The neo creation law. 4. (selective economics)war of worlds.

New bricks that we shall work out systematically and massively can bring new perspectives of existence and development- not so primitive such like level of balancing between life and death in constantly evolutionary pushing of forces from inside and outside on different overlapping levels for getting chances and threat of the natural Lego processing of nature, but by more active taking part from people side more systematically and aware technology and strategy for changing properties of nature on wished level permanently work out level of very massive technology accelerator autonomous self-developing by the bricks of whole life and universe processes and structures (resources) exploitations and reconstructions .

Every human work has been, and always will be, a sacrifice, a contribution to shaping nature … our efforts in these more or less intentional efforts so that it is not in vain, spoiled, that it is best translated, respected, or influenced by processes and structures of life and the whole environment.

Every initiative, every action is active (unfortunately very often passive -on own wish- in the process of self-degradation, self-annihilation, putting self in the role of a passive pawn, fertilizer in further processes of life and space transformation/evolutions of overlapping systems) participation in maneuvering all evolutionary processes of space systems.
It is an incentive for changes in our and further environment, the issue is to catch, learn, construct, develop mechanical, lever, structures, processes, effects to capture this full-scale process according to our more conscious – and not fatalistic – intentions of decisions, actions, from slight improvement to multi-nitrile leap in value reaching, in fact, surpassing us interesting targets at the lowest possible costs, energy risks, mass(enorm of quantity factors of any irritations- physical, biological, technological etc) and other factors of these processes/structures.
This so-called lever of this overweighting of structural processes is its systematic tool automation aimed at improving this process bypassing unnecessary and vain fatalistic processes and decisions.

We are in a process of continuous world war, systems war in which the economics of war need to be applied.
It is the application of the selective economics technique in redesigning the resistance limits of property, the value of existence and development, and there is an offensive war … defensive
the arms race behind technologies significantly improving our chances of survival and development in the infinity of enormous competition, system dependencies, and their aspirations.
Compatible in the evolutionary race of life and matter
Just copying, or the so-called adaptation, will not do anything, it must be a technological advantage in order not to give in, not to give yourself through external nature, maintaining the right conditions in establishing your position and chances of survival and development at the levels of human hyper homo sapiens, no longer dead (means passive in life and matter properties) homo sapiens.

We’re talking about constructions that refute current levels
or in parallel, structures for managing material processes of matter … the deeper aspects of DNA of engineering of all the deeper properties of structures/processes of life and matter.

Infinite, unreachable space structures at the micro and macro scale – but we can on our hyper massively autonomously raised! level significantly modify even these properties known – but never absolute! which we often stubbornly consider unreachable, i.e. absolute at our technological, mental and economic level.
Own construction directing reconstructive factors of any kind affecting more or less … And more and more on the DNA (properties) of life and space.
This is the purpose of the (selective) economics strategy of the cosmos, the evolution of reconstruction, management, focused on these processes directly, on processes that pursue the so-called new attitudes, a new face of life and other processes on Earth and space, precisely as the basis of the program selective economics (micro) macro) environmental cosmic focused on co-responsible process engineering of the whole environment.
Selective economics is also economics are / but determinants of involuntary intentions, indicates the role of this selective economics as an indicator of conscious process management in more direct manipulation of the foundations of our existence, aspiration, and addicted development.
This selective economics is a very expansive intense economy with total expansion directly aimed at intentional interventions in natural processes, which is to simply duplicate, outweigh or parallel its nature, its foundations for evolution and creation, neo-creation.
Total permanent investments to build further, increasingly mass neo creation components, parallel to the ordinary economy.
These are no longer research institutes, investment incubators, but total massive investments in the construction of the skeleton of the structure that allows to take over processes on the run, or to transfer these processes/structures like a rocket to a bird.

to be continued with the total economics of wars of worlds of life and matter neo creation law.

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