Orange light for a strategy of no passive evolutionary physics, evolutionary economics…part 2.

The environment inside and outside us are infinite lever systems, structural energy transmissions, micro-hands, where we can contribute to the endless transformation of this environment, rubbing up, symbiosis, a cooperation of systems of this permanently moving physical and biological environment.
It’s about the strategy, the thought that is the spark of a kind of brain – a further gear in steering, constructing, building
The algorithmically, automatically more and more precisely, more efficient, getting smaller in size, autonomic, self-producing of trillions of trillions of these micro hands, micro “people”=robots – increasingly autonomous (but never 100 percent) robots to increasingly enter the transformation of structures at ever more in-depth, not reachable at a given level, etc. with the speed of an increasing explosion.

This is the conscious will of evolutionary economics of neo creation of cosmos and life.
As well the will developed within this economics to compete in this permanent evolutionary transformation of environments and systems.
Will, awareness as well as imminent healthy purposeful economic part/gene part of the mechanism of co-evolution.

The concept of non-passive economics – going beyond the circle of the vegetative world.
The concept of evolutionary economics as economics over primitive/passive economic and technological activities, i.e., related to active biological, material evolutionary competition. … hyper ecological.
Leverage equation as a determinant of all matter/energy and life systems.
The world is an endless system of energy and construction levers in which we participate emotionally, economically, physically. The depth of this system depends on our commitment, ingenuity … and mass/automaticity, the dynamics of this commitment.

It’s about a technological breakthrough
how to prepare it organizationally, take advantage of technical and organizational possibilities, how was the energy lever of the atom at a given level known, and worked out.
Accelerator technology for accelerating structural changes, as components for the next more focused transformation, is already, the point is how to start preparing to take advantage of it.

This is not innovation, this is not sustainable economics, this is not new physics or medicine, but this is a superior mechanism, law, and right of directions of our mind and will ( but the memory of other systems as well) for further “vectoring”/levering of our new platform of neo creation of our life and our universe of matter/energy lever without surrendering/submissive habits of our place and our existence and active participation of transformations of all properties of our universe in each field.
Because we casually use these hyper hands and already extra brain (computing systems) extra but not including it effectively in this involuntary race to death and life.

Physics of economics physics.
Selective economics means total physics.
Economic Human Paradigm of entire space and life evaluation, evolution.
Economics is the engine of change, and we can be it’s active. We are an active participant our whims, our proliferation and improvement, strengthening, securing standards in the process of various other systems that are also fighting for their position by economically diminishing us but at the same time being able to support us in this economic struggle of physical, biological strength and, above all, the redesign, neo-creative cooperation of systems – living levers of further re-evaluation, control – of environments, but this is to be cooperation and not a passive fatalistic mediocrity. With cleverly hard-working action, not passive but very active, and very hard-working collaboration.
The more hard-working and massive and inventive, the higher the possibilities of shaping perspective, the active acceleration of active perception of environments, systems with which we go for this economic cooperation, competition.
This hyper evolutionary economics or naturally selective economics is the basis and absolute paradigm of all scientific, educational, economic, social, and political activities.

Whether we like it or not.
It is not passive, but very active, very intense, intentional, massive interference indirect into all possible processes and arrangements on ever more profound and further and more precise decks, levels, processes of evolution of all values ​​and relationships as well as biological, material, energetic phenomena and processes and structures. – a kind of lever manipulation of machine structures of all processes, structures in any systems, and patterns of perception and transformation.
Our brain, our mind, is the first lever spark of the neo creation domino effect that we can contribute in the whole universe permanently transformations – also contributed from another known or not known systems.
It is necessary to create the economy that will be used in modern economics, such as an excellent multiplier factor, a flywheel for raising civilization, the level of economic, scientific, technological, social, ecological, logical development.


To be continued with the drafts/inspirations of the strategy of /for the life of our physical, biological, economic cosmos…” soul(s)”igniters/levers of the universe.

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