Introduction to selective economics. 1.d. Beyond religion, beyond science, beyond the economy, beyond evolution…

Beyond religion, beyond science beyond the economy, beyond evolution is hyper evolution, beyond any imagination – selective economics is the next support additional step, production, mega-production as was anyway historical and… futuristic as well.

To push more effective limits of competences of …religion and science further by the selective economics work, to work out over limit of capacity, efficiency and so aspirations…not to destroy the religion and science but support by bypassing costs economically enterprises with/against natural systems- not always existing on behalf of our human existence and aspirations.

Just manufactured religion/science will not be sufficiently helpful by such giant tasks just to start apparently multi-billions of billions of billions of cost projects. We need a really new economy for such hyper multi-technology production, mega-production tasks – including and by the climate tasks mega enterprises.

Not just the invisible hand of free-market without vectors of directions of growing by evolutionary challenges, but invisible economic hand for capable with the enormous mass of structures/processes of systems of nature.

Here is how strategies to build trillions of billions of spaceships in the micro or macro version that for just ordinary science or economics is impossible.

There is talk about why astronautics, astrophysics, astrobiology
and other temples of scientific alchemy are involuntarily evolutionarily inefficient, have not sufficient expansion tools
– the hyper economic race is as an answer, additional support, multipliers that affect performance on the transition to a higher dimension of influencing through hyper mass mega-production, hyper evolutionary path, tracks for accelerated, express development – without being limited to manufactory alchemy.

Selective economics, i.e., the strategy of shaping your own future by not looking backward, against fatalistic patterns, scholastic prejudices, and dogmas based on temporary levels of potential, perceptions, and actions.
Selective economics focuses on intense further inspiration, stimulation, exploration, and transformation of the environment on a massive economic scale … to catch up with time literally, i.e., more to control the vital processes for our existence and development.

A man as equal, but co-responsible, concrete – whether he wants it or not (he will not run away from it unless he wants to be crushed by the masslessness of the endless evolutionary processes of micro and macro cosmos) the initiator and co-worker in his (finally own!) case the chairman of structural and process changes on ever-deeper levels. Because this is about reaching deeper decks of mass exploitation, the environment for or against other systems/tendency for people interests (if ours are not compatible – endangered by nature systems…like cancer…death – with others systems of nature) and then modification of the evaluation of the environment of life and matter.

Searching for and exposing factors to further action, more productive, systematic, as if automatic, not manual, and working out this hyper evolutionary mechanism.
In today’s case, it may be about ecology as the necessary component of the safe taking of the initiative to / to further evolutionary levels of matter and live.
Reaching very distant, deep decks, structures of processing mechanisms, achieving leadership in the steering this evolution of the cosmos matter and life.

Direct, absolute application of the economics of supply, demand in the whole nature market, and in mass application- not just manual manufacturing … where our position and existence is an absolute determinant, propagator, paradigm, and model of any change on a total scale because it is about our basics to live in ever-pressing systems of nature.
For this, one needs enormous spaces of hyper-productive, evolutionary hyper bold enterprises.

In today’s case, this is supposed to be giant investments replicating themselves ecological, geological, climatic in oceans, deserts, in the air, in space around the Earth, on the moon, and in…us literally, starting with toy models of self-replicating cities, factories, etc. Do they have to be expensive? … surely it is about performance efficiently more excellent than the previous/temporary manufacture of the space-exploration complexes, ecological enterprise complexes, medical complexes.

Tentative economic deal with the planet Earth, with micro macrocosm – not just praying, justifying, not only religious or scientific temples – this is not the end of everything – Our deal as a determinant of influence on speed, mass impact on all processes, barriers, cooperation. This is a comprehensive strategy … a new religion, a modern science, a new economy of powerful, co-responsible influence, and full vector responsibility in the direction of all possible processes of the micro and macro cosmos environment. This the new unique position of the human in the universe, in the future, in the present. Not more as a point. That reshapes our place, our action, and the goal of our existence and development and the whole universe ultimately. Any deal of science and economy of our life and space. That reshape the future of our universe forever.

Deep structural factors, as well as distant, deep, extensive systems/processes affecting the principle of connected vessels, should be taken into account, where, however, we also had, we will and will influence. Still, the impact depends on the development of intensive, comprehensive, coordinated evolutionary/economic work to build platforms, leverage capable of facing the demands of the competition of natural systems inside every individual, quants, and beyond.

To be continued with the active futuristic … science economy

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