Neo economic/neo natural reconstruction/revaluation of background/gene of matter and life. Part 5.a.

I continue to sketch deepening into more than static /model mechanisms of active restructuring, transformation, processing, i.e. … mechanisms of life of …matter and … life.

Selecting evolutionary/selective economics is crucial for biology, physics, etc … the desirability of strategy … it is like separating a gene (driver … a more profound influencing factor) from a cell and the capabilities of this control cell … … of the whole cell, other cells, atoms, elements of the cosmos of matter/life, their additional components indicating, shaping their properties … because this selective economics is this ingenuity human gene, another extra-human factor in the processes of cognition, background transformation, basics, platforms, background, decks of the development program, evaluation, property characterization, potential – including economics as such – of all processes, structures …
So it gives a better / additional boost, a strategic sense of directing investment, marketing towards the client and citizen … the taxpayer and above all human … and towards nature as well … according to individual and social/political life, religion, science, pushing the foundations of borders of vision, cognition, scientific, economic, social … religious development strategies …

(Selective) economics is the driving force (potential) initiator of environmental change.
It’s about coupling this mechanism of influence, using it like … Newton’s law. The selective economy mechanism is an absolute factor of change
The point is that it ( the neo economy) does not burden our usual free vanity attitudes … and at the same time is an efficient autonomous pusher, the engine of the ordinary economy of …its vanity and … mega productivity(hyper evolutionary), informatics character as well in robust coupling with the acceleration of hyper mining, hyper instrumentation, hyper metallurgy, and hyperproduction on ever-deeper levels, decks of micro-macro cosmos of matter…and life

It is supposed to be a real bomb exploding the present known … and the next levels of established status quo of any genome of matter and life … never wholly and before reached, broken, overtaken
Turning this autonomous processing machine on so that it … would be so efficiently … as directing with the IT wand / mega-production = evolutionary hyper to drive further, more and more jointly responsible, correct participation in (hyper evolution, (neo) creation of matter and life on ever deeper exploitation decks … intercourse, co-creating, co-responsible for the lives of us and … the whole globe (including climate, … geology), … the whole (micro-macro) of the cosmos.

The objective of economics is to effectively improve this accelerator of reconstruction, construction, hyper evolution, neo creation using the economy for components, tools as well as the management of these components, tools to control less or more directly structures of processes of nature transformation .. using this “mine” / metallurgy/production “of the next structures of the infinite potential of nature.

Learning the cognition alone will no longer help the economy co-creation / cooperation with the evolving environment, changes in its structure due to … their gigantic system of mass supply relations and demand, to which balance of power we have to make our own gigantic/mass contribution to make this supply system deserved/worked out (and not prayed) for our demand.

An independent / possibly autonomous industrial, technology, and the evolutionary park is to be this hyper (“invisible”) hand, it is a kind of serviceman/men to support scientific, economical, space, medical projects … generally, neo-technological very mass applications.

This industrial park, this accelerator, this hand is the initiator, the background for the next consequences of this hyper evolution. This park is to be a platform, a base separate from classic economic, social, model natural systems … as an extra x service factor.
… as a competitive background (background, and..ground!) for the emergence of new properties, properties of structures, processes currently mastered by other systems/(generic/genome)backgrounds of nature, and not (although seldom to fully to be learned) met by us, mastered at a given stage.

Artificial production (possibly discovering the next) structures, decks, background layers for further processes … restructuring, co-construction, co-decision in this hypernatural process through and for new economic/scientific activities strategies …We produce these mass transformation accelerators by accident and unconsciously, and this is about deliberately separating this generator of actions, in which we could play a selected(selective) role, raise our potential for collaboration in the processes, structures of the micro/macro cosmos a billion times.

It is about triggering the modern Neolithic era revolution, i.e., freeing itself from current vegetative economic and technological conditions, utilizing an explosion of specific new agriculture of nature on the significance of deeper decks using infinitely more mass-production technologies, processing, hyper-deep-structural structural mining, and metallurgy … satisfying in this case, all the needs … at a given level reached … which allows us to move to higher levels of exploration, expansion inward and outward of any matter and life structures and processes.

To be continued to processing background structures as a form/platform of hyperdimensional/hyperstatic life/matter ..genome processing.

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