Mega-production/hyper evolution … without any compromises and expectations in contact with the brutal conditions of life and its survival and development, massive, giant obstacles, gaps in natural systems. 9.d.

Further sketches about working out deeper and deeper levels of neolithic revolution = exploitative/reproductive nature of the approach to the infinite evolutionary decks of micro-macro cosmos of living and not living matter.

Now we can do it … these technological perpetual mobile devices, i.e., team-driven self-propulsion systems for exploitation, processing of exploited resources, production of new tools, devices on/to structurally deeper and deeper layers of this material and energy exploitation.
That is technology/production/economics of hyper exploration, hyper/mega-production, hyper evolution=artificial evolution organized in a system of concerns operating in the global/hyper telecommunication/transport system, transforming on the micro space scale and macro space scale on an increasingly literally and figuratively (through new products further expansion of fronts of the services and development potential) deeper exploration decks, production activities of respective neo-creative production teams.

In this way – as always historically – we are aiming at miniaturization or precisions of any activities of this specific internal metallurgy at the quantum cell/ elemental particles, on ever-deeper levels, in the economization of these exploitation-production relations with nature according to the systemic mechanism of technological perpetual mobile, i.e., an automatic system of taking over further and deeper areas of building security and development buffers to the extent possible more and more coordinated through ever newer, more accurate systems for ordering this process. That( =natural accompanying processes) has always been carried out, is carried out, and will be carried out with or without our participation. The question of how much we want to jointly participate in this process on the fate of our surroundings, future.
So a systematic departure from economic nihilistic evolutionary/ecological/cosmic juggling in favor of a more coordinated, effective exploitation, resource utilization – as always historically proceeded and proceeds, but also a more massive system of (but more active[=hyper evolutionary] than passive)integration in the environment, with the environment … because that is how it works and need one a robust and firm partner, not a primitive demanding worm, to achieve things that we have not dreamed about and are not dreaming about but are just around the corner –
a hyper sustainable economy by the positively tunning pro hyper evolutionary coefficient for mega-production/services for infinitely (controlled self-propelled/accelerated automatically/autonomously) life and matter/energy resources exploitation supported each other system/systems.

Hyper evolutionary investments by ecological, mega-production, an automatic, autonomous scale can lead to the advantage of a neo-creative initiative … with less than current(achievements, strategy and believe)standards of energy and neo-structural contributions, with the support of the advanced system of economics, automation, mega-production, and mega-production of energy/material exploitation in the earth/and beyond, as well as in the interior of the system of elementary particles, as well as in the interior of the system of mechanisms and their reproduction/neo production of… live organisms.

The hitherto lack [i.e., this inert, passive relativism in physics and the rest] of sufficient consideration of the active/dynamic pro hyper evolutionary coefficient / i.e., the factor of influence of technology on changes (in plus, neutral, in minus) in economics, mega-production=hyper evolution, science causes these activities are like an independent variable prevailing in decision making development strategies, which automates and primitively distorts their positions/relationships in processes/structures widely understood evolutionary, transformational micro-macro cosmos of animate and inanimate matter.

On the one hand, the unchanging nature is said to be absolutely definite/constant. What we would not do the trend will not change because of this, or attempts to adapt, subordinate to it, give in to its tendency, and there is no race strategy with nature (which is an infinite system of intersecting systems/interests/forces) of some partner … economic, business joint exploitation of its fruits, breeding them, reproducing them, neo producing, mega producing.
Or rather, there is a kind of transverse/uncoordinated escalation of adverse effects of our rigid/schizophrenic approach to the seemingly fixed structures / “absolute” laws, a game with a zero result (“because nothing more can be done from nature”) by assumption or indifferent anti-ecological and anti-hyper evolutionary reality status quo mind- that is, not taking into account the dynamics and infinity of the potential and options/variants/systems in interaction with the micro-macro environment of the cosmos/living and non-living matter as well as the infinite possibilities of developing (preferably in a mass system) relationships, such as networks, and specific economic/production/technological/operational cooperation with these systems.

The proposed futuristic or pro futuristic intentions, strategies of activity are new mathematics, specific relativistic {with the rest, this realistic mathematics is not so modern in this field}
queen of sciences but already a multi-level determinant of all the consequences and causes of scientific, production, strategic, creative, and evolutionary phenomena.

Any activities, including mathematical operations, are burdened with a “constant” variable, this coefficient, which on the multi-level factors of multi-natural dimension as well as multi-dimension artificial changes in the area of ​​strategy and calculations.
The pro hyper evolutionary ratio ultimately a determinant, a multiplier determining potential, variants of events … caused by deeper/further/more precise natural factors, as well as deeper/more accurate and more massive factors of structure design processes hyper related to such easily calculated by (flat)models of the queen of science.

Spine, scaffolding, hyper evolutionary accelerator, and the so-called ordinary business activity “science” artistry. This spine, source, strategy, the faith of further actions (not passive expectations) of all efforts have been lagging behind this artistry so far. It is this spine/strategy that should chase or rather be above this elevator/track-set evolutionary rely, vectorized dependence of various systems/interests in which we also have to take part so that our development mission not only develops on paper.

Not only alchemical chasing (which applies to non-mass production systems in given achieved boundary areas of operation)
Mutation of viruses, the transformation of nature only according to this accelerator of (hyper) evolution mechanism … The pro hyper evolutionary factor will be negative (harmful for our chances of survival or development) always because of not mass (but linear and not geometric rate of reproduction/instrumentation/instrumentalization resources) aggregation of production activities ( not massive) and a multiplier of natural processes and other broadly understood evolutionary systems influencing the trends on which we and our potential for survival and development are based.

Not a great nature or a conglomerate of systems, or what somebody would say, god, not some system, other systems, other gods, but above all, we are responsible for our future, for direct creation, building, constructing, interacting with nature, with … god, with help first of all working out their strategies, their activities, their economics, their technology, production – mega-production/hyper evolution … without any compromises and expectations in contact with the brutal conditions of life and its survival and development, massive, giant obstacles, gaps in natural systems. …
Our answer is to be maximally massive (adequate also to the massiveness of rate and scale of the nature of nature’s transformation character and its systems) creative technologies/economics not based on classical (primitive), i.e., not sufficiently respond to external threats/potential by juggling economics, which has nothing to do with the struggle for own creation/neo-creation, but only vanity game of a purely psychological demonstration result and as the third-order of needs that barely note the essence of the divine and living life/survival strategies, any development beyond achievement (flat/linear – not according to the natural standard of the geometric pace of any transformation/any real achievement) technological/economic / civilization level of the current/still unchanged level of the neolithic revolution.

To be continued with the search, structuring of mechanisms … for simplifying/improving the jumping/transformation over processes/structures for wished features and efficiency of life and matter/energy…to make our way and foundation of progress more efficiently in …multi-trillion zero-one system/accelerator/…”teleportation” of mega-production/neo creation.

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