Economics/technology/science of perpetuum mobile strategy of neo neolithic revolution. Calculation(suggestion) of pro hyper evolutionary coefficient. 8.c.

An economic/technological strategy for farming/exploitation/re(neo)construction of/by new layers of (hyper)neolithic revolution by hyper industrial revolution…of science.

All laws of physics, principles, relations in
biology, physics are not given, nor are they obligatory relations or static/constant obligations. Still, relations of these properties can be worked out, reconstructed, and this is a fundamental law that applies everywhere. The speed, scale of these relations, to can be worked out, which is being so discovered at increasingly higher, further, more in-depth, advanced levels[ need one to have/to achieve an enormous {multi billion} scale of {technologic/production}changes to notice the hyper evolutionary effects of the activities] relations of the development of our civilization/environment, our associated thought, and this is the proper evolution strategy(goal of mankind, of an entire civilization, of our life and faith, purpose/genome of any system/s) of matter/life ( of physics, of biology, technology,…of science and research) hyper … super, not passive, not static, This is the only paradigm and evolutionary law, law, super law (hyper) evolution of all relations and systems of/for/by any technologic and economic enterprises, initiatives, effects, applications, mutually.

(Pro) hyper evolutionary, evolutionary … production/technology/economics, science – will not be secondary, accidental, saving, occasionally, but absolutely purposeful, super strategic, absolutely priority. This is true (pro)ecology of life, global ecology, ecology of time and space, the ecology of micro and macro cosmos, the ecology of living and non-living matter.

To determine the state of this pro hyper evolutionary level of our development would be necessary to introduce the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient like the statistical/production/productivity coefficient, like statistics of GDP, amount of steel produced, life expectancy, coal mining, etc.
What would make up this pro evolutionary hyper factor? This is the coefficient of the selective economics of technological perpetual mobile, i.e., increasing the efficiency of introducing autonomous self-developing mass technologies of systems of exploitation, reconstruction robots. That interacts with ever more significant mass phenomena in nature. From which we want to actively (not passively) act on ever higher, and higher, more mass technological levels/active(not passive on the part of technological invasion by man) economics of ever deeper layers of nature. For reshaping structures of nature/system that we have to have to deal with…because all other systems(often of opposite interests counterparts) make the same.

The essence of the effectiveness of achieving positive, plus achievements of the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient are direct control in a distance/depth of micro-macro cosmos, mass(iveness) of processes (according to a system of simple systems of zero-one. More on this subject in the next articles)
systems.Systems of matter and life through the massive technology/mega(multi-billion)production. That is self-replicating, using algorithms, and the expanding front of the remote control services by an increasing number of people. Historically and currently, more automation increases front of services for people by people- more developed by automation countries paradoxically ..have lower unemployment. So don’t worry about perspectives of the hyper robotic systems of self-developing-exploitation, self-developing re/neo constructions of the entire environment on ever more profound levels of matter/energy/life. We will need really many hands/brains to accomplish the and additional services of the gigantic system. And we need new methods of learning…not so scholastic/static according to described new visions of science/technology of the hyper evolution- more about the learning/research/study systems next possible time.

The pro evolutionary hyper factor can be calculated by the amount of carbon footprint left concerning the production, transformational efficiency of man …
-1. before this neolithic revolution could be described as one to one 1: 1 (zero unemployment, productivity – all 100% cook food, one or less carbon concerning their activities),
-2. currently, it can be defined as 1: 100 (unemployment around 10% on a global scale, economic/social tensions, ecological tensions, 100 to one carbon footprint,
-3. proposed technological leap of 100,000 …: 1, hyper neolithic, increase of multi-trillion exploitation of the environment (in the micro and macrocosmic direction) in the self-replication system – technological perpetual motion mobile … parallel neo-ecological self-developing systems/operations of hyper investment and self-propelling restructuring/exploitation investments – a carbon footprint of a billion to one … in the infinite ocean of the next operational/reconstructive layers of this new neolithic revolution, the technological revolution of a new economic and technological scientific strategy … breaking the circle, the circle of the dependence of the economic level on technology and vice versa, from the side economic and technological initiatives proposed here.

To be continued to go out from the evolutionary material/energetic/biological cage/circle of higher layers of micro macro cosmic speed limits literally and figuratively.

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