Developing law of neo creation. 3. Hyper homo sapiens of life and universe.

Of course, the next book that explores the mechanisms of processes controlling structures, processes of nature like any seriously treating scientist is not the final answer, but the next step, the next gear, an additional lever in raising the bar for the contribution of our participation in shaping all, I repeat all processes, the future of our processes, the future our space, matter in an infinite natural environment, potentials and threats.
Of course, there will always be threats in tendencies, attempts to express your ego, attempts to personalize/perceive phenomena, their dogmatizing, peculiar centralization, e.g. in geocentrism, etc., interpretation, primitizing of descriptions, construction, and neo-construction of natural process phenomena.
But let’s try to get out of these centric habits and just go deeper into the process, construction and … mechanisms. Reconstructive according to our maybe personal and deeper insights and actions of decisions.
I am speaking simply about immense massiveness, systematic technologies, economic systems of this more than distributed primitive consumer, but in a very intensely mass and systematic direct takeover of all processes of structures within and outside us.

The further deliberate organization, construction, taking over mechanisms, laws that have been treated so far beyond our reach. Creating not only the gene but directly the creation of own bricks/hands(micro/nano drones personally and globally systems) at exploitation and massive, deeper processing of raw materials, entirely new structures/processes taking over, breaking all existing principles, laws and all DNAs.

It is about increasing own input, ingenuity into deeper interferences in processes, structures known and processed so far, thus adding own coefficients, but their hyper DNA, hyper micro / macro constructions, factors changing the face of nature and the attainments of which are achieved in a more specific direction and aspirations … of course, nature and its structures / is infinite, but our aspirations are also just equal or higher determination of the conditions of cooperation game sometimes competition for death and life, intentions to master our areas of macro and micro cosmos matter and life at a pace exceeding all imaginations.

Generally, we know the essence of this mechanism, but is that all? No! Just as simplified, for a given temporary shorter use of sufficient laws and patterns checked and created according to the current possibilities of potential, perception, production … but we can impose a specific mechanism of the generator, deeper drivers of newer mechanisms, increasingly intense, very deep restructuring, and continue to implement contemporary and forward-looking approaches and achievements of science and technology mind as well as aspirations and homo sapiences of the present/future.

The mechanisms of further evolution of DNA and direct structures of life and matter with our autonomous micro/macro bricks/hands for further manipulation of their internal development and transformation will be further developed and created.
The right economic systems (the selective economics) are those active systems that mobilize further deeper restructuring changes in all economic, scientific and social relations and processes, of course, generally determined by a non-static, non-passive, passive approach to nature.

Among other things, the system of these autonomous toys, but always as someone was more or less guided by our controllers of this in this case drone DNA and its reconstruction as well as the direct deeper and deeper reconstruction of the matter-drone which will be the precursors of building new autonomous models, structures supporting matter and life structures according to further aspirations at the end of the thinking man, homo sapiens, the man with the tools and thoughts of hyper homo Erectus, the man aspiring to be more than just homo or hyper Erectus but hyper homo sapiens.

So it is a very general description of material engineering, which will determine our bricks/hands for further engineering of the consumable matter, life, all structures in us and outside in this climate, planets, stars, quasars, black holes and so on literally fast and autonomously driven by the speed of engineering, economic and scientific reconstruction transformations according to it more and more – as it has been until now – own generic structures of limit determinants … and here there is economy of economy with space in the micro and macro scale of its effectiveness for our lives directly as well as in further processes of generating of our own generic transformations of all process structures that may threaten but help us in our further existence and development as already homo sapiens of the entire universe not limited to the Erath and primitive form of cave consumerism fatalistic economy life, but more conscious and responsible selective economy of universe of homo sapiens.


to be continued with the not fatalistic – but selective (economics) engineering of our life and future.


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