Selective economics- mechanism. 3.h. The more maneuvering by repetitions, steering, variability, generating projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities for expected transformations.

We are all jointly responsible for the effects of the nature of mechanisms inside and outside us. The issue is to not a passive approach to real faith supported by systematic efforts and effort appropriately focused thinking/work… and the level of dependence on fate or vanity in approaching participation in processes around us and in us.
The process of economization, i.e. working out the effects of maintaining and developing existential levels of development, manipulation of life and matter systems, where the direct share of the man is getting smaller, and the share of the more and more indirectly controlled, automatic, autonomous tooling increases.
This mechanism of more and more efficient development of tooling has always functioned and here the issue is about growing multi-trillion times effects of this process … not the production of more or fewer consumer products – this inhibits drive of the artificial/hyper evolution=selective economics=…slighty controlled/steered singularity of technology/mega-production of …horsepower of energy and matter transformation drive effect – but subassemblies, components increasingly autonomously developing, producing – self-reliance system of robots systems developing, self producing. … we should only feed them with programs, orders, competence, and disposition frameworks, and they should strive for energy, material, process and structure efficiency – of course, we can practice and teach them a little.
We have the technological and automatic production capabilities of this accelerator for self-development of automation, the tool for processing and structuring mechanics … material, biological, in connecting to infinite energy sources, material and in particular construction, extra ingenuity factors of/by “dark matters” – means of undiscovered, not enough efficiently used potentials of matter/energy/life.

This infinite technological potential of the self-replicating tool/production industry park systems is just a matter of a logistic economic selective service system for this technological and production explosion – hyper evolutionary in terms of biology as well as macro and micro cosmos matter … biological and material aspects merge here in the programmable and controllable process self-stimulating hyper mass, structural and process manipulation.

The effect of the evolution of the production of increasingly precise tools for the more precise mass processing of the environment of matter and life, for a faster acceleration of the improvement of this process, circulation, and support of this process in the environment of the modern economy is a mechanism for developing, stabilizing within selective economics.

The goal of selective economics is to couple the entire economy towards raising the properties of matter and life … and returning those raised structural, process values ​​of matter, technological / hyper-productive lives to the rest of the economy in a system obviously economically possible = maximally efficient in terms of supply, demand, i.e. mega-production, hyper evolutionary, hypernatural … = mass precise and autonomous/automatic, multi-trillion more efficient than the current economic system, because it is geared to shifting, engineering, structurization of natural barriers hyper evolutionarily.
The sense of selective economics is the model and non-model strategy of influencing the production of supply-demand … the costs of transformations in the production sense and the degree of evolutionary … hyper evolutionary involvement in shaping the relations and properties of natural and unnatural structures according to current models and formulas, as well as outside the models.
That is, selective economics through and through influences the potential for shaping structures and processes without looking at model or non-model shots of structures and processes that are to be manipulated, reproduced with model manipulations or outside of the model, natural or unnatural transformation process generated will always be a matter of how much massive and precise, and this depends further on the diligence of the control, deal of/with entire nature processes and structures …by selective economy.

The more maneuvering of repetitions, steering, variability, generating various projects of refining, massification in selected directions, the greater the possibilities of transformations and changes of further changes, and thus, which further increase the room for maneuver, and further further vectorization of refining, massaging of directions and pace of any changes us interesting in each wished directions and taking into account our and this process of tool optimization (slightly steered singularity of mega production= hyper evolution), mass demand for supply/demand, further deal with nature…it about speed up and improve the mechanism of the maneuvering…of life and matter co-(neo)creation/hyper(neo) evolution.

This development mechanism is a build-up process. Purpose and advances of evolutionary hyper maneuvering
… mega-production leading “by generations” to constantly growing layers of structural changes … in accordance with the domino effect imposed here / controlled mega-production/hyper singularity/hyper naturally.
Layering but each time in a different increasing configuration of mass precision, i.e. a mixture of works made up and needed for further effective transformation at the direct and generic level of self-overlapping or overlapping … creates – of course, working out … the park is grown and the developmental background – gradual transience/transformation of the background/environment = genotype of process structures of phenomena in a given area and level of interest in a non-static approach.

to be continued to life and matter co-creation/neo production/transformation mechanism.

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