Selective economics as generic/background function factor of any transformation economy of nature and so …trends of entire economy development and any enterprises- including the vanity( not directly connected with hyper evolutionary competition). part 5.b.


Harsh existential climatic conditions … economic … production / own contribution to the more efficient decomposition (and this is about artificially raising the level of background/climate development) prevented the proper level of civilized existence, the momentum of development, whether in arctic regions, desert, pre neolithic peoples and … contemporary aspirations to leave the passive position of shaping foundations, the background of processes, structures of the environment.

The proposed leap (for the generating of natural processes), economic, selective, technological is to take out( from the permanent mind and technologic/economic collapse)/push us for a higher era of civilization development potential … just like mild, comfortable natural climate conditions and more comfortable conditions of economic relations thanks to … technology, selective economics, and neo-evolutionary technology will allow a further hyper neolithic revolutionary leap of greater creative freedom with specific (by the hyper economical impact)climatic, environmental conditions, in this case, a more technologically mechanically and automatically production-hyper hyper evolutionarily set, and at the same time liberated from a specific treadmill of organizing (influenced by its time neo-creative decisions) time, currently, 100 percent based on vanity=existential/vegetative incapacitation hyper evolutionary, that is not so based on higher consciousness, freedom of action of hyper evolutionary – (rules of) games, economic struggle, existential freedom additionally inspiring by conceptual power of pro hyper evolutionary industry park and strategy for generating development.

This hyper evolutionary industrial park for mass production
more and more precise tools for the digging/exploitation in structures of nature, for producing to more and more accurate tools for producing next generations of components for the production of … control, subsequent generations of industrial parks in a domino effect, where the selective economics is to be the general programmer, selector, coordinator of generating all this evolutionary hyper-production process.

Selective economics is the soul -and more a link between the thinking of a given system/= life with matter (its raw material), it is a paradigm of all subsequent decisions, trends, and process trends.
The economic soul of the hyper evolutionary system, systems of structures/processes of matter and life, and the entire (micro/macro)cosmos.
… it is the soul that really moves massive “productive” activities that change the direction of trends of life and matter.

Selective economics is the soul, initiative, impulse/spark … that allows understanding the initiator, factors of life, animations/animating the matter of structures/processes, gives them the plastic nature of mutual relations.
Selective economics:
is a source of impulses, the initiator of action … of soul and matter,
is that energy / electrical impulse connecting the soul with the processes of re / structuring matter,
is the initiator of the massive transformation of large scale, but also any other, all size,
is the production of our own natural system by our own priority values ​​of the directions of creation …,
is joining the club of these other (parallel, in us and outside) systems of nature on equal conscious rights .. to co-create the background, generate restructuring, neo creation, neo / hyper evolution, but also according to equal rights in the process of competing with these systems background re/construction, which does not mean equal opportunities … here our own selective economy has to earn, develop, and not in vain expect alms in a position between these already personal objective (economical/hyper evolutionary/neo creative) positions of other systems of nature.

Here we come to the essence of the mechanisms of action, on the micro-macro of the cosmos level and potential, i.e., biological and physical, etc., and thus the mechanisms in co-shaping the course, the generics of these mechanisms, trends of any changes.

Selective economics, i.e., the economics of the background of all processes and structures of a given level of potential and initiative, is the initiator, coordinator, service technician servicing the accelerator of hyperproduction of components for further transformation of systems .. process structures.

Each system of so-called animate and non-animate nature (not only our civilization) conducts its … economic policy … selective, generating … and not according to static models such as Emc2, which can be an infinitely, evident, minimal model perception and application of entire nature …systems/factors.


Each system has its own economic policy, transformation, e.g. … acceleration of over-model over explosive … space, self-destruction of cells …., etc.

It is about the improvement of the directional transformation according to this selective economics of a given system = here, of course, we will focus on our civilization system(the selective economic hyper evolutionary/neo creative system), … of our biological life as well.
Economics of different systems are coming together … they fight one another, lives in symbiosis, developing according to their …developed economies… by selective/hyper evolutionary economics.

To be continued to a dynamic model of third and fourth dimensions of transformation processes by selective economics.

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