Introduction to selective economics. Part 1.b.- application/start of selective economics for/by global ecological and climate projects.

Vain, fatalistic passive=blind, empty faith globally economics, or very intensively conscious evolutionary selective economics of vectoring(means reconstructing, controlling vector force of any processes, structures trends) movement and positioning and properties of us and the environment of our life and space/matter.

More aware systematically tunning of the decisions, divisions give power and chances of our existence and mind and vice-versa in our fight and reconstructing ( not more just mechanic, chemic of nature but very intensively, massive automation engineering/re-creating/neo creating/neo evolution) position in life and space of our environment- our universe – our place and garden of living.

The vanity fatalistic mind of “free”( invisible hand of Adam Smith economy) economy of …not so free nature trends and processes, but also not so inviolable constant(narrow, primitive- not more sufficient models for further development end existence!) allow/force to prospect suggestions of new science/ religion trends in a quite broad manner if we want not to speak about futurism in “modern” scientific/horoscope focus.

Application of this selective economics
primarily in mega-production – mass processing and care of the environment according to our life interests and aspirations – i.e., neo-anthropological evolution.
And for now, just for start-up and the first mass application of this selective economics … these global ecological and climate projects can be a perfect reason to start using the system of selective economics on a mass scale. As for this selective economics for controlling, manipulating, improving, co-creation, co-creation, neo creation, own creation of process properties, structures of interest – increasing above the aspirations of the monkey and philosophical slave in shaping, influencing our life and the internal and external environment.

All physical formulas – … natural mechanical and technological construction … changing the basis for further valuation …
-Models have a temporary nature depending on the level of technical perception and manipulation … Generally, classic designing is simply privatization, scholastic/schematization, bottling your own world with model barriers.
Just like determining the time course of a specific depth of structures, time will never be precise in further active and passive processes/structures, just as energy, mass, gravity, etc. will never have final results and possibilities at higher levels of manipulation or natural transformations / final processes.
Descriptions of the so-called final processes their erosion E.g. Given materials of mountains with different speeds me or more naturally or artificially resistant to abrasion. It is a better time, not just processes run on given materials and … masses differently.
Of course, this can be briefly described by a shorter time or longer time to the path of a better resistance material erosion/transformation or … energy loss … And then thinking, and thus this better materiality engineering can … extend our life, efficiency of objects indefinitely, of course, mega-production streamlining components supporting the construction/process background internally and externally.

The higher, vain = ambivalence in human actions against the backdrop of evolutionary trends / micro-macro of cosmic physical and other,
the higher the negative evolutionary ecological pressure concerning our existential and developmental position
And vice versa, the higher the potential for starting evolutionary / neo-evolutionary investments, the higher the possibilities of development aspirations and also … the vain artistic … human – position of man as an active, co-responsible decision-maker in all (in our interest) processes of nature
The so-called evolutionary war – for its neo-anthropological, neo-existential standard of living – these neo-evolutionary enterprises just give us the more significant potential for our vainness in defining trends, process vectoring / nature trend – hyper evolutionary process.

This selective economics is nothing more than liberation economics –
the economy of dignity – liberation from the yoke of evolutionary rule – a style that works similarly, is imitated unfortunately in national politics.
Economics of the economic explosion – investment in pro neo evolutionary backgrounds.
The issue is how far we will be…willing for tuning processes, neo-evolutionary investments, which are and will be a powerful flywheel for so-called economic and social (political) processes.

to be continued

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