The mechanism of selective economics for/of crossing “light” barriers, models of knowledge and creation. 3.b. Towards artificial not know yet- means “dark”- matter/energy.

We enter a not smooth open specification ocean of relationships, mechanisms of natural and artificial – also not yet known- factors that can affect the acceleration, slowing down of all change processes.

Developing knowledge/awareness of (take part passively or actively in) automation of relations and processes was and is natural. Still, it is rather programmed automatism – not always known to us, and not always with our predictions, observations, and models – that allows us to coexist equally, co-play in natural structures … in more or less known systems of life and matter … their spirit, spirits.

This vanity economy is burdened with the pursuit of existential market primitive consumer rules of the game of modern economics. Still, this vanity economy can be inspired at the same time – so to say – selective economics, the art of general evolutionary struggle/defense and expansion, development.

Application of the selective economy mechanism in medicine and in every operational, business, and other fields.
Selective economics is joining more and more in co-play and competing with natural mechanisms and at the same time more efficient co-determination, co-constructing natural processes of evolutionary matter and life as well as so-called economic fluctuations and artistic thought as well as existential consumption, scientific, production, marketing, economic and religious, finding the spirit of the system of cooperation with nature seen and not seen … God(=not to the end known partner/s of nature systems), heaven, cosmos in a really macro and really micro versions.

This comprehensive policy of automatism is to eliminate the attitude of economics (thinking) towards vegetative maintenance of services only for … the workplace, only for artistry – because it is too short-sighted to stay…alive in the ocean of systemic transformation of micro and macro space … And it will give more real freedom of vanity, but for more efficient creativity, and at the same time powerfully supported selective economics caused by production, hyper evolutionary technology … more efficient economically/evolutionary selective.

So this selective economics allows greater and greater liberation of this “healthy part of vanity” economy of this freedom more in line with and for a more aware position in nature, and less than with vegetative, being in enslave position.
Selective economics is the economics of liberation from poverty, a vegetative style … = from treading on dignity, for greater freedom, and a range of scientific ideas and artistic ideas.

Increasing a sense of security with positive consequences. Combating evolutionary, ecological poverty … low level of protection… unnecessary vegetative, incapacitating fear, surrender.

The use of selective economics – its components of vanity and selectivity in the definition and application of … Emc2 and similar closed models to the broader definition of economics and … astrophysics, astrobiology in a broad supra-terrestrial, visible description of trends and applications against unawareness, forgetting itself( building/developing/supporting own position) in processes in terms of selective and vanity economics- the same applies to all scientific and production models of specific controlled fineness of inertia of processes, structures … attitude, dogma, lack of a more in-depth economic (including ecological) view on real relations of economics to nature, and vice versa in a progressive, developmental process.
So selective mechanism of system economy allows supporting more the top part of vanity economy against the sick one, with feedback effect.

Unawareness, forgetting in processes in terms of selective economics and vanity economics – the same applies to all scientific and production models of specific controlled inertia, fineness of processes, structures … attitude, dogma, lack of a more in-depth economic (including ecological) view on real relations of economics to nature and vice versa in a progressive, developmental process.
The higher the unhealthy vegetative vanity, the greater the threats to the foundations of security and the development of production and science built by selective economics, and vice versa.

Negative, vegetative vanity/selective economy game and system inhibits creativity higher than that equaling or surpassing to trends, tendencies of evolutionary systems of matter and life but freeing oneself from stagnation/suicide vegetative economy vanity, with the help of the developed autonomy of automation. In essence, absolute programmed sovereignty will break beyond the barriers ( seem impossible in the coming centuries). Evolutionary barriers based in the biological as well as material, energy field due to this division of quasi-economic vanity from quasi selective economics and further development of this simple model with the rest of trends, stagnation or proceedings, depending on this hyper economic, hyper evolutionary, hyperphysical -…like extra artificial build/mega produced dark matter structures- the model of efficiency, development like … Emc2 was developed to a smaller and broader extent with this powerful effect and potential – apparently nothing at first glance – a simple model, a model to start with.

So we going to deeper and deeper layers than emc2, than ordinary economics dogmas (or temporary perception models) of only features of today with/by selective economics for further more active, productive treat. Not alchemic – means more depend, shaped from featured but by a neo created points of view – perceptions.

To be continued with the economic mechanism of life and matter specifications.

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