The mechanism of selective economy. 3.c. Responsibility and potential of improving processes of gardening of life and matter.

What is the purpose of writing about these organizational, technological control frameworks? The absolute, direct impact on natural processes as well as on the sufficient growth of our production/tool potential, which has to be the physical supplement of hyper evolution, hyper economics, selective control economics/multiplier/multiplication processes with vectoring directions that interest us.

It is just the shared responsibility of gardening of the Earth and the sky(climate)/heaven, it is … breeding stem cells…artificially = artificial autonomous, physical … systems of robot teams, like synthetic viruses, vaccines – specific antibiotics in the macro/micro version in the process of …fun, learning, tests, experiments, production, mega-production, mega economics, hyper evolution of all – I repeat all- the processes of so-called living and dead matter, more or less known, unknown, processed, neo produced here on Earth, in every particle, in each of us, in all conquered dimensions of perception, by mega-production/hyper evolution in space, and by first at all open mind of open models and visions of life and space/matter literally and figuratively.

Here, the aspect is emphasized that at some point learning without the more deserved start potential of advanced hyperproduction, breeding, our actions become only alchemy/faith all the time at the philosophical level, the visionary level which, without active support … becomes only divination, a belief not based on deeds but only wishful thinking… The need for an intelligent, economic, engineering approach to instrumenting experimental processes of changes in/for progressive evolution with the role of a neo evolutionary initiator.

Different systems and we (our system under development) also including their activities, structurality, processability, are programmings affecting reconstruction processes that can simply be enclosed in a simple perception model and formulas and definitions such as the energy, matter, but also … opened recipes to other dimensions, artificially developed or newly discovered natural dimensions, such as the dark energy, dark matter, and our hypernatural structures, selective economics processing of/by hyper evolutionary = hyper/mega-productive actions.

Hyper automation, hyper energy, hyper materiality, hyper economy, hyper cheapness=hyper efficiency of processes from already above the creative vanity economically process but as part of an autonomous operation manipulation system without uncritically looking at the knowledge of closed energy and material models – i.e., specifically go in black energy, over black mass/matter systems and “systems” worked out in the process of total automation, the autonomy of teams, processes, structures organized within selective economics are an absolute paradigm of explaining the higher stages of speed/dimension … cosmically, spatial, material, biological.
Moving and supporting barriers to cognition, faith, and vision with the help of work, i.e., improving the process of … Eden gardening.

This hidden/undiscovered yet (it will never be thoroughly discovered due to the variability and infinity of structures and processes of nature and …our infinitely potential) energy, mass beyond / more profound than the closed Emc2 model, may have a natural character yet unknown and so-called artificial not worked out, with a structure known, strange, worked out, not worked out/produced systems viruses, systems, … civilizations, including the systems of our civilization, our potential contribution, which could also be defined as an army with or without weapons/tools in dealing with natural robust, infinite systems .. Strengthening our own life system … material system quality that is not so worn out easy, subject to other structures, processes…by
…Multi-material 3d micro printers / micro drones in vast quantities produced/producing themselves (mutating material … masses too) – in a global system in us and beyond … the Earth (with/for support of telecommunication 6G system), and high-speed scanning, repairing, improving … for the exit from the cage of a peculiar evolutionary labor camp=work treadmill of a breeding horse with known effect.

Selective economics is a strategy of war/defense, reconstruction, construction, strengthening systems, initiatives, tactics in the total restoration of the use of all matter in this dark matter/dark energy =/neo-constructive through technological efficiency, i.e., not including, or hyper reconstructively engineering that breaks standard physical, process, biological, … production, economic and production models and perceptions – as part of the strategy of improving classical consumer economics, it is a derivative of selective economics more or less consciously used as oil or uranium energy historically.

Nature, its systems, or the system is not our absolute oracle. Still, colleagues/networks of nature to which you should relate as a partner, diligently if you are a thinking person, and not lazily, not self-incapacitating piously wish yourself and count on those colleagues special better considerations and favor.

To be continued with the open (not so easy)formulas/=sentences to further break the closed models of nature of life and matter of/by the more aware economy and…science…and more aware/faith better supported by diligence and productive ingenuity.

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