Economy/science of neo nature. 4.b. Selective economics for remodeling of creation of nature processing of any level of structures.

Currently (live), I continue to write (for next book but first at all for solutions), develop a model of selective economics, i.e. economics of exiting models, from patterns of mass nature of systems or rather economics of adding to these systems additional mass dynamic factors, initiators of continuous creation/mega-production.
Not (only) science, but investments by simply systematic (automatic) development, increasing tool efficiency in geometrical progress, direction of use of exploitation, reconstruction of the environment at a given level developed deeper and deeper, their components for further reconstruction, production, generation, regeneration, neo generation, further digging in … digging out the necessary elements/components from structurally deeper decks of systems of nature, their self-automatic, algorithmically programmed mining/peculiar mining, mass processing – “metallurgy” of the industry, tools of the 5th generation components, which by definition of this 5th generation of industrial development they will be autonomous components also of /by software / IT total exploitation, environment manipulation, change of basis, background of generation, regeneration of relations in living and non-living matter, but according to more established by man and his very autonomous 5th generation industry serviceman(robots), trends and properties and laws at a given level cognitive, reproductive, adaptive, neo-creative.
This economics of the 5th generation industry is selective economics, i.e. directly focused on the conscious direction of the trends of change, the development of matter and life literally and figuratively … it is simply the economics of the industry of neo creation/neo evolution … it is taking over competences = responsibility and technological skills over the management of the world and (micro/macro) cosmos … as it is partly in the matter of responsibility for the use of atomic forces/energies in the geometric potential/explosion of development.
This economics of the 5th generation industry … direct and massive interference in the processes of nature … for the expansion of perception boundaries of the current science combined with selective economics, with further consequences of the process of more effective, more compatible industry accelerated behind this science…or before … They are supposed to push this development. … brave industry of these components for further automatic development in the process of technological, exploratory domino effect … lowering industrial and operating costs, production efficiency on given performance virtually to zero … only the issue of development directions … and which organization here on earth, whether on the moon will starting from a small team of robots, this process of accelerator of automatic exploitation, process control structures will go deeper, faster, further and more automatically … so that our task would be to use this enchanted pencil/wand…/processor effectively and wisely to use in drawing, modeling, regenerating, neo creating, neo evolution of processes including the depth of interference in the processes of life and matter, including the properties of maximum velocities, life processes of cells … stars, quarks and so on and so deeper … without any interruptions … because nature and its structures, processes also have no inhibitions.
Not only market game, not only scientific perception/vision but above all virgin hyper evolutionary mega exploitation projects have been to set the tone, bluntly and directions of change in this market and scientific/visions…dogmas/religions games/market.
Brave businessmen are needed
Like 100 years ago, such as Rockefeller, Ford or today Gates,  on such bonanza of new exploitation, a new production for a new space, a new market perspective and a developmental leap of economic, civilization leap – neo-creative, hyper evolutionary development/leap.
Support the hyper evolution by selective economic…
by enterprise of free market in the hyper evolution direction that in a feedback effect will accelerate the market
starting from such gadget productions like for example swarm of micro-drones
robots for.. cleaning teeth, blood, etc as inspirations start for autonomous systems and marketing support the selective economics system of autonomous super cheap support for the entire economy and science enterprise.
…Market and its consumerism enterprises will take down prises of costs of core of the selective economics goal…efficiency/perspective of the hyper evolution, neo/regenerations of life and matter now and tomorrow.
According to this economic approach, the issue is a kind of catching up, pushing and pushing the scientific boundaries
shifting competencies … perception, vision of science/religion, further providing space for selective economics that fulfills the potential of vision in a productive way, multiplying back, making the efficiency of observation and vision more realistic
Shifting scientific competences on the back of entrepreneurship and … vice versa.
Scaffolding production for new components and tools where science just barely touches the boundaries of knowledge will multiply the effectiveness of influencing the phenomena that are today in the scientific cavemanual machining …in this case, it will be

case it will be stone processing … at the quark,gene-level on a scale rather higher than manual but … total, mega-production, mega operation… neo creation, neo evolution, regeneration, neo generation of matter and life.

To be continued with the brainstorm but neo creative writing to amonolithic/neo generic approach to any phenomena – economically redefinition/reconstruction engineering of any known processes. (selective)Economic -massive 4th dimension approach( …not only from other systems but from ours as well) to any processes, structures of nature…as a new era for mankind and the entire environment transformation process.

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