A natural mechanism for technology that can occur in mass reconstructive and operational processes of the “metallurgical” system of self-deepening environmental decks system/accelerator. 9.c.

Further open drafts, (hyper)constructions, preparations for the (mega)productivity of taking part by a man in shaping tendencies of life and matter transformations/development structures/processes.

The whole process effectiveness of structural process transformation processes depends on the efficiency of transferring technological competences, algorithmic systems capable of achieving hyper evolutionary goals of these transformations more effectively … taking more and more control over an ever greater distance over ever more extensive, more precise, further, deeper layers of these processes/structures. In this so-called micro metallurgy = environmental renewal, which has been and will be with or without us anyway-(not forget about it).

So we’re saying that this hyper evolutionary strategy is about imposing remotely controlled micro “dronesation” processes … = micro robotization, according to increasingly “longer” = more remotely (algorithmically … [but the algorithm itself according to – increasingly larger-defined competences commanded])controlled tooling instrumentation of this process, which, thanks to the accelerating miniaturization of control/hyper “metallurgy”-(means “miniaturizations of sources exploitation”) manipulation of all decks of particle matter … will bypass unnecessary, destructive, troglodytical actions. So it is merely the so-called further tuning of the process of hyper evolution/hyper neolithic revolution of much further/deeper/mass decks, encountered environment, its..civilization … more according to our system than competitive systems around us,-processes/structures neo creation for our life very important strategically.
Awareness of these processes in nature as well as from our potential developed initiatives will allow us to maintain our civilization in this infinite system of competition of systems, and further development as historical trends have shown. Still, with the chance of skipping/reducing the risk of the process of self-destruction. And as well as the trends indicated. Indicate here the acuteness of strategy and activities beyond the pattern that in these traditional, biased evolutionary traps do not fall into, cage ourselves in the cage of current dependencies of external evolutionary forces, but continue to take the initiative to develop life collectively and individually … Decide on trends and preferences in the competitive participation of the system of our civilization as well individually( grow of our body/life competences) between…above the choices of other micro-cosmos systems.
Our activities always lead to a change in the environment. It is about their more conscious processes and not accidental involuntary or ad hoc actions. Our current actions, strategies – or rather the lack of this strategy – can lead to situations opposite to those intended … but I have always emphasized that it can be corrected … only quite expensive
One can say, for example, that soon, our entire earth will look like the moon and Mars. And we will not have to go there because of primitive, disrespectful thinking, economy, production technologies concerning our relatively chaotic environmental interaction / (hyper) evolutionary.
We need new strategies that will take us beyond the negative ratio of evolutionary existence to natural and higher levels. Is this – artificial/hyper evolutionary transformation – bad for some environmental survival? Maybe not, but a complete change in the environment to which we can adapt by living in special reservations, oases … preparing involuntarily to adapt to non-terrestrial conditions here on earth…and beyond…but terrestrial too but on entirely different …hyper evolutionary terms. We can also redirect our unformed evolution appropriately, maintain the state of (ecologically/exploitational)affairs that interest us, and remove others. As one president said, we shall not fear, but let’s not be deluded with our actions whether we want it or not
we had affected. We will alter the processes of distortions/any transformation in the micro-macro-space environment. The question is only to what extent they will be more coordinated, whether it will still pretend that nature will take its way involuntarily, and we will not notice the way we will continue … but please also note that we can change our own bodily/cellular/molecular structures in a way to bypass the harmful effects of environmental changes that surround our consciousness, life functions from within and from outside … generally preparing for the hyper/artificial evolution of our organisms directly, our tools of life, and the transformation of the environment in dealing with micro-macro cosmos.

This more accurately more precisely explains the two-sidedness in influencing the coefficient/artificial multiplier of hyper evolutionary processes in neutralizing/or hyperbolizing relations with other systems of living and nonliving matter as if from inside and outside.

Other systems/environments means often are simply aliens/other civilizations among us.
Micro-macro cosmos is a conglomerate of intersecting systems of different sizes and speeds. Our perception and indolence simply do not notice them and their activities in the processes of change, the evolution of matter and life … and does not sufficiently integrate into its economic and technological strategy, including ignoring co-establishment, joint responsibility, for example, climate/viruses relations.
We very often sometimes react to these phenomena, not directly determining economic/technological strategies, but more incidentally.

Levels of the advancement of economic/technological strategies (exploitation, transformation, production) for alchemy or advanced level of self-contained control of environmental algorithmization.
It is about practicing, working out these development phases pushing to further increase the levels of these renewable, self-developing algorithms of this technology of mutual development, accelerating plant/robot teams development. And of course, in further spheres of the peripheries of exploration using so-called alchemical(according to today’s explorative/extensive) methods but advanced at a higher level pre neolithic revolution solutions.
The first sign of humanity and civilization was the liberation of faith, an invisible factor, and a means to further and not static interaction with the environment.
And the main factor of the anti (negative or lack of) strategy of hyper evolutionary, privatization of building, expansion and a(nty)revolution was/is contempt for life … i.e., lack of faith, and then the birth of (faith)strategy in influencing the shaping of conditions, properties of the internal and external environment.

The use of the perpetuum mobile technology can occur in mass reconstructive and operational processes of the “metallurgical” system of artificially self-deepening environmental decks.
It is about studying and applying the mechanism of mutual reconstruction of bands, which in total occur on a massive scale in nature, but are not developed by our technological and economic potential … production, … mega-production=hyper/artificial evolutionary.
This peculiar technological perpetuum mobile occurs everywhere, it is about taking over the role of directing, creative, re/creative, neo-creative in this process … with the help of increasingly “long hand/invisible hand” tooling, automation, autonomization of exploitation, the transformation of encountered structures, processes of micro-macro cosmos.

To be continued to foundations and platforms for new minds and strategies for hyper(life&matter) environmental/=mega production development.

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