So much -you work out- you …can contribute so much you can get …the possibility of the… further can and so for/on/by the mechanism of development. 6.f.

We continue perspectively – this is an infinite (an open puzzle assembly – you can co-decide of further patterns of the puzzle!…not only me or nature)process – further open exploration, discovery, development, co-creation of model-creation, model-creation mechanism, neo-creation, evolution, and hyper evolution/selective economics of processes of all structures/processes of life and matter. Of course, this is about developing a strategy of continuous parallel exploitation of the application of this continual development of the discovering, co-constructing of ever newer elements of these mechanisms.

The sense of strategy for the use of the selective economics accelerator is the heavy use of materials and the construction of new structures for even more effective operation of the processing of materials/matter/ life of structures/processes on ever-deeper levels(hyper dimension of processing), and thus allowing for constant modifications/explorations/exploitation of the components that interest us in constructing further structures … for even further more in-depth exploitation and processing of matter(mass)/materials … and this is for the better and better massive reconstruction of components of structure for better and better mass re/construction, and further for better and better hyper massive exploitation of matter, and this for better and better mass efficient re/construction, neo-creation hyper evolution, etc. continually over and over the spirals of the reconstruction processing operation … neo creation … It is about an economic, technological, mental improvement of this mechanism of care and development over our garden of matter/life… more and more autonomously – as in the process of the historical trend of tool improvement/production through and for man and … his (in/out) environment of our system [nature consists of an infinite number of more or less contradictory or compatible systems to our system] of needs and values and potentials.

This is the evolutionary/hyper evolutionary competition … who, which system will exploit more considerable mutual resources for themselves, raising their positions … hyper evolutionarily, neo creatively
We take part in this permanent game of life/matter, whether we want it or not.
Humanity, the man, taking part in this game increases or … reduces his position, the chance of life, existence, development, including in the ecologic/climate approach…neo/hyper ecologic approach…you decide (whatever you want or not…lack of decision is also a responsible decision with further inevitable consequences) about trends/position in your environment.

Also, the strategy of conventional economics, economy, marketing should have in mind this inevitable race (to death and life of our -just vegetative existence but/and development=life) of exploitation, the neo creation of service production, which mutually drives and will directly drive the core of the whole economy(of any development) as such … i.e., the economy of the selective economy introduced here.
And this race of exploitation / neo-creation is a paradigm of progress and … the basis of existence … its level, its chances of current survival, degradation or development.

The final/mystical definition of patterns, formulas, models, barriers, corridors approach of interpretation of any processes/development is simply a mockery … of those (unless they themselves determined these ultimate barriers … unless it is only a selected level of interpretation/use that depends on the level of knowledge and technological/production potential ) that they introduced, discovered an attempt to describe one-dimensional description based on the current/temporary perception of the possibility of the “final” fate of existence or development of the cosmos…from the Middle Ages “final” limits of knowledge, exploration/exploitation, neo creation.

The hyper evolutionary/ selective economic thesis of the exploitative race of systems refutes the “invariability” of “wooden = current potential” rockets/levels of mater exploration/(re)construction of these launching new capabilities of mater(mass)/energy exploration …
Precisely, not vanity but a purposeful contribution to the environment evaluates the (efficiency of – fewer and fewer primitive- models and patterns)importance of a given system, person/humanity in any existence or development.

So much you work out you …can(possibilities/potential) contribute…-and this is the paradigm of any changes and potential in whole endless universe systems and laws-
so much you can get …the possibility (=of the can)of the… further can and so on/by the mechanism of development of smashing of walls of barriers for existence and development of between systems(our system including too).

Economically speaking, do we need more or fewer employees or money for this project/transformation – the historical trend in total any way)
Generally no. The strength of influence, potential of tools and, autonomous industrial service parks for control over higher, structurally more rooted, more massively affecting given processes, structures (systems) of nature are changing.

It is not only about the mechanism of mass exploitation/ intervention with the structures of processes but more about the mechanism of accelerating this process … increasing (autonomous) instrumentation per person, per given project.

To be continued to…leverage system of transfer of competencies / self-sustaining growth of potential

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