Selective economy =…Autonomous (mechanic and natural) “horses” power -is… the human “dark matter-energy” potential .3.e.

An additional and potential factor of so-called dark matter/energy in the observed environment, not only because of the undiscovered natural potential, but also not worked out, not involved in the so-called standard calculations and observations, the contribution of the technological and … economic factor hyper (i.e., not) natural/evolutionary, controlled through human generation potential, i.e., merely the selection of internal and external environment processes … it is a multiplier factor of geometric progression (multiple domino effect) “d” for all existing models and patterns previous and present in the perception and exploitation of the astrophysical environment as well as astrobiological (i.e., observable general descriptions, experiences, applications of trends/processes, and structures of matter and life) may have repeatedly – asymmetrical for previous observations and calculations – translating into the so-called another side of the equation, i.e., not only “d” but the multiplicative dimension of our human technological/economic contribution “d” already not only in observations but in transformations of properties and absolute transformations of processes and structures in repeatedly exponential, autonomous progress, ultimately programmed/ controlled by man, … finally, man – his ingenuity and aspirations are the absolute factors to steer/rush the natural and autonomous (mechanic and inherent) “horses” power.

So, to any process model, structure, you can add a natural and technological multiplier factor “dn” and “dt” for another, not burdened by the old pattern and perception approach/possibility – just because of another uncovered, not developed prospect, perception potential, technology … economics, belief in a more than a vegetative state of thinking, acting, further tools modernization/=further multiplication of automation as a distinct civilization process of potential human development, produced and detectable potential of “dark” matter/energy, developed gardening of micro and macro cosmos of matter and life.

The proposed open solution models cannot be clear and rigid due to the variable spatiality of the operating space, changes in the properties of processes of natural structures, which does not forbid coming out with temporally specific models and further investments, organization of projects moving forward finally, breaking the limits of our competence activities, production, additional discoveries of the neo creation of new open models for further development further and further, deeper and deeper forward shifting the competences of religion and science open to further asymmetrical abutments with existing perceptions, further search for sense and directions inspiring structures/processes… as the monks did, further shifting the faith and inspiration of reasoning, working out nature, it’s technological organizational, scientific, economic and life image.
Increasing the speed of change increases the risk of accidents. Still, it ultimately gradually increases the chances of shifting forward the generation of potential, level, existential, and civilization position against the background of the last post, against current other levels, generic properties, and natural systems.

Really open in action faith nevertheless gives within the limits of data the knowledge of creation, further symptoms and so-called moral, strategic mechanisms to further develop faith strategy deeds action thinking concepts and meaning rather than putting unconsciously against the wall of ignorance of “lightning sky” that this faith would not actually be incapacitated because it would be equal closed models already at start brake any neo creative inspirations for the gardening of matter and life.

So the strategy of the neo creation shall have the most dynamic character in competition and co-competition, co-work with other systems of nature of matter and life in us, beyond us for us.
Very massive modernization of tools, automatization, automatization mechanic horses of nature, or better to say give up more autonomy for the enormous potential of harnessing the horsepower/energy economical/technological efficiency of natural processes and structures.
We speak here about very autonomous ( structurally, processable self-developing/driven) industrial park development not only technologically but economically as well because of technology and strategy decisions can simply take down prices/costs of so-called commercial/technological creation, but also structural generic deal with nature by/for the bright and dark energy/matter features… directly from nothing the invisible hand of the ingenuity of technological/economic efficiency.

The main issue of the aspect and I think most important in the selective economics strategy is to take down costs of the core of the hyper evolution driver to nil, not burdening current economy but in opposite support it.

The hidden/not worked out yet potential of life and matter and vice-versa by the technology/selective economy(strategy of tooling of creation mater and life) directing creation, re-creation neo creation… for the finally find out practically the meaning of potential of dark matter energy technological and natural.

The “dark” energy/matter natural and build(artificial) potential of it is a strategy of selective economic, is our technologically and lively strategy and deal with nature.
Shortly the selective economy is… the “dark matter-energy” potential of/for any development and existence by man.

To be continued to a further, deeper mechanism of technologic/economic(means human) specifications of nature potential.

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