Mechanism of the selective economy- fundamental handbook of (neo)creation/hyper evolution. 3.g. The core of applied: physics, biology, …, economics, religion.

So we further visualizing options, points of view (apparently the same descriptions of the same process,structure of the same mechanism.) of/for creating, constructing, discovering mechanisms of evolutionary and creative transformation processes on the part of natural systems and trends independent of us, as well as by our more or less direct -but always! – participation.
Of course, the mechanisms can be further and further explored and constructed in detail infinitely.- there will never finally conclusions or formulas! – only temporally on limited use.
No one has looked so comprehensively at these mechanisms, mechanisms of changes from the point of view beyond divisions, not that nature and it’s systems have their way/mechanism and we have own path/mechanism of transformations of continuations to some tendencies or goals.
This is about developing a common denominator of actions, processes, mechanisms. For what? For pure theory?
The absolute goal of groups of suggestions, thesis about the tool of joint management of all processes, on my part written under the common title “masters of life and universe”, is
constructing organizing the mechanism of the acceleration of retrieval, processing energy/matter manipulation – the effect of the processes of constructing, reconstruction, neo-constructing on ever deeper levels of natural systems as well as ours already developed, towards self-emerging neo structure processes, and neo generating, but always in the end managed by a human, as it has always been and is used to drive, for example, a farm, … horse management, wind … management, etc.
Such a kind of artificially generated dark matter/energy – such a non-model, non-natural intervention for human use, which improves itself for consumerism/economy and civilization, and vice versa … and this is the task and function and mechanism of selective economics, liberating itself as effectively as possible from market and natural defects, and rather go, create, act towards humanistic developmental aspirations background rather than vegetative or self-destructive one.

Thus, the absolute paradigm of the entire enterprise, this absolute core, is the strategy of permanent total cost reduction of components for further processing, creation, multi-trillion times more efficiently, using autonomous automation, which this strategy historically and today will not find the right demand and needs on the market … .clean vanity. So here you need to artificially accelerate this trend as the basis for any existence and development if our position and attitude have to be higher than destructive and at best vegetative with feigned tricks of progress … a cockroach.
And this is the paradigm of the role of the selective economy mechanism looking for organizational, demand, supply, inspirational market and technological niches, this cheapness, i.e. the efficiency of creating, neo creation, re-creation of processes and structures in competition, competition, cooperation with other systems, and cooperation in own economic and social civilization system.

It is a total cost reduction that means hyper-efficiency of hyper generic production components for further production, more or less public-private ventures such as medicine, astronautics, ecology and anything else.
This is an asymmetrical approach to processes, reconstructively influencing classical models of structures, processes, their effectiveness above the classical system of use and observation, perception – such a specific aim to produce their own dark matter, superior to current models of observation, measuring and using nature and its potential. … and first at all our steering ingenuity/efficiency potential too permanently supported by developing/galloping automation.
Cost reduction has always been a historic trend … is and will be a futuristic trend of effectivization, exploitation of trends on our part or other natural systems in us and beyond in micro and macrocosmic dimensions.
Until now, we have lowered, cost-effectively, the level of our still vegetative life, say up to 1000 times, and it will continue to be in trend and will be, here in the proposals, however, we are talking about a reduction of multi-trillion multiple effects … it is a kind of evolutionary counterattack, greater hyper evolutionary activity, creative neo creative…that allow break barriers of standards so to say constant factor of living and …matter/energy manipulation…but accelerated by layer after next layer structurally maneuvering/engineering  in domino effect significantly generating further consequences of the creation,  neo creation, hyper evolution by mega-production – more about it in next part of the mechanism of applied…creation…of background…trends .

to be continued

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