Increasing competence… of/for autonomous strategy means to increasingly expand remote-controlled of self-controlled autonomous systems of/for micro macrocosm enterprises/economy. 6.g.

Continuation of drafts of very widely open study ”juggling” concept of the mechanisms of the mutually hyper bionic character of transformation/development..means mutually processes(ing)/life of nature/systems of nature/man/mankind.
We/(but also other systems of life/matter) are still/infinitely dealing with the process of transforming, spreading, transferring, folding,…, which is increasingly in character in/between systems of nature of/by transferring energy, “manual”(=direct impact)competences one another to/by tools, natural/and human too….: such technology parks/mechanisms(…of other systems of nature too!), industrial parks of an increasingly less direct dealing/influencing but more autonomic, programmed nature by work out(by man)/evoluated(also by other systems of nature…for example viruses “industry export”) mechanisms.

It is a leverage transmission system that on our part of civilization began with direct manual…thought direct manual constructive action into tendency the increasingly complex non-direct takeover/operation of systems / natural resources …
increase competence…
(taking over the process of the autonomous increase of the potential of tool competences, tool of not-less and less- of manual control, operation, reconstruction, neo-creation of materials, existing components, discovered, explored, processed, processed at previous and future further and deeper levels, including IT sub-decisions (taking over on more and more vital/existence support competences/functions from our nervous system/brain.)
… of/for autonomous strategy means to increasingly expand remote-controlled of self-controlled autonomous systems …of/for micro macrocosm enterprises/economy.

This was and will be the trend of development of systems jointly responsible on our part to evolve, create all other structures, processes of nature … including our achievements, the resources of technology/production, and the thoughts of human civilization … It’s about making this system aware and improving … an explosive increase … to catch up with and overtake micro macrocosm systems that also grow in this specific race of systems of matter/life processes … breaking down the barriers/spaces/models/structures of current perception, ignorance, technology, and thoughts/strategies of emerging from cocoons levels of existence and its any way infinite potentials.

Local (productive/massive “digging in” to the structures of the physical microcosm, bio-biological matter/energy, and life) the change in the background environment is to be a grain, the casing of expansion of action, creation or expansion of life as a trend, mechanism of contagion, expansion, accumulation of potential, exploitation, transformation next areas of the microcosm.

As it was in the Neolithic revolution, not extensively nomadizing the cosmos, but intensifying the processing of microcosm ore spoil – allowing for more technologically rapid its co-creation on a scale previously unheard of – as a thousand years ago one could have imagined about our impact on the contemporary space of our planet … at least on the surface of our planet -climate.
at the possibly local level, area, at a given level needed (currently but gradually increasing at its own achievements) to restructure the tool neo creation of structures/processes of a given level of micro macrocosm potential.

So it’s more about internal expansion/investment (more about the agriculture of the area rather than jumping from place to place), which after some time becomes in two directions development but on jump/giant scale development, this external as well as more internal-external – massive external intensification
the operation of structures, their processes of ever massive controlled de/recomposition/neo creation of life, matter/energy exploitation.

That is why I have described cosmic, medical escapades as extensive
nomadic, and here, however, more taken attention about a technological explosion of hyper agri-cultural matter and … life, its industrial park which is yet to support space tours, and neo creation but on ever of a deeper, more precisely structuring, restructuring-process approach, exploiting the perception of makeshift models/formulas of today’s biological/medical … materials. … energy/mass visions/stand/position of exploration/exploitation/co-production/co-evolution/co-creation/co-generation.

It is like perceiving/reconstructing/neo constructing more than 3 dimensions of contemporary micro-macro models of the cosmos, matter of biology … energy … life, developing patterns, structures, models, which would transform in the like a 4th dimension for the current state, … status quo factor dimension. ……neo ecology =anti-static view of (systems of)nature processes=activisation of neo/co-creation of nature.

Influencing the influence of one life/system over other systems always has been historically, evolutionarily, creatively.
And it is a selective economics of nature … hyper evolution … Neo ecology is a total conscious influence/strategy on the relationship between systems of nature, it is total evolutionary engineering of nature by shaping its values ​​directly…its trends and goals.

Nature, the natural background changing from the technology of our system,
that is, from the thought of a non(or changing)-model concept, not “natural” concerning other competing systems in which we are entirely immersed…perceptional, practically but always temporally on achieved level.
Our task … (not passive) life, and not a vain ball/stone/piece in the hands of other systems, is to increase the technological power of mass-transformational processes as much as possible on our part, and our system collaborators[we/our massiveness of technology are the most prominent collaborator/chance/role/working out position of/in nature form our part]…above/upper models-always temporary, previously produced but increasingly algorithmic, autonomous.

To be continued to adding not passive, extra productive/contributive tools/factors for developing model/mechanism of matter/energy/life creation/exploitation.

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