Orange light for the hyper economy/technology of new generation carriers of creation of life, matter. Part 1.

Will we get, deserve – or have we earned sufficiently for a responsible, safe start of this new age of life and matter, for the green light to start the proposed hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, neo-creative start that will be after the hyper homo Erectus era towards homo sapiens civilization, in this case, new civilizational breakthrough- the next stage on a global scale, hyper homo sapiens civilization … for now?
Due to ecological/economic, mental technological, scientific evolutionary vegetative primitivism, the answer is no.
-or instead, it should be worked out at a given level … the development of the next, as in time green light for man and his mental tool potential from the era of homo Erectus, new homo Erectus green light for the hyper start, or maybe orange light for proper preparation for this fresh start stage.

The right to preparation, or orange light – but at least on my part I can give it to not to go back in nothingness in the accelerated machine of the evolution of natural systems,.. already orange light to transition to a new cosmic speed of technological explosion to cross the evolutionary and physical barriers recognized until now impregnable.
From the right response to this orange light, how we develop our responsible attitude, the economic and technological machine, so we earn, we deserve finally to receive this green light to start from a passive position to the position of an active participant, initiator of new processes and structures … carriers of our life and our cosmos and further/deeper structures.

I do not mean verbal skirmishes, round academic discussions, alchemical games at the current level, potential and threats, and opportunities.
We are at a given level of development of this hyper Erectus, but not yet hyper homo sapiens. It is about using the potential achieved to abandon old manual control habits or literally manual manufacture and alchemy not suitable for the area of ​​our no longer reversible symbiosis with planet earth, a much higher symbiosis of dependencies, opportunities, and threats, if only because of the number of people and the aspirations of being more than an intelligent vegetative monkey over a bonfire.
It is about swapping the position of dying vermin that eats itself and the platform it lives in, but creating a super machine capable of putting up more effective responses to the enormity of the engine of natural systems by individual globally, cosmically.
These more effective responses are self-repairing, self-improving according to increasingly self-developed development algorithms
carriers of life and other process structures on ever deeper areas of structures and processes, including molecular and quantum processes, so-called energy levers and other process structures of interest to us. Transforming them, reconstructing them to avoid the negative factors of existence, development, and even further their expansion and development.

It is about further changes, reconstructions, neo constructions, neo-fractions of existing carriers of life and matter/energy, at the same time changing their current approaches, heights and properties not seen before, unimaginable. This is about very automatic, very massive, intense manipulations of life processes, matter of the cosmos in the broadest sense, including those resistant to these advanced factors of relativism, energy/mass, evolution, life as such a cell unit, etc. Of course, man will always be and is ultimately responsible for the direction of processes of such or other carriers as it has always been historically.

Here we have to deal with this new tool, a mental technological crisis of homo Erectus of the present time (hyper homo Erectus), but also of today’s potential and opportunities
New free potentials, hands to awaken beyond alchemical, above fatalistic, unleashing the potential of civilization and hyper evolutionary leap.

To be continued to the economic/technological carrier (of science) of life and matter/energy.

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