The neo creation law/economy of life and matter.Part 8.

So what is neo creationism?
The law of neo creation is the law and mechanisms of non-passive shaping of all processes and properties of the whole life environment and matter, rejection of the static theories and laws about physics and life of the macro and microcosmos, that I named selective economics, the economics of biological and astrophysical active( by human) evolution.

This is the negation of static passive astrophysical/biological (in reality very temporally)theories, and their so-called absolute/fatalistic limits of technological possibilities affecting physical, biological and other relations and properties anywhere – the same applies to the issue of relativism, the approach to the phenomenon of time, i.e., processes affecting the time course(more dependent from) of variable structures/processes and other so-called static or non-structures, processes, also widely understood in terms of the classical model of evolutionary processes.
But it is here proposed for this look, a description of the competitive macro microcosmic, infinite set of systems, and also endless possibilities of competition in giving any directions and speed of transformation of these systems.

Here, therefore, indicates the so-called mechanism, the law of neo-creation, i.e., the evolutionary biological and other investments in the existing structures/processes of the micro and macro of the cosmos, based on the increasing mass of exploitation processes, transformations, rebuilding, based on the creation of own mass building components, not pure matter /masse, but rather constructive, artificial quasi microcells or atoms/quants with their programs, functions for further avalanche transformation, the evolution of structures, processes more in line with ours – our system of aspirations of existence and development … in the end supporting so-called utterly void consumptuous, joyful moments, spaces life not directly related to this race of macrosystems of the cosmos…but in further stages inspiring further strategy for directions of our movement in the competition of systems…
So we are talking about this prosperous, cheerful, entertainment consumption, but also about the so-called investment consumption, raised to a higher level our “entertainment” position in the competition of systems of nature, i.e., joyful but also in a responsible, reasonable creation with systems of nature sometimes against these systems – cancer, death, earthquakes, other smaller or global, cosmic processes contrary to our existence and development.
Determining our own directions for the development of the cosmos in which we live. We create our individual construction components of bricks – tools, machines, self-expanding, and improving their structure and program for self-replicating technological teams of blocks to an ever-higher level of… our consumption and universe breeding, co-workshop with… nature systems.
Here we are talking about the separation of
–entertainment and so-called economy, scientific/dogmatic (i.e., science-based on current perception), albeit just primitive consumer investment attitude towards the changing forces of biological systems and the cosmic approach, not actively oriented to the broadly understood evolution of competing and more oriented systems on a step with systems,
–or about investments more related to this total competition of systems of nature … based on the systematic, automatic improvement of engineering, construction, building bricks, which will also shortly improve the civilization level of the development of this primitive economy of investments in entertainment, (dogmatic)science, etc.

Awareness of the strategy of this development gives a chance for a more secure and effective development of each jointly and individually in a historical relation – as it has happened before and also futuristic.

Commercial activities …
consumer … scientific activities are not a direct action to upgrade systems in the evolutionary race.
So it’s going about creating an attitude of a platform system that improves on an evolutionary level in a broad sense, for multiple artificially evolutionary bricklaying – like toys, models, blocks – enhancing tooling in acceleration like star creation, a big bang skeleton to improve production technology and research for our less-lost position in systems and then at this less fatalistic entertainment.

What to do?
It is building such CREN incubators for the non-passive but active creation of the accelerator of controlled, programmable, artificially evolved micro drone, nano drone terrestrial (need one hyper – globally, universally, biologically, molecular…- telecommunication system development), biological, space and other whole assemblage assemblies, mass components production, exploration, exploration, processing, intervention, substitution. … refutation of existing structures, mechanisms, and … laws. For this, you need a whole package of complex changes of neo-economic, neo-technological, neo-astrophysical, neo-biological, neo-ecological, neo-climate, etc. preparations.

To be continued with the hyper brainstorm insane chasing for hyper evolution (selective economics) of life and matter/space.

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