Mechanism of “perpetuum mobile” tendency/economic processing of matter/energy/life by crossing static models of evolution/creation.6.h.

Continuation of open sketches, suggestions for further considerations, discussions about the transformation trends of the micro macrocosm, as well as working out the possibilities of influencing this tendency of development, evolution/economy of matter and life.
Why are these considerations about mutual influences of systems in which our system – so far achieved with its(mankind) potential – also has and will take part in these mutual influences?
Nature, its systems are not impossible to achieve, to achieve in their own or other purposes of the processing, creating … that is simply life, raising their standard of living, existence, and development.
Everything is within our infinite technological potential (but)of the “never / never closed model / non-static model” of life … production.
This is the way to set the strategy of any development of the system of our civilization, of man as such, and of any other micro and macrocosmic systems of matter and biology (life).
But this does not have to take place through hard vain/mindless work, but … comfortable, thoughtful laziness, because it was the flywheel of  doing/growing services for us with the help of an increasingly complex system of tools for servicing/exploiting the environment, own system, and others … this relax is creation through … this laziness or vice versa … and resulting from it – more and more
hyper mass service/environmental equipment and own system (hyper evolution) to increase vitality, … while not so overconsuming/aging /but improving of/by the efficiency of exploitation/servicing of life, matter/energy.
This is about the constant tendency and the strategic idea of ​​adding tools/extra factors to known models and states, seemingly unshakable or completely unknown structures of matter life, for improving the structures/processes of this matter/life at a given constant elevated level according to our aspirations and the need to participate in life, the matter of the micro macrocosm.
Man is to be and is, after all, a defender of the environment in which he lives and expands the ranges, the limits of interaction with this environment. It is about raising higher aspirations in this direction of active participation, shared responsibility/evaluation of this environment in us and outside.
After all, man has the potential to be a more effective, smarter guardian, engineer, host in a positive sense of our natural system in the micro-cosmic environment of other systems. And become the most excellent neo-ecological / hyper evolutionary protector. The issue is to stimulate this hyper economic/evolutionary/creative mechanism for more effective positive development.
We cannot achieve better results of existence, defense, development of our life and its surroundings in a very poor (compared to the structures/processes of other systems of macro-micro material and living cosmos) industrial park, and at the same time this industrial park will not achieve better results without scientific effects, which are based mutually on the potential for mass/production autonomy in the production/technology of this park … I think that here one needs to scientifically combine this accelerator of tools/equipment to achieve scientific goals unattainable today (at a given stage of economically / organisationally developed production support), which are at the closed 3 technological dimensions of the natural level known to us to date and … imaginations, and it is about entering this higher dimension … of nature through a higher economic dimension (selective economics) of the technological and production potential of the generic existence and development of life,  matter/energy.
Autonomous mass production …”perpetuum mobile” energy and any structures/products to master, also a gradual more and more profound processing of matter properties and structures life .. scaffolding expansion into the body of matter and life, observational, perceptive, potential joint control, co-development processing to a very massive degree (because only such massive neo/reproductive activity/initiative makes sense and counts in the system processes of matter/energy/life… chemistry/alchemy alone is not everything) – massiveness of micro macrocosm manipulation with increasing speed in the style of accelerating space expansion.
The takeover of structures, their mass transformation, reproduction, neo-production is a paradigm of some development, opportunities for self-defense and development in the infinite cosmos of mutually … devouring/competing systems.
It is taking over competences and structures that are way freedom of life.
Expansion of life by structures/processes massive autonomous manipulation support.
Co-building organisms and the quality of matter/components used for this … environmental backgrounds rebuilding the basis of matter … Taking over at a given level structures/genes of this matter, and this changes our view of our place in the micro-macro cosmos/nature. It is no longer ecology or religion of nature but neo ecology/neo religion of full responsibility …. it is not passive but active manipulation of the environment.
Fully joint responsibility for natural processes … We are not supposed to adapt to the mountain, but … this mountain to us in further collective responsibility for the environment of matter/energy/life.
To be continued to automatize/massively (selective economic)tendencies and strategies of natural/and civilizational processes of life/matter/energy.

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