Introduction to selective economics. 1.c. Artificial leveraging and vectoring of transformation processes and the development of natural systems.

We take part in the race of systems, process structures of nature, whether we like it or not, passively or actively less or more efficiently according to our conscious participation, or passive attitude in this hyper evolutionary race – and selective economics deals with this our conscious or unconscious participation in these processes inside and outside of us.
Like the autonomous instinct of life – the instinct of struggle, evolutionary competition is the driving force of economic strategy, private economy, public … free-market above all, opportunities for better coexistence- cooperation, competition – with nature and not more static, artificially religious/scientific barriers to existence and development. Although the religion/science help us to build(but temporally ! on the achieved level of development) a point of view by but for further development, not enough making the point of view stagnating…means suicide surrounded by fast-developing other trends of systems in our further and near environment.

We are talking here about creating, building, producing models of very massive and more effective vectoring / lifting of forces, energy, reviving mass/passive processes, not effective specific trends in directions that are of more interest to us.
Systematic, permanent search, streamlining the most optimal solutions in the further strategy of hyper-evolutionary, hyper mass and more and more precise – as it has historically been technologically, it happens and will be – that is, beyond our imagination of restructuring, re miniaturization (tools for co-evolution of life and space for breaking further barriers of impossibility), and mega effects of structured processes.
The evolutionary creation of the machine/= mega production=hyper evolution, the mega economic machine of more sustainable development, not sustainable vegetation / developmental depression.

Vectoring, leverage – more on our mind- evolutionary processes, natural trends as well as economic potential … selective = pro hyper evolutionary astrophysically, chemically, biologically … to continue working out the development of the most pro hyper evolutionary ventures of components … The components themselves are not everything but their directional application
The same hyper economical (hyper evolutionary) application in physics, chemistry … not any longer only in economics!
No longer as a kind of inert existing, inert, incapacitated space, mass, growth energy but more as a mine, a factory for components for own trends, directions and economic and hyper economic preferences, i.e. selective evolutionary biological, physical, cosmic …

Working out the mechanism
technological evolutionary hyper, hyper astrophysical, hyper
investment evolution … space … pushing the border – vector manipulation of the astrophysical, biological trends (mastering of life and universe)
… if we do not fight for ourselves (not among ourselves) – in/with the surrounding transformation process – we will stop being human but only scientific/religious worms in evolutionary mechanic modes … we are(already- anyway we still push ourselves religiously/scientifically in the passive regression)will be in a lost position.
… that is, beyond the even evolutionary economy … “invisible hand”, but in this case, however, with the built-up chance of infinite models of the existential position of hyper evolutionary developmental.

… Not against the mutual building of foundations of the global movement in the evolutionary global struggle … but not on national, religious, and not so-called vain economic games of competition of vain vegetation … although relax / thriving can also be inspiring.
… a kind of parliament of hyper evolutionary vector decisions … the complexity of our vectors is an undertaking in making decisions – as it is without our participation other systems of nature also apply this policy of vectors, the processing of nature structures … further evaluation of crosses, models, patterns of vectors of development/transformation/control of nature.

The current (hyper) evolutionary park of mass manipulation is obviously insufficient not only for our further development but also for safe survival and existence … of vegetation, which will only be waiting for devouring in the wasteful current process of economic development of chaotic non-tuning geared to threats and environmental opportunities / hyper evolutionary.

The current state of scientific/religious attitude is offering himself the power of evolution … the ultimate (scientifically shamanic of today)laws of nature revelations …temples.

“Coal” rocket, i.e. only superficial vector process control is not enough. We also need a broader vector of components/leverage of these deeper structural and energetic support points to increase many times the vector of the construction direction of the raw material … biological in the vectoring of life processes … the evolutionary physical, biological, astrophysical, technological hyper evolutionary in … A hyper economical approach to the bulk of components of this process restructuring of vector-oriented directions, that is, their strength of chosen actions

A suitable elaborate “parliament” of technological, economic, social starters of the ecological platform is able to release us from the biological and physical trap of environmental systemic competition … threatening to increase the chances of cooperation, competition with systems of nature inside and beyond.

Specification of processes of selective economics from vanity economics, i.e. determining, developing factors affecting the most appropriate percentage mechanisms, vector forces directly affecting evolutionary hyper-economics … accelerating processes that strengthen our chances of survival and further development, which we underwent more or less passively/actively in the historical/evolutionary processes.

Remember that only ecological or only consumer economic activities, as well as not systematic, insufficiently massive medical, astrophysical production interventions, are not sufficient for survival and even further safe development.

to be continued with the constructions of vectors for developmental and safety life and space/matter drafts.

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