Economics, mechanics for…nature transformation of/by technological perpetual mobile/machine. Strategy for breaking “inviolability” of relationships in the nature of micro-macro cosmos. 8.a.

Further game/play/fight with/by words, open ideas, suggestions, provocations for (as history has been shown) growing accelerator of participations, mastering of matter and life properties.


There is no developed front of mass production to increase the effectiveness of scientific procedures aimed at the profound transformation of the environment to improve relationships, conditions, and properties of life, which are determined by external systems, independent/unknown /little-known biological, and material systems. Changes in the environment are of a defensive nature, improving the chances of life and survival. The environment is to be a priority. Not adapting to the environment, but rather contributing to its properties rather than independent games, economic activities aiming at timely short-term benefits having nothing to do with the strategy of real decisive improvements, developing a platform faster and deeper, further transformations that will meet our aspirations of protection and development life and other ambition of co-creation/responsibility of garden of …Eden.

Departure from the nomadic – vanity behavior strategy of existence and development, which occupies a minimum of 90% economic, scientific enterprise …. but … production nomadism can be used for explodes the platform of technological reconstruction of the environment with components, a platform for further expansion of the development of elements for the development and application of mass science of scientific factors as an inverted attitude of the explosion of growth directly with struggling with the evolutionary structures of the so-called animate and “not developing” formulas /(=current static visions of {levels of}nature) – and is going to cease from jumping on it(nature)/somehow adapting to it(nature)or rather cease of gave up to other fighting systems of nature for own position/or adopting/submission to not even systems but to the inert natural tendencies, material, explosive evolutionary by side effects. So then our hyper evolutionary economy/technology, mega-production strategy potential is to be human response/spark, dignity in this crucible of transformation processes, for more keen competition.

We are all the same evolved with different tendencies, background systems/contributions of further propositions, and properties. It’s about transforming this background, farming of background, for science explosion on higher fields of technological background of/for hype(mega)r-production, the hyper economy of neo creation … switched from neolithic stand of submission to nature to more of its reproductions ( as history has shown), to acceleration of (the process) own strategy contributed to the environment at a given, and higher and higher level. And here, it is about a conscious acceleration of this process.

Perseverance faith/hyper strategy (protection) of existence and development is nothing more than love/=that is a joint responsibility for this process of space/Eden gardening, is and should be a strategy of collective creation/neo creation.

the power of God’s love is nothing but
… Strength/faith – a strategy of shared responsibility
as a primary factor of development … a robust and efficient system of/for mass relations, structures, mechanisms of evolution, hyper evolution of living, and non-living matter.

Noticing and not passive attitude to these relations of systems of nature is proper respect for nature/god
This is an expression of honor – it is a perfect match for the garden of God’s garden, the garden of mutually contradictory systems as well as competing, contributing … and we have the opportunity and chance of this non-passive participation in the expansion of the share.
systemic not passivity, not just expectation
Our position depends on our use and/or potentially developed without pretending independence, inviolability of relationships in the nature of micro-macro cosmos – = pseudo-ecological but also not blindness to (background development) conditions of exploration of exploitation of active systems/relations of systems, properties of nature.

Hyper evolutionary selective economics is an absolute priority above ordinary economy, above occasional science (such research curiosity) but of course using in its strategies these primitive but essential elements of the body of instinctive, thoughtful human/civilization behavior and its economic and scientific park – (this time)science is(is to start this process) to support the development of hyper technology evolutionary hyper productions in the system of conventional economics … and then ordinary science and so on…And that is all included in the working out mechanism that is taken into consideration by the selective economics of nature transformation by man.

It is about systematic skimming, taking over – the economics of the structures of the whole garden of the cosmos, because this selective economics is this development paradigm – its essence is only hyper cosmic, physical and biological evolution
but also through the gardening activities … liberating economics from its conjuncture shortages.
Mega-production hyper evolutionary is to be a remedy for stagnations and crises of classic economy and ecology  … to be hyper evolutionary to negative or just neutral states of the pro hyper evolutionary coefficient of existence/development.

To be continued to open suggestions/explanations of the hyper evolutionary coefficient of economical/civilizational/hyper sustainability existence and grow…from evolutionary cage….. at first place by globally/cosmic telecommunication and energy platforms self-reliance system …accelerating self-development- more and more % of automation, autonomous systems in it.

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