Selective economics mechanism – the smaller&more numerous components in transformation engineering of structures of nature, the more significant potential of any structures manipulation. 3.f.

Competences for taking an active part in life and matter processes/structure means responsibility

So first at all one has to be more and more responsible, than a stone/a point(less), but …homo economicus …for own way of evolution and any transformation

– The more responsible – co-creation (technologically/=ecomically impact) of matter and life issues, the more chances impact on your life and nature’s fate.- broadening responsibility as the most important human factor in the entire environment and history/future…like a really hardworking/responsible partner/owner/inhabitant of/for better the garden’s (properties/features) breeding carer of our nature/god.

Selective economics means developing, trading with other natural systems of their strength, vector structure of advantage, or/and adversity – working out our place and reconstructive potential/transformational vector of actions, not only the direction but also the depth of exploitation and exploitation tools, technologization … channeling additional reconstructive processes transformative enterprises that apparently/initially go beyond models of current perception and exploitation – the so-called dark matter/enargy=externally distorting model of perceptions/transformations, and of the existing ongoing exploitation potential/imaginations models/formulas of nature.

Artificial vectoring of the processes of nature structures towards component/tool micromanipulation by such methods as it was historically in the process of technology development. Such repetition of history in the micro transformation world employing human entrepreneurship and ingenuity, and so on repetitively towards exploitation, transformation into increasingly more precise level through the micro-world of more and more massive exploitation of deeper and deeper process structures and tools, better and better through better programming of autonomous tooling, vectoring economically in the direction of hypernatural transformation, hyper evolution, and further progress in the vectorization of growth in mutual exploitation and tooling of our artificial and natural world and space and matter/life.

The use of selective economics of its mechanisms, i.e., the strategy of mass detailing, processing … structures of life and matter – a broader and deeper strategy of understanding and neo generating of gene and atom/elementary particle structures. Hyper economical recognition of systems changes the face of nature, a look at nature, strategy of nature, life strategies, a new strategy of economy, development, science, religion … pushing the boundaries of their competences, eliminating, omitting certain functions, and adding others.

Selective economics as a genetic tool for manipulation of nature from our non-passive side utilizing further specification, entering into the depths structurally and tool-wise … automatically, autonomously, genetically – it is a mechanism for controlling processes, properties, structures, managing structuring, vectoring with all the features of nature.

It is a continuation of further logistic specification by more and more autonomous manufacturing, managing components to generate extensively wholesale, more profound, and … cheaper … economically selectively all-natural processes … additional elements of this process for further more efficient logistics … Etc.

Without responsibility, there is no effective strategy to influence. Lack of this strategy of controlling processes means accepting responsibility regardless of competence…ecology. So it is about taking over the competency strategy, generating logistics strategy, genome management processes of nature structures .. it is the competence of logistic determination of economics (hyper evolutionary) vectors of processes and structures of nature.

The competence of change to nature…to change the black holes as well. Of course, according to the responsible economy of developing the control of autonomy of enterprises of/for hyper evolution, natural hypernatural enterprises. According to the domino effect of hyper massive technological/evolutionary mega-production, the hyper core of ordinary economy -= the selective economics.

The smaller/more numerous components in multiplication and transformation engineering of processes and structures of nature by most more significant percentage transformation part of autonomous mechanism accelerator, the bigger potential, and chances of any processes structures manipulation, and this is the primary goal of selective economic strategy… mechanism.

So it is about searching for the mechanism of selective economics – hyper evolution, building its efficiency of transformability and transparency.

Multi-trillion reduction towards zero costs of
components formations that are as self-building, self-fulfilling as energy /= efficiency, like a kind of machine for steering the processes of neo evolution without restrictions of ordinary politics, ordinary economics, without connections of social dependencies, local market, primitive=a/anty pro evolutionary on our side of existence level- consumptive relations, without unmeaningful arrangements and games. And this is the sense, the goal of selective economics. It is the strategy of speeding by the geometric pace the processing of progress. A kind of continuation of the historical process of tool progress, but in geometrical progression, without vegetative and other accretions of these barriers that do not need for our rights and the potential for right momentum for our role in playing dark matter/energy factor, going beyond the current models, beyond current paradigms, going much further beyond existing existential and developmental competences.

Developing this mechanism of autonomy in the strategy of selective economics is, in itself, an art-for-art process. It is the key to further developing other more specific tasks of neo-processing, neo-construction in the fields of physics, astronautics, ecology, medicine … economy.

To be continued to analyze of logistic/mechanism of economic selective handling of our ingenuity and technological potential of/for neo transformations acceleration of life and matter.

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