Economic mechanism of neo creation/evolution. 6.b.Eliminations of primitive status quo of economy and technology development.

We continue the insane ruthless anti-primitive, anti limitations modeling (neo-neolithic revolution of farming of evolution/creation of nature)- temporal and yet dogmatically conceived – of matter and life, but ruthless dynamic recognition of plasticity phenomena and changes above handmade-manufactured formulas, that tried to describe/control, show properties of the massive character of nature character/evolution/creation.

This given model 3 to the dynamic 4th dimension of life changes will always have a temporary character, shifted as the perception and mutual technological creative potential increases, and it is only and exclusively subjective (as the proper definition of life should emphasize) … of our transformation initiatives, our observations and conclusions, and decisions … independent of static physical and biological models … maybe useful in a given time, but not for further functioning, for guaranteeing life and development of this life … because life is still arranging with others equally variable and “capricious” systems … never fully known … finally, our system will also be never fully understood.

This transitive 3/4 model of the dimension of life, matter … mass, energy, gravity, and all other processes of structures is the key to conducting economics of hyper evolutionary environment … all activities including medicine, economy, space science … politics= expansion policy and not stagnation = degradation of our civilization … our system of life’s nature, aspirations, and values.

Crossing the theory of creationism with evolutionary theory … in transitioning, mutating from the level of the known model, the state to another breaking out of the given system, winning the existing system by introducing in part … the next system, the addition of the new system.

Selective economics is to eliminate the primitiveness of economic relations caused by unnecessary harsh conditions of the natural, social, economic, technological environment by just supporting mass, total and not manually manufacture modeling of a new climate literally and figuratively – not only climatic factors for existence and its efficiency and …dignity for humanity and development…means real life.

It is impossible to use the wooden mallet to get to know/tame black holes, the life structure of nature, the background environment.
Only very massive instrumentation of the environment … the components of matter/life gives a chance to reach structures trillion more distant in depth and extent of those structures that are now unattainable to us, as current achievements in relation to hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Even the use of this wooden mallet (environment/current technology park, production park) will not be creative even by the most economically and technologically tools efficient until the right environment is produced.

For example, 50 years old methods used…on the moon/mars “new” programs! Where it is impossible to accelerate effectively without hyper-technological mass invasion and the autonomous way of rebuilding, and then we will be able to successfully/efficiently venture this and other neo-natural actions.

Humanity(in the margin – understanding humanity issue of the very bold initiatives in nature) shares responsibility but not surrender to nature, or vice versa, contempt/disregard for nature … but a humanistic approach to the technological and natural paradigm.

The level of the scale of autonomous co-construction of one human body is by size/difficulty reminiscent of mastering the autonomous coordination of the entire human civilization infrastructure of today’s world – of the planet Earth …
And this human infrastructure equals the infrastructure of all modern civilization, so by this infrastructure, you have to multiply by billions of people.
And the infrastructure of the atom equals this whole civilization … initially.
So only massiveness of the background of positive support of the technology accelerator of the production by more significant autonomous “style” of production “margin” gives a chance to efficient co-operate between the matter/life processes and our production/technology.

We will aim for a specific infrastructure from the Earth scale world self-sufficient infrastructure to … a small world … self-sustainable cells…by self …nutrition, repair, development self of own properties autonomously and by program and occasionally remote-controlled by man.
Building teams of robots capable of developing to fulfill the vital functions needed to support the human body(cells) and further projects … That is towards mass … process miniaturization, and because it is a considerable challenge, the need for a giant autonomous domino effect of programs, teams “mining, metallurgy, production” structures matter, energy, life, their components, brackets/scaffolding.

So we have to chase for investing, after reaching headlands, …the hand-made manufactures of the science workshop achievements to be completed by multi-million multiplication effects and this is the task of selective economics, … constantly adding, and thus building autonomous giant platforms/industry park complexes, tools for further discoveries, achievements, i.e., for further development footholds and further this resource baggage of potential economics … achievements = footholds.

The difference between selective economics and vain economics … that is, contemporary economics is that vain economics (modern/current economics) is entirely unrelated to cooperation, full responsibility, competition with nature.
Selective economics is cooperating, taking over responsibility for all processes of nature for which it can have a potential expanded impact, potential. In this direction of development, this hyper economics is oriented …
Competition with nature as with cancer … not destroying the environment as such, but fully utilizing the resources for transformation, hyper evolution of interest to us.

Vain economics has nothing to do with hyper evolution .. there are some random relationships, but overall they leave us in one place with a potential …of increase in potential
And the selective economics of strategy preparation tends to evidently move from the level of infrastructure development to higher levels, the forefronts of science, continually shifting the entire process the mechanism of this development.

To be continued to hyper economic/technological generation of bases of the further hyper evolutionary development of life and matter properties/efficiency.

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