Selective economics is an artificial acceleration in selected directions to takeover more profound and more massive natural processes. Part 2 d.

Inclusion of an economic (selective) factor, i.e., artificial tuning of activation, reconstruction for additional systematic improvement of descriptions for learning about processes, for less passive but more initiating processing with structures/processes of nature.
Further massive specification, selection through further artificial mass creation, evolution at the mega-production level, hyper evolutionary (re/neo)construction of process structures of matter, and this way investigation into deeper layers of structures/processes (deeper than mass/energy ratios) and the like.
More aware, more systematic than with ordinary (contemporary) evolutionary passive
vegetative/vanity economics/civilization, launching these processes/structures on the ones we are interested in and establishing directions and levels for reconstruction or neo-creation, creation of ever more precise structures/tools of joint-rights of nature and creation, co-creation, co-operation, co-operation, creation of nature’s proprietorship natures that are literally and figuratively lively/existentially and humanly/civilizational interesting for us.

Reaching, embracing deeper and deeper, further and farther to the bring between heaven and earth, to the edge of the material matter of the building/structuring physical and biological genome of matter and life in fundamental global/cosmic structures in an increasingly precise, massive, systematic dimension.
It is more about a self-driving, programmed, directed development of a tool apparatus for further specification of more profound matter to components, from which it will be even more precise and more massive production of tools for deeper manipulations at the level of hyper evolutionary, mega-productive in ever-faster speed.

A further essential essence of this hyper evolutionary strategy is the systematic permanent automatic and directed improvement of construction, building systems capable of duplicating the next in a better version, and so on at the program, autonomous level, i.e., self-robotization and miniaturization and telecommunications.

Selective economics is the economics for exiting the vegetative, anarchic consumption state in production and (just curiosity “alchemy” or vanity consumption )science, for moving to further levels, barriers when using over-linear technologies in geometric progress. Still, only automation can support this process of exiting from the level of vegetation to the real level compared to processes/mutations/evolution of so-called natural transformations, i.e., other natural systems at the micro and macrocosmic level … i.e., only active intensive economics – production – evolutionary processes (including ecological) gives a chance not the illusionary opportunities of real development compared with other systems, processes of nature, among others … many retroviruses already entirely resistant for any vaccines.
Selective economics, first and foremost, defining our place of role and strategy of action, life, survival, and progressive development, not only in vain curiosity and just play/game structuring/assembling, but at an increasingly higher level building awareness of co-creation, shared responsibility, and a deal in nature with nature.

Economics of mastering the technology of hyper astrophysical and astrobiological evolutionary fission, reaching structures more in-depth than the current Cern level, and not at the level of ordinary observations, but at the level of production, manipulation, calling, tightening the control circle, rebuilding, reprogramming, regenerating structures, creating new components, more durable, more energetic briquettes, furnaces, hyper atomic power plants … Controlling the efficiency, speed of process structures, which today would be called time control, with simultaneous maintainer stages essential for our existence and civilization development, i.e., partnership development concerning other systems of living or not living to nature other … civilizations in macro and micro versions.

Just this economics is an organization of masonry, production, and folding of prefabricated-production such as blocks, bricks for play and selection, draining deeper energetic decks of life and matter/energy, but … also this on other side vanity civilization/economics also partly makes sense. Still, only with a conscious evolutionary attitude, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, selective economics, -will be essential and useful in further artistic constructional inspiration … because selective economics is a further developing art, art on a global, cosmic level, in this case on the part of man as a full member of the planet earth as well as all space and … all infinite time… in life aa well with further consequences.

The role of selective economics is taking over more and more strategic responsibility of the ever deeper areas of life, matter, energy.

Selective economics is an artificial acceleration in selected directions through the selective production takeover of more profound and more massive natural processes for raising the existential level as well as higher aspirations that feedback influences ingenuity of using the selective evolution bricks assembling, generating, supporting, developing.

These raising the existential level, leaving the vegetative state changes the face of the entire economy, other strategies, and even thinking about security, ingenuity, and creativity.

To be continued


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