Selective economics. 2.a. Economization/coproduction/=hyper control of any processes and structures as a further contribution to us and our universe development of existence level.

A memory of the name of selective economics.
A particular anecdote related to the journey of a scholar who is well known to us here.
One very well-known scholar lost his ticket while driving to lectures, the conductor forgiving him, the scholar replied that the name of the station where he was supposed to drop off was more important in this ticket … i.e., not the actual cost of the ticket itself but the purpose for which the ticket was to be used or without, was name fo place to arrive.
Not general economic solutions, undertakings in the contemporary market … at a given present level of development, but above all the purposefulness of action / = development, achieving more specific goals would determine the value of the action in its position as if higher than at the current level of the economic world…of mind and engagement.

So here it is about a deal with our environment, the world, the cosmos at ever-higher levels of existence, development, and cooperation.
But without using anyway horses,= automatic horses,= the autonomous of horsepower, increasingly more and more autonomous … or somewhat autonomous horsepower or robots on the higher and higher layer of automated robot “horses” production economy, where, of course, man is always in the most top position, we could not go further than apes. Seemingly more and more productive..economically generally co-creation, neo-creation = neo-evolution of the environment inside and outside the micro-macro of the cosmos of the broadly understood economy of nature, should be more and more hyper-productive, because it is itself hyper-productive naturally tendencies not often compatible with our existential or developmental (often misused in many aspects due to the subordinate, incapacitated way of thinking creation in this economy, the evolution of us and our environment) aspirations to which, without just, an economic and hyper-productive attitude, being a hyper-automation of self-replication of production … would not make sense … partner-level coexistence and, not mention any cooperation or winning this race to death and the lives of us personally, all of us on our planet, and so on in the mutual abrasion of trends that are not always friendly to our existence, not to mention development.
So we are talking here to further generations of horse automation… of horse automation…of horsepower robots for their mutual production and mutual feeding with components and energy from automatically and deeply selected searched materials, their components in feedback, domino, in geometric progression.

Only autonomous quantitatively very massive, self-replicating systems, mega-production lines -or rather explosive processing production structures- give a chance to be an equal partner or more in the natural clash of systems and tendencies in own participation in determining the trends and the background platform of our further life separately and civilization entirely, as well as general activities.

And so historically, we have always (not always consciously) tended to raise the foundations, the potential of our position, existence, development in the individual, global, cosmic life – and this mechanism should be more consciously used, which should help in the effect of our prosperous economy not directly related with this evolutionary, creative race, as well as the hyper-evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary economy.

With the rest, we have so historically tended to raise deliveries, the potential of our position, exudation, development in the individual, global cosmic life – and this mechanism if conscious use can help in the effects of our prosperous economy not directly related to this evolutionary, creative race as well as the economy hyper latent, hyper evolutionary.

And this is not about financing this enterprise, which initially exceeds the value of financial, production, contemporary global costs ​​trillions of times. Still, it is more about the logistics of gigantic enterprise, which is supposed to … develop itself with the help of these automatic horses of horses generation of automation, but on a scale, billions of times exceeding modern generations of the horses – fortunately, new and more efficient IT and software systems are coming here …- control shift from vanity to hyper evolutionary economy production and technology.

I have nothing against calculations of coal consumption in the furnace, energy consumption in mc2. Still, it is more about further steps towards tuning the evolution of the economization of processes and structures …. developing an economic, technological deal of factors needed for further ventures in competition and symbiosis cooperation with systems that often conflict with our goals or values.

Further actions breaking the current limited by old models of thinking background, thinking traps, perception. Additional strategies of engagement, economization, and further better basis for the humanization of relations in nature less dependent on tendencies on which we have not had an influence so far – perception improvement and further action.
Don’t smash around like idiotic tribes of rats and monkeys in an ever smaller, less ergonomically efficient world (because aspirations are more prominent than surrounding from inside and outside  environment capacity), planet earth of existence and development, but instead expand this world by heading with the forces of natural systems with the help of hyper economics of hyper technology/production, which will continue determine strategic tooling directions of science and production
Economists, scientists, ordinary consumers, citizens were and will be as workers, soldiers on the front lines of the bridge of evolution/creation construction, but also technologically efficient tuning further actions, in feedback effect.

To be continued of the neo creation/neo production.

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