the reconstructive economics of the whole, so the whole environment from scratch – because we are the main generator, initiator, constructor, as well as its destructor (i.e., breaking unnecessary barriers, … and building the necessary for defense), such or other structural/process nature systems. Economics, but of a conscious, purposeful, system-oriented nature, to interact only in a hyper evolutionary nature, not a vanity one, i.e., insufficiently important for the dynamics of the current and future vectors of powers of system, the interests of natural systems against our infinite logistic potential as a fundamental paradigm. … according to the pro hyper evolutionary factor/ratio/coefficient of any level of existence and growth.

Satisfying vanity, emergency needs
temporal (e.g., ad hoc treatment, protection, repair in the matter of diseases, defects, and not an equal race to restructure the whole generic background of processes, which we sometimes try to provisionally solve) or satisfying strategically, in the long term, frontally hyper evolutionary goals that occur even in classical science in this ecological cosmic, with an absolute paradigm here and now in some strategy on a static (somewhat changed over time) model of nature/its systems, not a hyper evolutionary/dynamic/non-passive approach to structures/processes of the background of nature events / its infinite systems … A new religion of joining in the implementation of genuinely divine system nature of tasks, but not so in the sphere of prayer, static theories, not more or less readable signals (about this phenomenon of signaling by less or more conscious manner, coupled, supported, initiated with events of so-called natural or artificial signals I will write about in a month), but hyper farming gardening. ..resonance/specific transformation/information signals for care for the protection and improvement of the garden of Eden, the background of our lives, our matter, our present, and future … in total there will be or rather a lack of …timing/ of time (in the past all states and phenomena can be rescheduled temporarily, and relatively process-related again in a month – the monthly queue of articles) of manipulated phenomena … it will only have a provisional character for provisional calculations.
This makeshift temporal classic calculation can be Emc2, which is not a hyper evolutionary even not evolutionary view of nature … statistically, as in the Middle Ages describing the state of achievement, the perception of the performance of absolute calculations, to which comprehensive technology is to be adapted … relatively yes, but after reaching barriers if classical faith/scholastic calculations allow getting out of this mental frame of “static” evolution, “passive” evolution, passive relativism, realism/description of the course of “passive” structural phenomena.

To be continued to break through new barriers of faith and science by economy/technology by the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient of exploitation depth of hyper evolution levels of life and universe.





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