Bionization/humanization of/by perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution – selective economics of matter/life properties reconstructions. 7.a.

Bionization/incorporation of/by perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution, selective economics of matter/energy/life properties reconstructions/neo constructions
that is, developing our own contribution/technology/economy(selective economics of the processes) to the mass transformation processes of matter and the life of all encountered dimensions of micro and macro cosmos.

Merry Christmas! Merry future! God is born!
Happy New Year! Happy future!

The birth of a god, a new system of humanity and processes of matter.
Neo religion/neo science/neo economy of the renewed strategy of human potential, the cosmos.
A new tool of the neo-neolithic revolution … hyper nomadic (increased share of a mass transformation of matter and life concerning the extensive, transverse, superficial exploration/exploitation/effects of space, due to the tools, technologies, mechanism inspired by mother nature and the divine image of the system(s) (hidden/unknown enemy and friendly systems of nature in us and outside) of the micro macrocosmic system and its perpetuum mobile mechanism …. hyper/evolution
A strategy of the usefulness of the infinitely living mechanism of the perpetual motion of the cosmos, its systems of matter and life.

Neo economics or selective economics of technology, the strategy of co-directing the transformation mechanisms of the cosmos system of process-structural matter and life as a new paradigm of the jump of civilization development on the literally total cosmic scale – at least according to modern imagery of the potential of the size and speed of transformation of the present known material and components of the micro macrocosm of life and matter/energy.

I often say neo, hyper, etc. It is all about using contemporary terms of human development such as technology, economics to apply new mechanisms to the very massive active co-transformation of matter and life. It is all the same but on a much higher stage of responsibility and/of development potential.

Natural automatism, the massiveness of processes of evolution, transformation, in which – improving and directing in the massiveness of processes we should take the most significant cooperation, jointly responsible and not passive
[ passive means hiding the head in the sand/passive prayers and keeping – leaving with the current status quo]
because nothing else will help in improving and even maintaining our own position concerning the changing relationship of the system of matter/energy and life/biology) micro-macro of the cosmos.

The proposed process is a bionization process of all nature … to develop mass technology for mass processes of nature at the micro and macro scale.
A more significant share of massive production, automatic, technological co-transformation … the economization of nature from our point of life interests literally and figuratively … exploitation … improvement of matter/energy and life on a much higher existence stage of/for life and development from our point of interest.

This increasing contribution, contributing to the increase in the provision of mass technological automatic autonomous in biotechnology … the exploitation of the reconstruction of processes of energy, structural, re structural, neo-structural of/for speed up development matter and life properties that we are lively interested/(infinitely, potential )capable in.

Bionization of matter.
Enlivening/supporting the processes of the cosmos of matter and life… perpetuum mobile of all encountered matter, its technology
(this perepetuum of mobile space is itself a living organism [for example in a book “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem] an infinite conglomerate of systems of more or less known, unknown, positive, negative for us)
or animating our constructions of life, i.e., overcrossing three-dimensional space of barriers by four-dimensional technological/hyper macroeconomics(selective economics) interventions in micro-macro cosmos structures processes of life/biology and matter/energy.

Bionization of nature, i.e., making up, constructing the structures needed for … development life … this is its sense … arranging, gearing, improving the over 3 model existing state of perception and further action, i.e., simply life … without it, it is giving up destruction, smashing by other systems and their interests involuntarily, whether we want it or not, and these systems also … in an infinite system of exploitation, reconstruction of introducing the revival of matter in more than 3d dimension (i.e., also incorporating technological corrections / economic, technical strategies (physical, biological, climatic, geological … cellular, quark, planetary engineering, etc.)
hyper-energetic changes in perpetual mobile operating in this way … This technological and neo-structural transition, exiting the existing “cooling” 3D system, is further energizing, supporting, raising the energetic potential of the life of matter …
It is moving to higher levels in structures, processes, velocities …. just like outer space does, the system expanding, accelerating. It is life, expansion, emanation in which we can/have. However, we still take part, the issue is only to do it more and more active, more co-responsible participation in the competition of cooperation with other systems of this system or other systems of life and matter.

To be continued to … neo birth of the religion of neo …economy, technology, physics, biology on the hyper neolithic stage of space/life revolution.

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