(Economic/productive)mechanism of neo creation. 6.c. You can get as much from nature and life as you can make a contribution in a given direction.

Continuation of humanization/economization/…reproduction(grabbing structures/processes) of the infinite massiveness of processes of systems of nature. That is, giving this nature structures, processes, aspects of life, non-drawer aspects, outside of the template … but in…a dignity of an infinity of senses and purposes of consistent, contradictory, neutral actions for our system of humanity and for other systems(between systems of nature) unknown to us, so systems are hidden/mixed one another in an infinity of structures.
So the continuation of breaking the codes of life and matter that would seem closed to further … (hyper) evolution, (neo) creation…by today’s dogmatics and …agnostics …of knowing all or …knowing not at all.

Is this a mockery of modern science? No. Rather, it is broadening the horizons of faith, cooperation, competition strategy with nature, with… God as a partner and not as a guardian of natural prison of already absolute limited existence/vegetation and limited development.

The structures of nature, including human structures, remind us of the structure of the planet, systems of worlds that need a responsible, developed self-service, as well as our entire planet earth as well.
Every human/cell as a whole planet … needs a strategy for self-service … development … more and more effective self-exploitation, … mining, metallurgy, production … reproduction, re/creation, neo creation.

The need for expanded models that will be the scaffolding of the park versions of industrial accelerators of components in the direction of miniaturization for this exploitation of the new hyper evolutionary man as well as other evolutionary hype (hyper /(selective)economic) physical, biological, etc. projects.

Lack of strategy of our existency/=primitive (vanity)economy is terribly unfavorable for both man and nature( of course, including climate). The development and awareness of the potential of technological and economic coupling with decks of nature transformation gives a chance not only for further existence but also for further more efficient and…dignify development( but not just limited primitive vegetation) of our and other life at the global and (macro and micro) cosmic level.
This hyper evolutionary development strategy or selective economics is an absolute novelty tactic never used in dealing (but not submissive) with the treatment of (systems of)nature. -Neither in parallel, nor protective, nor dictation = or rather mindless contempt and vanity, nor surrender.
It is a total hyper evolutionary global cosmic exploitation in terms of genetic exploitation of/for nature’s systems background co-production, background processing. This (selective)economics is the soul of genetics, the essence of all processes, human/matter transformations, and vice versa of the rest of external/internal systems more or less with crisscrossed or contradictory ones.

This is a new, inverted theory that …demands/beg or resignations from nature/god.
It is a theory, a paradigm required above all in this economy – never before used – as a paradigm of the direction of transformation according to aspirations, just required from own contribution to ever more profound co-production/transformations in/of all processes of nature/any systems.

Requirements for nature/god – … you get as much from nature and life as you make a contribution in a given direction … this is the economization of all processes/enterprises… so selective economization.
It is known that not every action, even the so-called ecological one, does not have to contribute to active, non-subjective/passive participation in natural processes=other than those directly subject to our (civilization)system.
For example, NASA activities, ecological are generally …vain means not hyper evolutionary strategically, not selective economically but they are rather occasional actions, trials, the possible amplitude of ad hoc growth or rescue directions/activity, may not have to be included in the schemes of the strategy of/for nature of selective / (hyper) natural evolution/economy.

The garden of nature, systems of nature is to be no:
longer a jungle in which we are to surrender/submissive in a mutual/competition battle for the position in different structures/processes/systems,
or a separately developed infrastructure,
but also not blowing up/completely destroying the garden as an alien system.
It is about total and systematic co-transformation … of roots/background of/for development. It is about how much we work out, how much will be the contribution of our work of transformation, care for this garden, so much from this garden, we can get to the infinite degree and potential … and infinitely … short time. And it is all about organizing this work, working out an endless mix of endless threats and endless opportunities.

Nature is a competition of systems, it is hard “(selective)economic” work of systems. As far as we bring something to this economy (evolution) of natural systems, we can potentially deserve the effects of this work. Nature/God will do nothing for our whims/=prayers, we must fight for the improvement or maintenance of position concerning others(other systems in us and out of us) who also work for… their standard of living, their value of life, their quality / … life expectancy, their position at an infinite degree, and time of manipulation of these processes.

To be continued to the accelerated massiveness of algorithmic composing the tools and materials that strengthen our chances, our position in the micro/macro world of systems of life and mater…which have to scoff at methods of measuring and modeling that limit alternatives to …structurally deeper and deeper expanding laws/opportunities/development paths…development by (neo/creative) fun but …not by (destructive/unresponsible) vanity.

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