Towards the – technological/economical- foundation of the mechanism of the universe in life and matter (neo)creation. 9.a.

In about a month[ there is still one month queue of explanation/inspirations/suggestions articles preparing for this event] for the first sketches of the foundations of mechanisms of creation/hyper evolution of structures, skeletons, physical, chemical, biological … technological and economic micro-macro cosmos … will be presented …

but is it the end, will we be able to shape every property, feature physical, biological, known, explored, exploited along the way all structures/processes of the cosmos? … not exactly{but always gradually…braking all …current and past laws/ratios of …} because the cosmos is a constant competition/race of specific system reinforcements, where our competences, of our apparatus, we constantly need to strategically, technologically improve to stay on the surface or maybe much more…after that first telecommunication, energy and ecology sectors will be taken in the consideration of neo neolithic revolution cultivation/mega-production strategy of very massive processes for braking barriers and laws of matter/energy and life…

The proposed improvised use of the evolutionary pro hype coefficient to determine the state, level and developmental opportunities/threats of/by man on a global, individual scale indicates, among others, backward, negative developmental and existential tendencies, where through short-sighted behavior of economy, classic economic man/homo economicus can be more (self and environment) damaging or inefficient than it was earlier in industrial, pre-industrial era and even before the Neolithic revolution … i.e.- that means it is( I am heading) going here to improve current status quo to not only being not succumbing to a stronger tendency of external mater, biological changes of co-determined evolution due to primitive/evolutionary weakness(current technology/economical disadvantages) by bulding/(neo)constructing evolutionary/or more hyper evolutionary potential capable of stopping or reverse general evolutionary tendencies, …but environmentally today’s man with his and irresponsible actions, he shatters the potential, opportunities for positive participation in initiating the determination of evolutionary tendencies, and with his negative participation of hyper evolutionary technologies. He may even turn his potential into our disadvantage by “discouraging” (artificial)evolutionary tendencies, that could otherwise initiate their own technological/natural development trends, even the technological ones prevailing in given spaces of the directions of the spirits of action initiatives interesting/important for us/for our future …and present fundaments of life and its further existence!

The pro hyper evolutionary ratio is an additional technological, economic and evolutionary/ecological tool, which makes us aware of our opportunities, threats and development positions with more specific actions in given areas of activity. We are passive in the life trends of matter, – either we degrade additionally or we can/have positively use the levers/potentials of our technologies(potential) in this hyper neolithic revolution at new/much deeper/further levels, areas of exploration/exploitation…but often first exploitation can initiate new(dimension) exploration.

Negative strategy of quasi pro (hyper) evolutionary relations, i.e. even worsening, and not only succumbing to evolutionary relations, i.e. negative pro hyper evolutionary ratio below zero, and here we should speak about more positive opportunities for a conscious strategy of pro hyper evolutionary competition on all barriers encountered micro-macro cosmic areas of animate and inanimate matter.
Examples of short-sighted economic(“nationalistic”) wars, a poor diet (the last one caused a negative span of average life expectancy in the so-called developed countries, but the wars also reduce our parameters in this artificial way in relation to those natural or higher parameters, potentially planed to be attained…-although wars/constructive (hyper evolutionary materially and biologically)competition with other systems) competition could be good impulse of grow of new dimension/features of life and matter/energy- , poor economics of the collaborations, poor technological strategy and technological level that provokes that we are strangling in areas of technological possibilities, natural (neo)structure potential which not relate to our potential achievements and do not correspond to our aspirations … Something must be done to expand the area of ​​non-conflict action to not only not reach such quasi (negative) pro hyper evolutionary behaviors – that is, backward behaviors with common sense or neutral natural tendencies, but outright ahead of them more according to our aspirations, dreams, built / “cultivated” technological lever farms, directing, steering, directly reconstructing trends, constructions, developmental processes of entire environment on ever deeper levels of micro-macro dimensions.

Not nihilistic/passive, but active actions for processes, tendencies of own nature, environment, not only adaptive but pre-emptive – cultivating fields, background, soil, tracks for new or redirected tendencies of shaping material, physical, biological properties/features. New tendencies and values ​​in hyper evolutionary strategy of co-creation and co-responsibility, i.e. the neo-religion strategy of action, creation … or religion of a closed circle of possibility and life, passive expectation, i.e. we are talking about a strategy of active action or a strategy of passive adaptation/becoming only with the background of processes, expectations, cravings … or maybe nature, god just lets(but not) us eat the rest/=go further, exploit-reconstruct further without our participation, without our special carry/active participation in the garden of the nature of this god’s systems, or system, a system of systems throughout the entire universe. But not it will not happen if we do not deserve this progress without our real (very massive) environmental/the hyper evolutionary contribution.

Here, this ground of understanding, the use of specific glasses, measures of the pro hyper factor of the evolutionary strategy of our participation, joint, shared responsibility, underpin the mechanisms of civilization, economic, technological … religious scientific development that the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient does not become quasi or anti in the development of opportunities not only of our development but even of our existence.

Here, the phrase evolutionary cage can be used, which can be our prisoner from natural but above all our own will to preserve evolutionary anti-hyper evolutionary, natural tendencies of systems that bind/hamper our physical potential / biological properties …
hyper pro evolutionary technological, economic / production activities can be a strong initiative, levers removing the yoke of tendencies, and even their reversal.

– imposing, working out, cooperating according to their own evolutionary variables of directions, internal, external, biological, physical, chemical …
It is about adding/developing our own contribution tailored to our aspirations of leaving the cage system of evolutionary trends, quasi hyper evolutionary … that is, the introduction of actions to(“according to”) the nature of massiveness features of environmental tendencies by  (neo/neolithic revolution)”agricultural” treatment, as directly farming/production/neolithic, hype production re/neo-creation on a massive hyper-scale industrialization of neo-creative competition but also cooperation, because only in this way did human beings reach higher levels of development in the environment of mass transformation phenomena to higher stages of evolution or even more but more on our condition=by our mind=by our contribution.

to be continued

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