Mechanism of control/flow processes/properties of life/matter. Technological perpetuum mobile. 6.i.

We have technological/intellectual manipulation capabilities,
production/automatic for further and ever faster development of the exploitation potential of manipulation of existing natural/artificial structures for permanently breaking (current)old barriers/codes/patterns of structures of models challenging to implement, for … structures of breaking/acquiring/taking over, and from this new as much as possible permanently/automatically/massively working out background environmental local artificial/mass-processed, deriving new models/structures/…megaproduction=neo creation=hyper evolution shortcuts to solve problems or to get rid of unnecessary ballasts of current models and structures.

Always the most crucial issue in the process of maintaining and developing your position in the continually mutating systems of life and space/matter is an organizational matter … life decisions to apply the direction of change … but always of a mass character … the first model then production (but also … and first of all in opposite the hyper[background]-production structurality will affect models of development) … in (re) building this background of mutations, which is the basis for remodeling processes … just as the environment in nature affects genes/models, so we can transform this environment from our own models and aspirations to achieve the expected structuring, restructuring, neo structuring … it’s about working out the precision, directionality of remodeling the factors of this structural/process background of matter/energy/life.

Transverse(cross) investments are to be the beginning of the proper startup of [the micro]economics/=selective economy for the reconstruction of the background, the generator of processes of our existence and development, further leading to leading hyper investment, reconstruction, neo creation, hyper evolutionary investments in-depth/outside the processes and structures of the background of life/matter reconstruction. These transverse investments shall useful in marketing and training for developing on the living economic body the applications of these target hyper evolutionary autonomous investments, e.g., construction of solar panels or other independent energy construction teams at the global, local level … across, i.e., not directly (apparently ad hoc climatic/energetic currently needs) related to this background regeneration mutating the processes/structures of properties of matter/energy and life.

This upper stage of (hyper)economics means the economics of civilization and hyper evolutionary/cosmic development, i.e., selective economics of building, restructuring/neo structuring accelerator is not scientifically/economically temporary/opportunistic by nature … it is the science of organizing active [very massive/permanently accelerating “perpetuum mobile” actions] participation in neo/creation, and then applying this hyper economic mechanism …. for overcoming existing physical, biological … economic “barriers”.

Thus, of course, any enterprises can instrument this mechanism, apply it across – not directly in hyper evolutionary/economic activities – but also in the case by hyper economically along, inside and outside macro structures…regenerations of life and matter/energy.

The proposals have the nature of establishing the right/the law to absolute responsibility and at the same time the infinity of the potential of civilization/human in total changes of processes, structures at the global and cosmic level – including and above all the infinity of potential manipulation of all on the way of exploitation/”conquered” current structures/processes of the entire micro world, and its further transformation paths in endless overlapping/crossing mutating more or less lively systems.
If there are a possibility = law and joint responsibility, then we should simply use it to be higher than the… cavelike killing oneself system of world for only cyclical, short-sighted, vegetative or vain goals, but to raise the level of this … the(new hyper – more on this topic/aspect of the strategy to meet the needs, in later posts)pyramid of needs … vegetation and / for … (creative) vanity in reducing side effects as much as possible, because this is about responsible permanently/holistic strategy of life, science, economics, any activity.

This hyper economic/hyper global/cosmic accelerator must have an automatic/autonomous nature to an increasing extent, … because no one will be[in mode] (to shift/reconstruct the level of the background of all encountered matter/energy /life structures/processes/properties, separately by putting own separately money/investments, a very massive money/investment with unimaginable values, maybe imaginable only for god or …selective(upper)economics.

Such (technological) perpetuum mobile of neo creation, economic hyper evolution … an autonomous machine (as they are by definition) to remotely control the course of reconstruction [not passive perceptions/submission], control of courses, streams of processes/models of animated and non-animated matter/energy, are the technological answer … technological perpetuum mobile …strategy of …permanently/autonomously developing industry parks of exploitation/reconstructions of matter/energy/life structures/processes…properties.
We are, the whole cosmos in the perpetual motion process, the issue is of work out strategy awareness (not a vanity strategy, not self-incapacitation but joint responsibility for this process) of inclusion, joining in this process of participation … automation … allowing it to be developed, accelerating, guide this process of the perpetual mobile.

To be continued to… bionization “give birth” of “divine” perpetuum mobile mechanism of neo creation/hyper evolution, selective economics of matter/energy/life properties reconstructions/neo constructions/hyper evolution.

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