Orange light for evolution/civilization revolution. 3. Hyper 6 G technology for a massive activation of channels of a system of connected vessels, processes/properties of natural structures …

, Orange light for evolution/civilization revolution. Hyper 6 G technology for the mass activation of channels clearing (influencing) the system of connected vessels, processes/properties of natural structures …

(currently) linearly – till now, very scholastic- described.

6 G technology – its potential evolutionary feedback/impact on health, life, and universe literally directly steering, remote controlling by massive support of production plants of the accelerator of the evolutionary technology of… physics economy…

6G teleportation –
a multiplied chance of activating of the evolutionary process of constructional, material, biological neo creative manipulation of mass investments at a distance igniting the process of “genetic” and genetic on a range to an increasingly massive extent.

Vegetative, passive, insufficiently active, suicidal attitude towards often negative trends, processes of social, natural … scientific systems from the “scientific invariable models” foundations, economic, …
Not evolutionary vegetation, expectation, primitivization of perception, and decision. Not passive evolution of fitting, but progressive growth and development without any preconditions.
We, our will, are to be an igniter, a spark, a determinant, the dominant support of the lever of change, the pursuit of better, the fight against evil at successively depleted levels and directions of existence and development.
Often the current primitive attitude, and even more so
then the primitive one that even going negatively backward the current state of evolutionary relations, but anyway still with (wasted) high potential for advantage.

Current development does not necessarily mean that it is terrible, but certainly not sufficient in an evolutionary, ecological race, broader understood than a separate economy and separated ecology.

The conscious will of evolutionary economics – creative and cosmic life.
As well as the will developed in this economics to compete very actively in this permanent evolutionary transformation of environments and systems.
Will, awareness as well as inherent healthy purposeful economic / gene part, part of the mechanism of co-evolution and evolution.

It is about the concept of broadly understood economics of very massive, intensive technology/physics/ non-passive biology – going beyond the circle of the faded vegetative world of physics, biology
The concept of evolutionary economics as economics over primitive/passive economic and technological activities, i.e., negative, passive economics not sufficiently related to active biological, material evolutionary competition. … hyper ecological.

Neo-creation levers are based on external – on their internal as external sources, macro/microcosm support points of structure exploitation, they can completely change the energy, constructional / process values ​​of their objects of process and neo-creative interests.

We are talking here about the problems in the form of a system of connected vessels … the course and mutual influence of structural processes.
Just like in the so-called temporal relativism, so in mass/energy relativism in the depths of the perception scale and the extraordinarily advanced mass participation in the already non-static approach to phenomena. Including the perception, participation of energy, process channeling, phenomena of connected vessels, energy vessels … of cosmic/”time” wormholes.

We can talk about contractual boundaries, assumptions, laws, mechanisms, property standards, and valuation according to the principle of the so-called relationship constant.
Between biology and systems physics.
Between equating one and the other describing the phenomenon according to the so-called permanent physical, biological relations, which from the outside of a given system of these or different borders can be more or less freely interpreted, manipulated, reconstructed.
We already know the mechanism, the principle of construction, or instead as with all observations and calculations of man – or rather – his always temporary, local assumptions of the creation of us and the entire universe. So this is no longer about tricks or miracles but this systematic, mechanical building of our own machine according to our developed quality values ​​of lever components of all process structures of interest to us.

But despite everything these next pyramids, hyperstructures, in this case, XXI arose the achievements of humanity do not look at some constants and relative attitudes…
Like the next level of revolution in the evolution of human intervention in the internal and external environment of rebuilding components of process structures.

So, it is already about building new (mostly autonomous) robot components for constructing robots using new processes, neo-creating new generation pyramids, trillions of times bigger, more efficient than existing constructions. Natural in precision and depth, massive interventions in given vectoring directions using these external leverage composes structures supporting their own internal and external goals.
The specific production of quasi-process mass for overcoming specific/linear described barriers of time (processes), energy, and so on in the system of so-called connected vessels … already with our artificial channels/intervention levers … co-evolution of all processes … neo creation.

The transition from the level of monkey vagabonds or low existential behaviors – due to technology and the new strategy not passive, actually directed creative position of development in nature –
From mutual skirmishes to a super machine competing with external and internal non-human systems of life and universe/matter.
With the help of technology that will lead us to this cooperation, the machines will facilitate the way, and at a later stage of cooperation closer with systems in the fight or cooperation against/with further systems and so on by going up on higher and higher stages/levels of perception and participation.

Development of process leverage channels according to an infinite system of connected vessels … and telecommunications

6G, i.e. … Teleportation, supporting processes of existing structures, internal, connected by external and vice versa … The use of gears, levers in avalanche process systems dominoes of all processes and their structural properties … confirmation that Emc2 with a multiple of mutual depth relations, relativistic systems, not only according to so-called time(processes)/gravity but all processes and structures with infinite possibilities, natural potentials, artificial mechanisms of them – any arrangements – external and internal manipulation … can be manipulated naturally or artificially at a distance.

Applying to, for example, planetary climatic engineering … artificial initiation of volcanic bursts for … partially obstructing solar radiation controlling/investing in 6G systems responsible for life processes and other processes/vectoring, evolutionary in us, and … on additional/inter systems, planets … stars … according to this system(channels) of vessels connected systems and the lever model of influencing all creative processes, neo creative.

To be continued to futuristic (or maybe already not)suggestions productive perspectives and chances of mankind jump for a more and more responsible future.

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