The law of neo-creation, or evolutionary investment law – our position/contribution in the lifting of the evolutionary(ecologic) standard of living and real development. 5.

The law of neo-creation is based on the ratio of the level of mega evolutionary investments, i.e., the investments underlying our ability to survive and develop in the mutating world of the evolution of matter, including microbiology and macro cosmos, to the level of evolutionary aspirations, behaviors above evolutionary or evolutionary / anti-evolutionary = vain/pointless or harmful.
This ratio will be insufficient when these aspirations, among other things, of empty consumption, are too high concerning the use of goals and the technological level of survival needs or further evolutionary development. This unfortunate attitude can even be a threat by the current level according to the number of people, their material baggage, and their environmental exploitation or reconstruction- neo creation=evolutionary development by human contribution.
Not only primitive consumerism but also a consumer educational/science of fatalistic dogmas, superstructure, or nationalism, can also contribute to this (anti)evolutionary supply. Including ecological closely related to the basics of primitive vegetation at a passive, degradative level concerning the permanently changing environment, natural environment/nature systems – continually mutating in the intentions pushing out evolutionary consumers/competitors including the right side or position of human existence individually and on a massive scale.

The construction and process technologies of these evolutionary investments in the general evolution race must at least match or exceed the evolutionary environmental level of change to maintain or rise from the level of monkey or current life and development.
This modern technology is too primitive, i.e., the level of the direction of evolutionary investments concerning the number of people and their (aspirations) standard of living, i.e., “vain” consumer standards and pro-evolutionary consumption standards.

Evolutionary investments neo creation is the basis for development and existence in this evolutionary (ecological) relation to empty consumer investments concerning pro evolutionary ones in the biological and other macro and microcosmic sense.

We are now witnessing a generally anti-evolutionary- suicidal, destructive attitude even in the position of modern ecologists. Such an evolutionary carpe diem, at first glance, a positive pro-ecological establishment of the status quo in the fight against primitive, short-sighted consumerism. We look at our position in global/cosmic evolution not enough holistic but more fatalistic, that brake our chance for not just existence development but even survive in a smart evolutionary war between systems of micro-macro cosmos.
Primitive consumerism, primitive (consumerism)technology that destruction the opportunities that we have for our further existence and development in the process of evolutionary solstice systems.

We are also talking here about hyper ecology, i.e., not only adaptation but co-shaping the environment for existence and development beyond the level of self-degradation, self-destructive, and status quo to the evolutionary, mutable systems of matter and biology in us and beyond.
Degrading vanity is a primitive consumer approach of a loser, an unconscious (not responsible) pawn to life, and also scientifically putting himself and the environment nearest to the passive position to the changing environment inside and outside.

It is about shifting the existential developmental barrier systematically further and more rooted in individual, social, economic, scientific decisions, and this can be called awareness of its position and development in the micro-macro cosmos in life and space. However, I am aware of the enormous gulf of barriers to be overcome in the struggle and cooperation with the systems of nature.

Tooling is automation, extended technicization in deeper, advanced co-creation of the nature of processes, structures that interest us, for us vital/existential/defensive and developmental interests.
Systems for remote and program manipulation of tools (specific laparoscopy) allowing more predictable control of natural biological, physical, chemical, climatic processes and any other structure processes in this specific programmed laparoscopy.
It is a productive extension of the explanation of the law of neo-creation over vain behavior for increasingly conscious autonomous and other systematization to accomplish these goals just like physical or biological systems on selected one, or different levels are guided by specific autonomy.

We are talking about artificially accelerating the processes of leverage, automating human development tools in the further evolution of homo sapience above the vegetative or retrograde level, i.e., the loser at the ecological level, i.e., the lowest existential level of the human-monkey.
You need a strategy of coordination but also improvisation.
Let’s focus on this total race of structural reinforcements with the systems of nature inside and outside us, to maintain at the monkey level or perhaps the higher aspiration of our existence and development.

To be continued with the fight for life and death in evolutionary(ecologically included) competition.

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